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Build Your Rock Solid Portfolio

No matter what anyone tells you, BUILDING A SOLID PORTFOLIO TAKES TIME , DATA and KNOWLEDGE!  When it comes to agreeing with the big investment firm’s marketing tactics, that is about the only thing we agree on.


However, the bigger problem is that it takes a lot of data and details to put it into practice.

My main blog ([The Dividend Guy Blog]) provides you with the knowledge and details of this powerful strategy.  I have explained the practicality and safety of dividend stocks to build the core of your portfolio.

However, what I have not been able to provide you with is the RAW DATA and REAL WORLD PORTFOLIOS showing the strategy in action.  This data literally takes hours and hours to compile every month.

However, that can work out to your advantage.  Since all the work is pretty much done, I thought I should offer it to others.


This investing platform is for smart and enlightened investors who want to use dividend growth investing as their main investment strategy.  How?  By providing the only tools you need to build a rock solid portfolio.  It’s time to energize your portfolio with real growth.

Are you confused about the proper timing to buy and sell the stocks your are following?

Overwhelmed by the endless supply of information out there?

Have little to no time to actually put a solid investing process into place?

Don’t spend another Sunday night working on your portfolio.  Let Dividend Stocks Rock provide you with the details.

I’m Mike, the creator of[ Dividend Stocks Rock] and owner of the very successful blog, [The Dividend Guy].  I used to struggle with the same issues millions of small investors deal with on a daily basis.  I love to buy individual dividend growth stocks.  I wasn’t into dividend investing until looking at my portfolio returns in depth to realize I was having difficulty keeping up the with the market.  The root of the problem was a very poorly built portfolio that lacked structure and the components required to build a sturdy base.  From that point on I was determined to create a portfolio strategy that would allow me to benefit from dividend growth stocks as a solid foundation.

I’m not exactly following the buy & hold strategy recommended by many dividend investors. I like to build a core portfolio of stocks I would probably never sell but I also like trading a few more stocks in and out to make a healthy profit. Imagine if you could still invest actively in individual stocks while building a rock solid portfolio.  Imagine if you could use the fundamental principles of investing without getting bored or having to read hundreds of pages of stock research.

As a member of the Dividend Stocks Rock Club, you’ll have at your disposal:

10 portfolio models that you can use to build your own portfolio (covering both the US and CDN markets)

 8 High Quality lists of solid U.S. and Canadian dividend growth stocks that you can use to build a “dividend growth engine”

How you can save investment costs that will go right back into your portfolio for increased returns

The exact sequence you need to take to build your portfolio

How to stop the noise about active versus passive and embrace the power of each one!

I’ve read enough already – SIGN ME UP


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Introducing Dividend Stocks Rock

Dividend Stocks Rock is an online membership site that give you access to all the tools and techniques you can personally use to build a rock solid portfolio.  This is not about stock recommendations or some kind of guru principles. It’s about sound investing decision made based on solid stock research.  And 95% of the work is done for you.

The Dividend Stocks Rock Club will build your knowledge, skills, and investment capability from the ground up.  You’ll master the techniques you need to understand what drives portfolio growth and individual stock growth to build the portfolio you want.  Most importantly, it will give you the data at your finger tips that will allow you to put the process into action from day 1. 

The Dividend Stocks Rock U.S. and Canada Dividend Growth Stocks List 

This is the bread and butter part of the active investing portfolio of your portfolio.  These lists are your starting point for using dividends to grow your portfolio.  With a choice of 8 lists at your disposal (4 US and 4 CDN) the best dividend growth stocks available to supercharge your portfolio returns. We have used four powerful criterion to build our lists: Quality, Yield, Growth & Stability.

Most importantly, these lists are updated weekly with new stats on each and every dividend growth stocks as well as additions of new dividend growth stocks and removal of stocks that are no longer providing that all-important dividend growth. [Check out the list descriptions here!]

The Dividend Stocks Rock Core Model Portfolios 

At the beginning of 2012, we pulled two 100% stock portfolios; one US and one Canadian. our first portfolios showed a total investment returns of 12.37% (US) and 14.69% (CDN). We did it again in 2013. As of November 1st 2013, our portfolios are showing a total investment returns of 31.78% (US) and 17.82%.

We are sharing with you our talent with a series of portfolios that cover a number of different scenarios, you will be able to find a portfolio that fits your needs. There are model portfolio suggestions for Canadian investors, U.S. investors, or investors interested in investing in both Canadian and U.S. investments at the same time. There are a total of 10 different portfolios ([click here to see what we are talking about]) you can use to build your own. BUY & SELL updates will be delivered in your mailbox!


We all love bonuses right? We know that high quality stock lists along with rock solid portfolio models are great. We have already decided to step up and offer buy & sell updates via email to ease your trading. But we wanted to go further. So here’s your bonus!

The Dividend Stocks Rock Premium Newsletter

This high quality investing newsletter will provide you with first class information about macro economics, various stocks to look at and valuable hindsight about the stock market. We will cover various industries and pick the finest stocks with high dividend growth potential. I wake-up every morning to read financial news and economic data. I’m doing all the work for you and send it over once a month. It will be ready to digest and implement right away. This will be part of your favorite Sunday morning reading each month!



Baby Steps For a Better Understanding of Dividend Investing

This section has been created for beginner investors who wish to learn how to build their portfolio. It explains the DSR philosophy. You don’t need thousands of dollars to start investing; a few hundred is enough. The idea is having a clear investing process to achieve your goals.

The DSR Investing Baby Steps is an 8 Step process that will guide you through all phases of investment. You can either read each steps on your screen or download them in an eBook (pdf) format.



Dividend Growth: Freedom Through Passive Income (Yearly Subscription Only)

The success of my investment strategy has found its foundation in the book Dividend Growth – Freedom Through Passive Income. For those who want to learn all about my investing strategy, I’ve written this 4.8 stars Amazon book in 2012 to explain, step by step, how I build and manage my stocks. You will also find tax optimization toools depending on which account you use to make your trades along with crucial information about the quadrant strategy I use to manage my portfolio as a whole. This book comes as a complement to the Dividend Stocks Rock yearly members only.





We have priced this product for the individual investor! Personally, I am sick and tired of the investment industry fleecing the individual investor and charging outrageous mutual fund fees or brokerage costs because they have “convinced” (read: brainwashed) us into believe we cannot invest on our own. Invest on your own and they say we are destined to a life of poverty!

We want to change that for as many people as possible through sharing this premier investment strategy.This is why we offer two options:

[Regular Subscription at $20.95 $14.95/month] – Cancel anytime

[Premium Yearly Subscription + Bonus at $209.50 $149.50]

[ ][Click Here to Access Dividend Stocks Rock ]

[$20.95 $14.95 Monthly Subscription]





NOTE: The Dividend Stocks Rock is a membership site with access to both online pdfs and online content. This platform does not include stock recommendations  please read our [terms of use & legal information] before proceeding. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to them. This is not a mailed program.

One Response to Build Your Rock Solid Portfolio

The Dividend Guy says:
[ January 13, 2014 at 6:08 pm]

Hello A,

I’m glad you ask about the difference between stock recommendations and what DSR offers. DSR will provide you with example of real world portfolio models that are managed in real time. The site also provide several stock lists shown according pre defined metrics. In both cases, it’s up to the investor to do further research and make his/her own investment decisions. This site provides tools to save time and make your portfolio management easy. However, it is still up to you to make your investment decision.

I hope this answers your question,

Best regards,


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