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I am going to show you how to bypass all of the hyped up, confusing, distracting—worthless information that dominates the muscle building industry and focus on what REALLY matters—improving your mind muscle connection.


Many people spend years searching for the “holy grail” of muscle building, they try workout after workout, supplement after supplement—yet they still don’t have the proportional, ripped body that they want.

The muscle building industry has become a tangled web of information, full of “tips” and “tricks” that promise big, yet rarely deliver. It’s time to go back to the basics and master the foundation of building muscle—the non-negotiable principles that deliver symmetrical muscle mass and actually makes a difference in how you look, WITHOUT all of the confusion and misinformation.


Even those of you “in the know” can suffer from confusion when bombarded with a million different messages on a daily basis—should I train for strength or should I just focus on working the muscle? Should I use heavy or light weights? Should I do compound or isolation exercises?


Sound familiar?


When you cut out all of the marketing hype and BS, few things remain. In fact, when it comes to building muscle, there really is only ONE THING you just can’t get around, but before we get to that, let’s address the problem…


Here’s the conundrum many guys face: you may not be weak, in fact, you may be pretty dang strong—but you still look weak. This may be true for one muscle, or it may be a “system-wide” issue. Either way, this happens when the foundational aspects of building muscle are neglected.  

Many guys have at least one or two “lagging” muscles that just don’t seem to grow—no matter what you do. Similarly, you may be strong, but still have a flat, soft look that is far from the polished body you want. Often, you will have a lot of trouble feeling the muscle work and find that it is nearly impossible to get a good pump in your muscles while working out.


What this all comes down to is YOU not having the muscular, ripped body that you want. You’ve chased strength, you’ve followed all of the different workouts (even some that are really good) and you STILL struggle to add significant muscle in one or more muscle groups. Maybe you’ve even made decent progress to this point, but lack that “chiseled” definition you see on other guys that really makes their physique stand out. 


Symptoms associated with the soft and weak look:

Do You…

  Have stubborn or lagging muscle groups that refuse to grow no matter how you train them?   Struggle to get a good pump in one (or many) of your muscles?   Blame your genetics for not being able to achieve that hard, ripped look?   Have you made significant progress on your physique but still lack that hard, ripped look?   Find it difficult to really “Feel” the muscle working, even when performing isolation exercises?

Let’s just assume for a second that the answer to your muscle building problems is improving mind muscle connection—have you ever tried searching the Internet for tips on improving mind muscle connection? If you have, you might know that you will get A LOT of search results—as in over 20 million!

Trying to find the few things that ACTUALLY WORK out of all of those results is incredibly challenging. Not to mention the likelihood of becoming completely overwhelmed by information-overload and failing to take any action at all.


Mind Muscle Connection is something many people are familiar with but very few actually know how to effectively improve. Most people likely give up far before ever finding useful information that provides the results they are after.


Symptoms of information overload:

Are You…

  Exhausted from second-guessing everything you do in the gym?   Confused by “flavor of the week” fitness information (one week everyone says lifting heavy builds muscle, the next week it’s light weight), how can you know what really works?   Tired of trying workout after workout and still finding that you lack the muscular development you want?   Sick of the “secrets” and “tips” that never deliver what they promise?   Ready to finally find the answers about what it takes to build targeted muscle in the areas that actually make a visual difference?

At the end of the day, this affects you in a number of key ways:

  You get confused an are unsure of what building muscle is really all about   You get frustrated at your lack of progress, or the seemingly impossible task of polishing your physique and bringing up those lagging bodyparts, which leaves you feeling that being ripped and muscular just isn’t possible for you.   Even when following a really good workout program, your results pale in comparison to the “all stars” who make serious transformations and reach that next level of physique development.  


Being able to control your muscles is an essential part of the muscle building process. Some of the greatest minds in fitness have suggested that the ability to control the contraction and relaxation of any muscle at will is the NUMBER ONE factor in building symmetrical muscle.


“Getting to this final stage should be one of your goals with your weight training and workout program. Eventually the amount of weight you lift will become secondary and almost unimportant compared to how strong your mind to muscle connection is.”


- John Barban


Sadly, most guys drastically overlook this information. The only truly effective way to improve mind muscle connection so that it actually delivers the results you want is through a systematic, persistent, and thorough approach.

Scouring the over 20 million results on the internet for information about mind muscle connection is not likely to help you discover helpful strategies that are actually helpful…



The Mind Muscle Blueprint is a comprehensive guide for systematically increasing mind muscle connection. Whether you have one lagging body that needs improvement to polish off your physique or you are at square one—this guide will help you improve mind muscle connection so that you can build symmetrical muscle that turns heads and helps you stand out from the crowd.


Inside, I break every down every muscle group and give you the exact blueprint for increasing mind muscle connection so that you can get insane pumps and finally start to see results for all of your hard work.


I have done everything for you—all you have to do is decide which muscle you want to focus on first—then simply follow the done-for-you Blueprint and see the changes in muscle size and density.

The best part is that the programs inside The Mind Muscle Blueprint are meant to be used in addition to ANY training program to make it more effective. I’ve used this to supplement programs like the Adonis Index and Metabolic Masterpiece—this blueprint will actually work together with those programs to make them even more effective!


