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Indies, couples and families... normal people just like you!


Let us shorten the learning curve so you can get to funding, faster!



 + TOOLS to make it happen.


Video interviews you’ll love to watch, with tips to help you start funding travel tonight.


The travel community is alive with active travelers, realistic solutions and real challenges overcome.




We aim to deliver excellent content, but we
understand if you ever have to leave.
For indies, couples and families,
from jobs abroad to location independence.
Support, inspiration, answers,
access, relationships and more.
Give you a chance to have your questions answered.
New interviews are added to the library
as we continue to meet other travelers.
Take action and be accountable by
participating in our group challenges.



Debra McCormick

The interview you did with the jensen's was really helpful and motivating. Our family watched it together and used their excel budget to make our own. We're all on board and working together to earn/save.

Amanda M.

I have been buried in my I pad all afternoon watching all the videos on how to fund travel and learning so much and getting SOO pumped!!!


It is so refreshing to find a network of people who are willing to share the secrets of their success without clinging to or hoarding information. I salute you!

John M.

I absolutely love this site!! Only wish you could add [more] interviews per month.


Miller Family

Family Travelers/Location Independent

Clark Vandeventer

Family Traveler/Lifestyle Expert

Vogel Family

Family Travelers/Lifestyle Experts

Bender Family

Family Travelers/Location Independent

Casey McFarland


Ty Brown

Expat/Location Independent

Marv & Jo

RTW Travelers/Lifestyle Experts

David Green

RTW Travelers/Lifestyle Experts

Ryan Christensen

Family Traveler/Location Independent

Roxy Christensen

Traveler/Yoga Instructor

Colin Burns

Family Traveler/Location Independent

Lybbert Family

Family Travelers/Location Independent

Jensen Family

Expats/Business Owners

Billy & Akaisha Kaderli

Travelers/Early Retirement

Charlie Ives

Traveler/App Developer & Forex Trader

Michelle Dale

Family Traveler/Virtual Assistant


Get on the road faster by learning from those who have done it.

[Start learning today!]


Build an Online Business Doing Something You Love

Limiting Beliefs Can Keep You From Your Dream

How to Get a Job Abroad

How to Build an Online Business in the ‘New’ Economy

How to Connect With Anyone (to Help You Achieve Your Goals)

The Limitless Opportunities for Finding Work Abroad

Giving Up the American Dream to Follow Your Own

Making Your Business Location Independent

The Basics of Travel Hacking

Why Traveling is Cheaper Than Staying Home

How to Fund Travel AFTER Losing All Your Money

Retire Early, Travel the World

Creating Patchwork Income

Why a Layoff From Work Can Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened

Getting Your Spouse on Board and Working Remotely

From ‘In the Red’ to Location Independent

Work Less, Make More, and Travel with Your Family

How Teaching Abroad Led to Fulfilling Impossible Dreams

How to Design Your Income Around Travel

Saving for a Dream While Living Paycheck to Paycheck


Is there a minimum commitment or lock-in membership?

Not at all. You can cancel at anytime. It takes time to watch all the interviews available, and we will continually be adding value and content, but we understand if you have to leave.

I don’t want to be an entrepreneur/English teacher/permanent nomad, is this series still for me?

No matter what your travel goals are (long-term, short-term, expat), this interview series can provide information that can help you. You don’t have to do exactly what these travelers have done, but you will still gain powerful tips for creating more financial freedom in your life, not to mention discovering how to overcome challenges and learing to believe it can happen for you, by listening to their stories.

Do you offer an interview on _______________ (insert your interest here)?

Yes. If it’s not currently in our library, simply connect with us and let us know your interest. We will find a traveler that is or has done it, and create the interview for you… or host a Q&A session.

What interviews do you currently have?

Our interviews are honest and entertaining, with stories you’ll remember, and tips you’ll be able to apply right away. Every interview serves a purpose in your journey toward making money to travel. We release new Interviews or Q&A sessions every month (Currently 23 interviews, about 24 hours of training). Here are the interviews available today:

Creating Patchwork Income (30 minutes)

Clark Vandeventer tells you how he went from employee to entrepreneur, not by starting one giant business, but by piecing together what he calls ‘patchwork income’… multiple income sources that support his freedom lifestyle. He shares his story and tips for making it happen.

