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FTP Automation | Multi Domain FTP

Want To Have Be Able To Instantly Update All of Your
How You Can Instantly Update Hundreds of Website Files and Folders
At The Click Of A Button
Finally You
Have The Ability To Control All Your Websites As If You Were Adjusting
A Dial.  Change Templates - Add Articles - Replace
Links - Test Ads - Tweak And Improve On Page SEO Factors - The
Possibilities Are Enormous!  In The Same Time It Now Takes
You To Update One Website - You Can Now Update Dozens Of Websites.
Upload Files and Folders to All Your Sites
Customize and Upload Files and Folders
to Multiple Domains
Mirror All Your Websites
on Your PC
Here for Overview Video
You Will Be Amazed
From: Ray La Foy

of my most dreaded tasks is when I needed to change a link or a
file on several websites or blogs at the same time. But I have
done it dozens of times to: 
Content and Information
or Change Ad Displays
Sales Copy Variations and Improve
Web2.0 Graphics and Links
a Link that is Now Dead
Additional Resources
Search Engine Rankings
or Replace Links
There are as many reasons why we
need to go change something on our sites as there are sites that
we maintain.  As a webmaster responsible for in excess
of 1000 domains, it was critical that I kept these business
websites up to date.
Having fallin' asleep more time
then I can count while systematically going thru dozens of sites
logging in to ftp...then
opening a file... downloading... editing
it...and then uploading...
I finally said enough is enough. This
is a job the pc should do on it's own - And I developed and
Website Updating

the fast pace of the internet it is imperative that you continually test, tweak, and update
your websites. 
Maybe it just a matter of uploading fresh content, or you
want to add a bookmark script or a Del.icio.us tag -
but you need to do it dozens if not hundreds of times to properly
maintain your websites. 
Up until now your
only option was to individually log into each domain - and upload
the new file(s) - one domain after the other. Now you can set it
up and the FTP-O-MATIC will take care of this chore for
you -automatically.  While it automatically logs in and
updates your domains, one domain after the other, you can devote
your time to more productive tasks.

Your Website
Files on Your


Website A


Website B


Website C


Website D


Website E


What got me
really fired up about building the FTP-O-MATIC, was I
was using a one way link exchange service on a large number of websites. It was a great service - In exchange for five links on
my sites, I was able to get lots of high pr, one way backlinks to
these sites.
 Then... one day I found that this link exchange service
had failed to renew their domain - and I now had - instead of 5 or
so, link exchange links, on my sites - a full page directory
was now resolving on all my sites where those 5 little links
used to be. 
Ugly would be an
understatement. In order to eliminate this ugly full page
directory, that was now on my sites, I had to log in individually
to each of these websites, ftp and change the file that contained
the exchange code. Days later the job was finally done -
but I vowed to develop a better and more automated solution.

Websites I built six months ago need to be updated with the latest
in Web2.0.  Fortunately now, with FTP-O-MATIC, that big
job of updating all of my sites to utilize and integrate
Web2.0, is now a piece of cake.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and
over and expecting a different result. If your sites are not
performing like they used to, or you feel they should be performing
at a higher level - then test-tweak and change your sites. 
now have a simple and quick way to do exactly that...

Upload Unlimited Number of Files - Browse
and Select the files you want uploaded

Upload Unlimited Number of
Domains - Direct the FTP-O-MATIC to login and ftp files and
folders to a Unlimited Number of Domains

Customize with Unlimited
Number of Variables - Build Templates with Tags and FTP-O-MATIC
will insert the correct value for each domain

Automatic Website Folder
Creation - FTP-O-MATIC when using the customization feature
will create a folder for each domain on your pc

Create Customized csv Files - Input all of your
usernames-passwords-domain names and unlimited number of variables into a simple csv file that the FTP-O-Matic uses as a simple database for completion of the tasks

At the Completion of a Job
- A log file is created - If a file fails to upload properly - it is listed in the log file - Making it very simple to double check that all files were properly uploaded.

