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Read This BEFORE You Buy The Xbox One

CALLING ALL GAMERS -- sign up on the right to receive, The Number One Thing You Have to Know About The Xbox One Before You Buy.

Now, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or you’re just looking for an all-in-one entertainment system, this is for certain — The Xbox One has been the focus of a lot of controversy and confusion.  And with the new Xbox One and PS4 releasing within two weeks of each other, it’s coming down to decision time. Look, it’s time to get rid of all the confusion with the Xbox One and learn everything you need to know BEFORE you buy using this comprehensive guide.

Hey gamer dudes and dudettes, if you fancy yourself a crafty consumer you may have been trying to get your hands on all the specifics you possibly can about the Xbox One before you buy it. That’s smart. The thing is, there is so much hearsay going on right now, it’s hard to determine exactly what is truth and what isn’t.

The good news is, we wrote a full insider’s guide to the Xbox One that will get you familiar with everything it has to offer, including confirmed games that no one else even knows about yet. Not only will you have all the secret inside information before your friends — when your Xbox One finally arrives, you’ll have it setup and ready to ride into the sunset (or into battle) before anybody else.

If you don’t want to waste your time scouring the Internet, and trying to make up your mind about the Xbox One with competing negative and positive reviews, this guide will let you in on every single aspect of the Xbox One. Check out some of the things you will learn:
Learn about the full list of confirmed and unconfirmed Xbox One games Learn about Living Games, the updated graphics and cinematics, and the new, improved Xbox LIVE Get an inside-glimpse of the new Xbox One controller — it may look simple on the outside, but this controller is like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced in the past. See how the Xbox One is changing the way you experience entertainment, with split-screen gaming and television, the new Kinect features, and the new Achievement system. See how Smart Glass and new Xbox security both play a roll in keeping your system hack-free and interactive.
With so many awesome reviews from other experienced gamers, you know this guide is gong to be everything you could possibly need in order to not only make an informed decision about buying the Xbox One console, but also getting the most out of it when it finally arrives.

The great thing is that we’ve significantly lowered the price of this all-inclusive Xbox One guide as we approach the final launch date and beyond. Just check out the difference.

How about that gamer guys and gals? A 100% in-depth look into the Xbox One BEFORE you even buy it and before any of your friends get it and also a 100% money-back triple guarantee with no questions asked. Hey, we don’t want to sound like those cheesy infomercial people, but here it goes — you literally have nothing to lose! So click the payment button above, and we’ll see you on the flip side.

““I was on the fence about the newest Xbox and was actually considering buying the PS4. However, after reading this guide, I can't believe I ever thought about buying something else! I'm already a master at the Xbox One and I haven't even played it yet! If you're thinking about buying the Xbox One, don't even turn it on until you read this guide. You'll instantly be a master.” ”
Angie F., Seattle, WA

““As a loyal Xbox fan, I pre-ordered my Xbox One the first day. I was so excited to get it that I wanted to learn anything and everything about it. I came across this guide and snapped it up. I read the whole massive thing over a weekend and now it's even harder to wait for the Xbox One to get here. I already know everything possible about getting everything set up, using the new controllers to totally kill my friends, and even setting up and using SmartGlass. I can't wait to see my friend's faces when they see that I already know everything there is about the Xbox One.” ”
Samuel M., Oklahoma City, OK

““Holy cow, this guide is awesome! Man, I didn't know a thing about all the seriously cool stuff that the Xbox One does, but now, well, I'm an Xbox One guru. Everyone is already asking me all kinds of stuff about it, like what kind of games it plays, the new controllers, the entertainment part of it – you name it! And, I have all the answers thanks to this guide. Highly, highly recommended.” ”
Josh B., Austin, TX

““I just got my Xbox One and trying to sort through the information online is truly a mess. I am so glad that I found this guide! It literally has everything that you could want to know about the Xbox One. I love the troubleshooting areas of the guide especially. We had trouble setting up the Kinect and this guide was able to walk us through troubleshooting and get it working perfectly. Thank you so much for adding that in. If you've got a new Xbox One, I highly recommend this guide. It's everything you could want to know in one place.” ”
Heidi C., Medford, OR

““For those out there that have the newest console from Xbox, there is a lot to learn. You'll want to know the inside scoop on the console, such as how to set all of the custom features on it, how to troubleshoot problems without having to call support, and what all the hype is about with the games and the new AI. I have to say that the new cinematics are beyond belief and you won't be disappointed at all! However, you need to know how to master these new aspects of the Xbox One so that you can beat the pants off anyone out there in multiplayer mode on any game. This guide will help you get so deep into the console that you may not come out the same. I totally recommend that you pick up this guide right now before your friends and other gamers out there get a hold of it. Be ahead of the pack.” ”
Janina J., Huntsville, AL

About Noah

I have been working in the video game industry for some time now.  I can advise you on what games to get what the new Xbox One and which ones are a waste of your time.  I am given away 2 FREE user guides after you buy.

Read This BEFORE You Buy The Xbox One

CALLING ALL GAMERS -- sign up on the right to receive, The Number One Thing You Have to Know About The Xbox One Before You Buy.

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