Working as a Traveling Nurse (45 minutes)

Nate and Holly Shaw have six kids, and spend months at a time exploring the U.S. and Canada. Nate works as a traveling nurse… a unique sort of job that allows him the freedom to pick and choose which locations to work from… anywhere from Alaska to Puerto Rico. They share their experience of traveling with their kids (and getting them on board), and how to become a traveling nurse.

Getting Your Spouse on Board & Working Remotely (18 minutes)

Christian had a dream of traveling. But his new wife, Katie, wasn’t quite on board. When we interviewed them, they were driving through Central America. They tell the story of how they created the funds, how Katie got on board, and how she is able to work remotely for her employer, even while on the road.

Why a Layoff From Work Can Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened (30 minutes)

Sean Marshall came home from work early one day. He’d been laid off. His wife, Heidi, started crying. But then she said, “Wait! This can be a good thing!” Only a couple years later, Sean was running his own successful location independent business, and their family of five moved to Cozumel, Mexico.

Work Less, Make More and Travel with Your Family (45 minutes)

Colin Burns decided he didn’t like wasting his life (and money) on a mortgage. He and his wife wanted to travel instead. Restructuring his business, he found a way to work less but earn more, giving them the freedom to take their young children and explore Southeast Asia. He shares how they were able to overcome the challenges facing them, and how you can create a similar ‘freedom income.’

Limiting Beliefs Can Keep You From Your Dream (39 minutes)

Jake Chesney discusses how our preconceived ideas and limiting beliefs can keep us from living a life that would be more fulfilling — i.e. that we have to live in a certain kind of house and drive a certain kind of car and follow a certain career path. He shows how being willing to think unconventionally can open up possibilities that were previously hidden to us.

Moving from 'in the Red' to Location Independent (53 minutes)

Alisa and Jared were living a dream of theirs, running a retail store in Alaska. But soon they realized that they spent all their time working while the kids were in daycare, and weren’t coming out ahead. There had to be another way. They revalued their options, and focused on creating an income that would give them more time and freedom. Soon they were able to move to Mexico, and then later set off to explore Southeast Asia and more. Alisa shares how they did it, what the hardest part really is, and how you can do it too.

Saving for a Dream While Living Paycheck to Paycheck (41 minutes)

Greg and Lucy Jensen decided they wanted to move to Guatemala with their four boys (they’d previously lived there while younger). The challenge was they were living paycheck to paycheck, and Greg was working at a job he hated. Creating a savings and get out of debt plan, they share how they were able to eliminate expenses, get rid of debt, minimize and save enough to move their family to Panajachel, Guatemala. They share their specific plan, what lifestyle changes they made (and the positive impact that resulted) and how they overcame challenges.

Teaching Abroad Led to Fulfilling Impossible Dreams (41 minutes)

John and Nancy Vogel began their life together as teachers in Africa. The great benefits and pay allowed them to really increase their savings, which provided them with lots of opportunities for freedom as their twin boys grew. Together, the four of them bicycled from Alaska to Argentina. Part way through their trip, when the stock market began to slump, they invested their savings into real estate which provided a monthly income that allowed them to finish their journey (it took a total of three years.) Nancy expounds on overcoming challenges and believing in the impossible.

Build an Online Business Doing Something You Love to Do (48 minutes)

Chris Palmer loves to fly. He also loves to do flight simulation. Taking his passion for flight, he built a business that teaches others how to fly using flight simulators. By tapping into a niche of passionate people, he’s created an income that gives him lots of freedom. He explains how to find out what potential customers want so that they will be eager to buy and will create a cash flow to fund your dream lifestyle.

How to Get a Job Abroad (33 minutes)

Roxanne Christensen discovered a passion for travel during her teens. Since then she’s pursued work opportunities that would give her the opportunity to live abroad. She’s worked at restaurants, orphanages and stores in Central America, taught English and yoga in Thailand (where she currently lives), and has done freelance and contract work. She explains how to go about finding work abroad, specifically through networking with others.