Upload Entire Website
folders - One Right After the Other - Build new sites or
update old sites on your pc.  Then point the FTP-O-MATIC at
the folders, and it will upload entire websites for you one right
after the other until all your sites have been uploaded

Easily test and tweak your website and sales
copy - Determine what provides a better ROI and then tweak all of your sites with one operation

Create mirror copy backups of your website files and folders on your pc - Having multiple backups of your websites is ALWAYS a good business decision

Regular website updating will improve search engine rankings as opposed to websites that are never updated

Increase your revenues by testing with
different ad displays and using the higher performing ads

Quickly upload scripts and server applications across multiple domains
- instead of a one by one procedure

If you are satisfied
with your websites performance - then close this window. If however,
you treat your business, like a business, and want to test and tweak
and improve your
websites performance and ROI - then you will not find a
better and faster tool then the FTP-O-MATIC. 
Do you want to integrate
Web2.0 tactics to your websites? Do you want to utilize
some of these amazing Adsense alternatives? What color of page
background produces more signups?  What headline works the
Have You purchased some Joel Comm templates and want to update
your sites?
The reason why so
many people fail to test and tweak websites, is it has always been so
hard to change more than a handful of sites. You no longer can
use that excuse. FTP-O-MATIC makes tweaking your sites a

I recently completely rebuilt over eighty websites on my desktop
using a simple find and replace tool. I then loaded these eighty
sites into the FTP-O-MATIC and clicked "process". 
Now each site
contained close to 3-400 individual files - and my connection was
"slow" that day - but it wasn't too long, and - all
eighty sites had been completely uploaded and updated. 
Had I had to do that
the old way - one at a time - I know for certain it would have
most likely taken me a week to get all of those sites updated. If
your time is valuable - then quit wasting it on something software
can take care of for you.

Start maximizing your
websites ROI by testing and tweaking. Quickly update an
unlimited number of websites from one simple interface. Turn 404
pages into profit centers. Make the search engines happy with
fresh content.  If you can do it to one site - you now
can do it to hundreds of sites. Save time by automating a
mind numbing process.

with Your FTP-O-MATIC Software....

Want more sales?
"Finally!..A Simple Way For You To Eliminate All Guess Work And Easily
Increase Your Web Site Profits By Up To
243%!..So Easy, A Child Could Do it!"

Amazing New Software Makes
Split Testing a Point-And-Click Process!

Value $97

Included With
Step by Step
Guides to Updating Websites the Easy Way
a csv File
Additional Variables and Tags
of csv file Opened and Created with Notepad
the FTP-O-Matic Software Part 1
the FTP-O-Matic Software Part 2

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so
confident that you will find FTP-O-MATIC such a powerful
addition to your online business that I will Personally
Guarantee Your Satisfaction.  Try it for 8 Weeks, and
if you are not happy - let me know and I will cheerfully
refund your money - No Questions Asked!  You can even
keep your copy of the Split Test Profit Automation System

If You have websites that
are not producing or
Providing you with a decent ROI...
Then NOW is the
time to
Start changing things up...
Do it quick and
easy across dozens or 
hundreds of domains....
As quick as you
can update a handful....
You can now update dozens or hundreds....
What is your time worth to you? If you are worth $20 hour then we are talking less than
couple hours of your time value.
Anytime software can turn hours of work into a few
minutes of work- you profit - that is like money in the bank. Don't hesitate, as price
will increase to $67 in the very near future.


Look at it this way --
$47 is really a
painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on FTP-O-MATIC

Compared to the Hours of 
Time You Will Save

If You Are
Serious About Maximizing Your
Websites ROI Then....
You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In


It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.

Click below to order right now for only $47 (even if it’s
3:03 am in the morning).


Yes Ray,
I Just Have To Have This Incredible

Software! Count Me In Right Now!
It's Easy To Order...

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If You Manage More Than One Website
Then Once You Start Using 
Will Wonder How You 
Ever Got Along Without it  

Don't You Owe it to Yourself and Your
to try FTP-O-MATIC


P.S. There are so many possibilities with this powerful webmaster tool
that most likely I failed to list a purpose that will fit
your situation exactly.  If you have files and folders on your pc -
and you want them on your host account - FTP-O-MATIC is the only
FTP tool available that transfers files and folders to multiple domains
with just one click.

P.P.S  I have been told that I am letting this tool go for way to
cheap.  Invest today in this time saving webmaster tool before the price
goes to $67, and start saving yourself
hours of time.

P.P.P.S  You have nothing to
lose.  With my ironclad guarantee you can use FTP-O-MATIC for
the next 8 weeks and if you don't find it one of the greatest multiple domain
ftp solutions to come down the pipe in some time - Then I will return you 100%
of your money - no questions asked!
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