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Long out of print and back by popular demand ... a special exclusive only for Ken Duncan's email subscribers ...

At last! Finally available as an eBook for the very first time - Where Jesus Walked

Dear fellow photographer,

Great news for photography lovers, fellow Christians and history buffs

Last time we ran out of copies ...

So I'm delighted to tell you Where Jesus Walked is now back as an all new, gorgeous, 200 page thick eBook.

[I'd like to order Where Jesus Walked right now.]

Of course, I'm biased. But I think it's quite magnificent - probably one of my best works. Here's why:

As you'd expect, it's chock-full of stunning photographs - many as double page spreads. And - as the title suggests - the pictures also accurately track the travels of Christ

If you like photography, history, you're a Christian like me, or all three I'm sure you'll love it.

The previous printed editions flew out the door. And I expect this new eBook will be no different.

But you don't just have to take my word for it. Here's what Jad said about his printed copy in a 5-star review:

"Almost as Good as a Visit There" "If you have been longing to make a visit to the Holy Land, so that you can see the places associated with Jesus and His ministry, this book is one way you can go, without leaving home.

"Ken Duncan's photos are glorious and inspirational, sometimes surprising and sometimes just what you would have pictured in your mind's eye from having read scripture.

"It would be hard to find such fine photographic resources anywhere else between the covers of one volume.

"And no other book that I know of can show you such wonders as "Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes.

"Looking at glorious compositions such as this helps one realize the how achingly beautiful are these places Jesus walked.

It is a book to enjoy and a book to give." Among many, many others Linda S. Cole loved her hardback copy too ... "Excellent!

"This book is a wonderful review of the places Jesus walked.

"I loved it so much I bought copies for friends and family as a gift!

"I highly recommend it if you have ever wanted to "see" where Jesus lived, preached and walked amoung us." And Brunzie give one as a gift ... "I'm giving the book to my brother-in-law who is a pastor.

"I'm a photographer and the pictures are beautiful. I think he will love the book since he has been to Israel.

"A steal for the money!" I have a file full of comments and 5-star reviews like those - from people all over the world. And if you've seen enough, why not [get your copy now]?

[I'd like to order right now - I've read enough.]
Show me inside, Ken ...
Let me show you some of the pictures you'll find in Where Jesus Walked ...

Olive groove, Banias, Caesarea Philippi, Israel.
Jesus came to this area with his disciples. Here Peter gained a revelation of the true nature of Jesus as the son of God." (From page 2)
The book also contains relevant excerpts from the Bible. And inspirational comments from my friend, TV pastor Dr Robert H. Schuller - perhaps you've seen his television show, Hour of Power.

These all help to make Where Jesus Walked so much more than just another coffee table book. See for yourself ...

"Sunrise at Bethlehem, Palestine.
The hills in the center background are believed to be where an angel appeared to the shepherds, telling them of Jesus' birth." (From page 23)
But I didn't settle just for landscape and panorama shots ... I dug deeper.

For instance, here's a mosaic from inside the Franciscan monastery on top of Mount Tabor (page 13). It's said to be one of the most magnificent churches in the Holy Land.

Do you like what you've seen? This is just a tiny glimpse of the 107 gorgeous photos.
[I'd like to order right now - I've read enough.]
Over the 200 pages you and I visit spectacular sites from Galilee ...

...the Jordan River ... Jerusalem ... Bethlehem ... Egypt ... ... and many, many more. On top of all that, there's 7 very precise maps explaining - step by step - His path and the events of His life. Here's one from page 56:

With these maps you follow Christ's footsteps. And discover the Holy Land's wonders and secrets.

I know the picture on this page is small ...

But in your eBook they're all in pin-sharp high-resolution. So you can follow the world-changing journey.

And enjoy the vivid stories and photos as well.

For instance. Which famous miracle happened here?

... you'll have to see page 137 to find out

Did I mention your guarnatee?

I'm sure you'll love Where Jesus Walked.

So sure - in fact - that you have my cast-iron, 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee:

If - for any reason - you're not completely happy with your eBook, simply drop me an email - and you get all your money back instantly. And you can keep the eBook too.

Now, wouldn't you like to [see what's inside], not just read about it?

Don't waste another second. [Order now] before something else gets in the way.

[] Best,

Ken Duncan

PS. So many people have asked how they can get Where Jesus Walked. I'm delighted to able to finally offer it to you as an eBook.

What's more you're covered by my 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. What can you lose?

[Order your copy right now].

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