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Classic Elderberry Wine
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After you [download my new ebook](http://www.makinggreatwine.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=mbg5666,Bmelsg_Govma_Rlsv,9), "Making Great Wine," you are guaranteed to have all of the information you need to immediately start making some of the most delicious wine you have ever had.
[ ](http://www.makinggreatwine.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=mbg5666,Bmelsg_Govma_Rlsv,9) "...If you want the secrets to making great-tasting wine, then this book has what you are looking for."
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Inside, you'll get over 150 pages of detailed, specific instructions, along with over 190 of my best-tasting wine recipes.

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Here are just a few of my recipes that you can try right away:

Fruit wines: raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, grape, plum, cherry.
Dried fruit wines: currant, apricot, date, sultana.
Stewed fruit wines: elderberry, prune, raisin, crab-apple, loganberry.
Root wines: parsnip, potato, sugar-beet, beetroot.
Other vegetables: celery, runner beans, pea-shuck, carrot.
Flower and sugar wines: clover, dandelion, elder-flower.
Party drinks: mint-julep, hot punch, ginger beer.
My favorites: carrot whisky, Westcott Schnapps, wheat wine, orange wine, peach brandy, ginger wine, and many more!

I've also included tips and "insider secrets" on how to deal with the issues that homemade wine enthusiasts often struggle with, including how to sweeten finished wines, how to test for clarity, how to solve for dryness, and lots more!

Here's what other homemade wine making enthusiasts have to say...

"I found "Making Great Wine" by Brian Cook to be fascinating. I have always liked good wine and I have often thought of the possibility of making some myself (I did try once but ended up with 5 gallons of vinegar all over the garage floor). Now I have the courage and the knowledge to do so. There is nothing dull about "Making Great Wine" at all. It is not just another how to book. It is fun to read and at the same time enlightening regarding the art of wine making. In the past I only thought of wine as coming from grapes or other fruit. I have been very much educated. Potato wine? Parsnip wine? Flower wine? Beat Wine? Sugar wine? The list goes on, oh yes there are many wonderful recipes for grape wine also. I can

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