How to Design Your Income Around Travel (49 minutes)

Lynn and Cameo Johnson explain how most people get a job or career, and then try to figure out how they can do more of the things they want, like travel. They discuss the options for first deciding what type of lifestyle you want to live, and then building your income earning strategies around that decision. They share the decisions they made that gave them more freedom for travel, and how you can make it happen for you.

How to Connect With the Right People (51 minutes)

Scott Dinsmore ran an unsuccessful blog for years. Then he connected with the right people, which led to learning the right mindset and skills, which resulted in a successful blog/business with over 50,000 subscribers and comfortable full-time income. He shares how associating yourself with the right people makes all the difference, and how hanging around with the wrong people can hold you back.

How to Build an Online Business in the ‘New’ Economy (48 minutes)

Ryan Christensen shares how people have options that weren’t previously available. With a computer and internet connection, they can create their own empire, and completely bypass the ‘job system’ that holds so many in bondage. Building a business online gives you the chance to attract customers who want to buy from you, instead of going out to search for them. It also gives you the best option of all — to work from anywhere in the world.

The Limitless Opportunities for Finding Work Abroad (30 minutes)

David Green was fed up with being an accountant with a top firm. So he bought a one way ticket to Alaska and gave up the corporate career path. He later headed south, to Guatemala, where he found work as a teacher. He shares tips and techniques for finding limitless work opportunities abroad (even after you arrive in country), and how just buying the plane ticket is the best first step you can take.

Giving Up the American Dream to Follow Your Own (37 minutes)

Marv and Jo had successfully achieved the American Dream. They were living a successful life in San Francisco, but began to question if that’s what they really wanted after all. Minimizing and liquidizing, they set out to explore the world, and have never looked back. They share tips on travel hacking (they’ve been able to circle the globe twice for only $1000!) and how to truly experience life by following your heart.

Making Your Business Location Independent (49 minutes)

Ty Brown wanted to move to Costa Rica with his family. But his income producing business was Stateside. He shares the strategy he used to take his business online, and to outsource and hire employees, so that he could maintain the income, but have the freedom to move abroad. He discusses the importance of putting proper systems in place, and shares tips that can help you shorten your learning curve.

Why Traveling is Cheaper Than Staying Home (40 minutes)

Josh Bender built a business in web development that could have been location independent, before they ever started traveling as a family. He and his wife Erin took a couple of family vacations from Australia to Southeast Asia and discovered something amazing… they were actually saving money by traveling! Considering how they could travel even more, they finally set out on a 1 year+ trip around the world with their two small children. Josh shares tips on how he built on online business from something he loved doing, and how you can actually save money by seeing the world.

The Basics of Travel Hacking (Lifestyle Design) (37 minutes)

Casey McFarland discusses how ‘travel hacking’ makes travel available. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it may require ‘sacrifice’, flexibility and creativity to make it happen. He shares tips and strategies he’s used to travel to every continent, and how to make ‘lifestyle design’ decisions that will offer more, not less, freedom to travel. He tells you that it’s not if but when it will happen, but making the decision is the hardest part.

How to Fund Travel AFTER You’ve Lost All Your Money (34 minutes)

Tony and Jennifer Miller saved for two years for what was going to be the trip of a lifetime — one year bicycling Europe and Africa with their four kids, before returning to ‘normal’ life. Mid way through that trip, they lost their entire savings in the economic collapse of 2008. They share their story of how they buckled down in Africa and created a way to earn money using the skills and talents they had, and how it changed their life forever (they’ve now explored together on three other continents.)

How to Write One Ebook That Will Change Your Life (24 minutes)

Jacob Hiller knows how to jump high. He has a 41′ vertical. He wrote an ebook about it, and has since sold 70,000 copies and done almost $2.5million in sales. It’s provided an income that gives him the freedom to explore the world at will with his wife and their young son. Together they’ve traveled to over 30 countries. He shares how he achieved his success, and gives advice on how you can do it to.

We help you learn how to make money to travel.


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