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Astarte's Mega-Zine for lovers of art and craft

"I think you have a winning concept. I'm tired of high priced magazines that are basically all ads and promotion with very little real editorial content!"
- Ruth from Arizona
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Available Now!

Our third issue is packed with 20 articles from internationally reknown contributors like Angela Cartwright, Sarah Fishburn, Jennifer Louden, Sherrill Kahn, Dale Rollerson, Lucia Capacchione . . .

Organize your house, make a toran, learn about shrines, nurture your creativity, link to videos to show you how to make felt, turn CD covers into works of art. There's even a polymer clay project to make with the kids. Bonus: High resolution clipart.

YOURS for only $9.95

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Four issue subscription
starting with Issue #3 "Dwelling Places "

Download issue #3 immediately
Other issues: November 07, February 08, May 08.


Save when you subscribe!

YOURS for only $29.95 [GREAT VALUE!](http://6.clickety24.pay.clickbank.net)

[GET IT NOW](http://6.clickety24.pay.clickbank.net)

Four issue subscription
starting with Issue #4 "Eye of the Soul" in November.

Other issues: February 08, May 08, August 08.



YOURS for only $29.95 [GREAT VALUE! ](http://8.clickety24.pay.clickbank.net)

[GET IT NOW](http://8.clickety24.pay.clickbank.net)


Issue #2 "Law of Attraction "

Our second issue boasts 44 pages from internationally reknown contributors like Claudine Hellmuth, Lesley Riley, Aisling D'Art, Sandra Megasmen, Doris Arndt, Lucia Capacchione . . .

Bonus: Affirmation cards and art papers.

YOURS for only $9.95

[GET IT NOW ](http://4.clickety24.pay.clickbank.net)[

Not convinced?
[Download the first issue of our Mega-Zine for free](../ezine/free/issueone.html)

"I have been blown away with the quality and excellence of your magazine, hence signing up for four issues. And to think I almost gave it a miss! Now I know I would have been missing out."
- Gwenyth from Queensland, Australia

"Wow!  I am very impressed. Congratulations for going in this direction and with such panache.
I love it." - Lois from California


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