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The Best Modern Country Chicken Pickin'
Guitar Licks and all the Techniques and
Methods you Need to Know to Play the famous
Nashville Guitar Style!

This is just what I needed and wanted!

Doug, I cannot begin to tell you how much your
videos have helped me!

I'm in love with playing Guitar again!

Just watching and hearing you play inspires me to
learn this stuff!

Needless to say, THANKS!

Just as always, Volume #3 is

Country Guitar Riffs
and Smokin' Guitar Lessons From Doug Seven.

I believe that Volume #3 is the BEST, NEW Guitar instruction with
Country Chicken Pickin Guitar Licks and techniques out there right

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for Volume #3 Dvd


This Video Also
Comes with a FULL
10 Song CD with the
BEST Backing

Country and Blues
Tracks for you to
play & Jam along

Plus, FREE Bonus
Software to Slow
down, Speed up, or
change the keys to
any song!


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download a [flash
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Watch Volume #3 Video RIGHT NOW.
Instant Download, FULL Tabs,
Backing Tracks & FREE Software!


The MOST Requested Tutorial In SGL history...

The Notorious "Intro Song" (from Vol 1) now called
"Burp Rag" is TAUGHT on VIDEO!

The ENTIRE Song is Broken Down and shown in small sections.
Very Slow and Up Close!

Click Play on Video to View a scene about

These got me back out of
the “rut”.

I would recommend them to
all level of players.  If
country picking is not you
forte, get these discs and
you’ll learn faster than
you thought possible.
Keep it up!!!

I enjoy the fact that you are
both talented AND humble,
which I don’t see much of
these days.

Every Guitar Lick and
Riff is backed with

FULL Printable
Professional Tabs
and Notations!

Click on Play to View another short scene about
the "Look and FEEL" and Sizzling Guitar Licks Videos

I cannot thank you

I have benefited more from
your DVD more than I
could have ever

Just started watching some
of your videos and
I think you are

Not only are you a good
player, but a wonderful,
helpful, funny great
teacher.  You crack me

And hope you'll continue to
be your honest, genuine self.

And hope, like others, that
Nashville gets the gift of you

All the best!

Watch Volume #3 Video

Instant Download,
FULL Tabs,
Backing Tracks &
FREE Software!


MASTER Your Double Stops

Doug Seven shows the ONLY way to Master this Method with some of the

HOTTEST Brent Mason Licks and familiar Chicken Pickin Guitar Riffs!

AND How to perfect this technique with some practice tips.

Crosspicking and "Reverse Crosspicking"

Cross-picking is another GREAT and familiar Technique that's used SO MUCH in
Country and Chicken Pickin

Doug Seven introduces HIS personal technique with Crosspicking...

You will learn some very HOT and SMOKIN' Guitar Licks using this method.

Triple Stops
(Vital Licks for Country Guitar Pickin)

You don't even know how often you SHOULD use this!

This Chapter teches EXACTLY HOW to Practice this one
with Hot triple stop licks and VERY MODERN Runs.

BRAND NEW Nashville Must Have Licks

There are some Licks, Phrases, and Rhythms you Just HAVE TO KNOW

I have been asked to outline my FULL Practice Regimen in this

The 1st Chapter of the video is dedicated to showing you how to
become a
Master in your practice... REALLY!

Start here with Volume #3

Watch Volume #3 Video RIGHT NOW.
Instant Download, FULL Tabs,
Backing Tracks & FREE Software!


Volume #3 is a more detailed video to outline the approach and the patterns
that are
Absolutely VITAL to playing Country Chicken Pickin and newer,
MODERN Country Style Guitar!

There's SO MANY Techniques and methods that need to be shown.

Not just to "learn" the Guitar Riffs, but to understand the approach
of sections and phrasing.

Definitely, this new Video will give you a New Pick/Finger Ability
and tone up your playing muscles AND your mind, but there's so much
more to it.

Phrasing and thinking patterns are so much more important to playing any
style than just reading tabbed notes and copying lines.

I'm not bragging at all, but I'm so glad that you are here on MY site and
not some
HYPED up guitar site with a few milky video lessons that you don't really
get anything out of.

I want to show you how to play better, think better and be great,
not just how to copy somebody, or regurgitate some licks.

That's my approach and my ultimate goal!


Copyright Doug Seven 2006-2007
Sizzling Guitar Licks

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