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Welcome to CBASSISTANTX.com
Our website is new as of 2014, it was designed to help affiliates with the important task of assessing which products to select for promotion from the ClickBank® marketplace

We aim to help you do this by providing you with some of the tools necessary for you to find those products that are most suited to your campaign whilst trying to improve your efficiency and save you time.

ClickBank® provides a number of metrics that are updated daily and designed to help you gain a better understanding of how a particular product performs.

Some of the metrics included are as follows: Product Price, Commission, % Referred, Gravity, Popularity, Init-Earn, % Per Sale, avg % rebill.

We also have our own copy of this information that we download from the CLICKBANK® website, it comes in the form of an XML feed. The feed is released each day and contains the current day’s metric information. We in turn process that information into our database so that we can store a record of the products metric information for each day.

This enables us to provide you with product history information so that you may make comparisons to metric information for another date or look at what a certain metric’s value was for the previous month. This is an important feature of our website as without it, it would be difficult assessing accurately, how well a product was doing the previous day, week or month.

Here are a few of the capabilities that you will inherit when becoming a member of CBAssistantx.com

Product Search

The product search filter enables you to filter products according to a certain criteria that you can set. It supports the sorting of results by most metrics including the date in descending or ascending order. It is also possible to filter according to the billing type.

Once you find a product that meets your requirement you can bookmark it for future reference.

Vendor sales page screenshots are also available; this gives you the added benefit of being able to see the vendor sales page without having to visit the vendor page – and doge the exit popups for each product you want to assess. (saving you time)

Category Browser

The category browser makes it easy to view search results by category and sub category, again you can bookmark the products that you find for further assesment.

Search Presets

We have included dynamic search presets where each time you search you get slightly varying results, the search presets are programmed to find products that fall within interesting ranges when multiple metrics are combined and used for the basis of a search.


You can bookmark products whilst browsing and searching, once you have bookmarked a product it will appear on your bookmarks page, if you have configured CBAssistantx.com with the API connection to ClickBank® you will be able to see other information such as your own refund rate + the global refund rate, your hops, order form impressions information etc.

Sales Dashboard

For API users we have created a sales dashboard that is designed to help encourage you to boost your sales, we do this by adopting a “you’re only as good as your most recent peak approach” & “what you have done before you can do again” approach.

The implementation involves recording your peak hops, order form impressions and sale count information peak’s for multiple time periods and presenting that information coupled with today’s information onto a spline graph and three gauges.

The spline chart can be redrawn to display today – yesterday / this week – last week/ this month – last month’s sales data. The sales information is overlaid on top of each other so that it is possible to compare your progress to a previous time. The aim is to get the current time periods graph line, say this week - to rise sooner and higher on the graph compared to say last week. By earning more at the beginning of the week gives the current week a chance of being your best week.

Three gauges are used to show hops, order form impressions and sales totals, each gauge has a dynamic plot band and a pointer set to your most recent peak. The idea here is to always exceed your peak (best effort) for the current time frame. By keeping this week’s gauge in the green you’re improving your chances of success and earning more money. The gauges should be a good indicator for when you need to spend more time driving traffic etc.

Instant Payment Notification

If you constantly spend time logging in to check your sales statistics then this is the feature for you, we’ll save you tons of time that you can put to better use, promoting and improving, rather than checking.

Our real time IPN feature will notify you by email each time you make a sale, you will also receive a message @ cbassistantx.com in the form of an alert box that appears in the lower left corner of the screen, alerting you to the good news. This happens on which ever page you are browsing and saves you time by reducing the temptation of checking sales stats too often.

Banner Split Tester

In an effort to help boost your banner conversions we have come up with the multi armed bandit banner split tester.

There are a few different methods for split testing a banner campaign, the most obvious is A-B split testing, by which each banner in the test or rotation is shown for an equal X period of time and the clicks/impressions are recorded. By the end of the test you will know which banner was most efficient. There are a few downsides to this test however, one of them being that you end up showing you’re worst performing banner for 50% of the time, another being that you can’t add more banners to the rotation while the test is in progress, else it will give inaccurate results.

Our site uses a slightly different method for split testing banners, it's called the Multi Armed Bandit method. This method is quite different from normal A-B split testing in a number of different ways, let me explain.

The multi armed bandit test can be broken down into two main phases. The first phase: exploration, and the second phase: exploitation.


During this phase a random banner is selected to be tested for success, Success being the user clicked the banner. If the user clicks the banner then the clicks are incremented and a new success ratio is calculated based on impressions / clicks. The exploration phase occurs for 10% of the test time.


During the exploitation phase the best performing banner is selected based on the current highest success ratio (best performing banner) and tested for success, the success ratio is again updated according to whether or not the user clicked the banner or not. The exploitation phase happens for 90% of the time of the test.

By testing this way you can add as many banners to your rotation as you like at any time, your best performing banner will be shown for most of the time hopefully increasing your earnings, whilst you are still probing for better banners 10 % of the time.

What’s more is the ease and simplicity of the banner rotator, there is no need to worry about hosting images either as our rotator works by using the true destination of the image on the vendors server.

This also means that if the vendor updates their banners then the multi armed bandit algo will automatically adjust to check if this is still the best performing banner.

Once a user clicks a banner a cookie is stored and the user is shown the same banner that they clicked on each page load.

Refund Rate:

We provide two different refund rates. The first is a refund rate based on your sales and refunds, the other is a global refund rate based on the community’s sales information that is obtained through API usage. This way our community can rely on accurate refund information based on each others true data. It also enables us to learn from each other and stay clear of products that refund too often.

Keyword data:

We have also integrated with the SEMRush API so that we can bring you keyword ideas without having to visit another website. Keyword information is only available for those products that are ranked in the top 20 search engine ranking pages (serps). This is ideal if you are running PPC campaigns and you want to easily find keywords, we currently display the keyword CPC , Competition value and search volume values.

Product Data History:

Although ClickBank® provides the current day’s metric information, they do not provide a history of that information. Sometimes it can be advantageous to be able to look back at how a product was performing in the past. This is particularly true when looking for firesale’s or similar where by which a product is sold but in limited supply, then a new or similar product is rolled out some time down the line. Usually the gravity graph for a product like this will have high highs and long periods of flat lows. If the last firesale was good then the next one has a high chance of being a success too.

Daily database updates:

Our database updates every day, bringing you the latest products and metric information. This is worth noting as other websites only update their information every couple of days meaning you get out dated metric information and products that appear to be new but are often days old.

We have many more features that we would like to integrate into the website, with your membership support we will be re investing much more than what has already been invested.

Please use the payment links provided below to purchase a membership.

[Monthly Membership] £14.00 per month untill membership is cancelled

[Quarterly Membership] £21.95 per quarter untill membership is cancelled

[Lifetime Membership] ONLY £24.95 One Time Payment

Once payment is made you will be taken to a thankyou page, your login information is contained on this page and an email copy will have been sent to you.

If you have any concerns about anything, you may contact us via an email - info@cbassistantx.com

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ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.

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