Would You Like To…

  Discover exactly how to activate the muscle that you are trying to target  
Learn why strength is NOT the most important aspect of building muscle

(and what IS)
  Train your muscles to contract and relax at will   Recruit more muscle fibers while lifting   And most importantly—learn how all of these things lead to more muscle, exactly where you want it?

Listen, I am not going to rattle off a bunch of hype about how the information in this guide is some kind of “sneaky trick” or unheard of training “secret.” There are enough of those floating around the fitness industry, and very few them do anything to actually deliver what you want.




I used to look soft and weak. The words “muscular” or “ripped” were NEVER associated with how I looked. I wish I could say that I started working out and BOOM—this all changed—BUT IT DIDN’T.

I tried workout after workout, year in and year out, and while I did end up getting bigger, I was still far from the muscular, ripped look that I wanted. In fact, I spent the better part of five years going back and forth between big and soft or skinny and weak. If I am being honest, and this difficult to admit—I wasted YEARS being focused on the wrong things.


I’m embarrassed to admit that the picture below on the left is after I had been training consistently for nearly FIVE years. Sadly, after all of that time trying to build a symmetrical, ripped body—all I had accomplished was becoming the epitome of the “soft and weak” look.



I was worried about how much weight I was lifting and constantly trying to achieve a certain number on the scale. I bought into the idea that building muscle is all about getting bigger (weighing more) and stronger—even working my way up to a 325 pound bench press (which is A LOT of weight for a 170 pound guy), yet I STILL didn’t have the kind of muscular development that I wanted.


Basically, I was focused on all of the WRONG things. I was overlooking the basic, foundational aspects of muscle building in the pursuit of strength and was left frustrated and without the results I wanted.

Thankfully, I FINALLY discovered the importance of mind to muscle connection and the changes that occur when you shift your mindset so that working the target muscles is of primary concern.

Let me be completely clear—you will NEVER build the kind of symmetrical muscle mass you want unless you learn how to control each muscle and FORCE it to do the work.


This means using perfect form and the RIGHT amount of weight that lets you maximize the contraction of the target muscle—something that can only be accomplished by improving mind muscle connection.

Mind muscle connection is the foundational aspect of building muscle—it’s your ability to activate a given muscle maximally. You might say that this is the muscle building ‘X Factor.’



To be honest, nearly everyone has room for improvement when it comes to mind muscle connection.


Unfortunately, most people think that mind muscle connection only involves thinking really hard about the muscle while you are working out and this is RARELY ENOUGH TO MAKE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE.


That’s because improving mind muscle connection often requires UN-LEARNING years of bad habits—something that can only be accomplished with a strategic, systematic approach for improving this connection and teaching your muscles how to contract.


Thankfully, improving mind-muscle connection CAN BE DONE if approached correctly.

Here’s the really cool thing: Almost EVERYONE who is working out primarily for aesthetics or to achieve a certain look by building symmetrical muscle in the right places will benefit from improving mind muscle connection, whether you just started working out or you’ve been training for years. 


Now, you may think that by purchasing this product you are going to simply learn how to increase your mind muscle connection—and you definitely will learn how to do that, but the real value extends far beyond that. 


When you apply the tactics I outline in this guide you will enter into an entirely new realm—a place where you become laser-focused on building muscle that actually makes a difference in how you look.

Gone are the days when you felt lost or helpless in your pursuits of building a ripped, muscular body. You’ll be on the “inside”, confident that you are focusing on what truly delivers the results you want.

You will quickly discover that the information I provide makes building the body you want simple (note: I said “simple”, not easy—you still have to put in the work!).


When you begin applying the strategies I outline, you will not only realize that most people completely overlook the importance of this often forgotten principle, but you will discover that this is actually a FOUNDATIONAL ASPECT OF BUILDING TARGETED MUSCLE THAT PROVIDES SIGNFICANT VISUAL IMPACT.




When you do this right, it is not uncommon for people to think you are 20-30 pounds heavier than you actually are! That’s because you will learn how to master the incredible power of illusion provided by building muscle in the areas that make your physique “pop”—something that only happens when you have a great mind-muscle connection.


The Mind Muscle Blueprint is the most comprehensive system ever created to systematically improve mind muscle connection so that you can finally build the muscle you want, where you want it.


When you apply the strategies outline in this guide, you will…

  Focus on what really matters for building muscle and STOP WASTING TIME ON WHAT DOESN’T WORK  
Notice your muscles look harder at the gym and at rest
  Simplify your training   Master the art of creating the specific look for your body that you desire   Recruit more muscle fibers while training   Have a clear, step-by-step plan for building targeted muscle and getting the body that you want

Some people waste years letting their pride dictate the way they workout—slinging around heavy weight while paying little attention to form and constantly trying to gain more weight in the hopes that this will finally help them look muscular and ripped.


But you know better.


You know that building MUSCLE IN THE RIGHT PLACES IS WHAT MATTERS—something that isn’t accomplished by working out like a powerlifter or simply trying to weigh over 200 pounds. Building targeted muscle will never happen unless you improve your mind muscle connection—something I can help you do.


Inside The Mind Muscle Blueprint, you will find:
Specific exercises that drastically improve mind-muscle connection in ALL of the main upper body muscle groups

Simple, step-by-step plans to increase muscle activation that can be added to ANY workout program

A classic, but forgotten strategy that significantly increases your mind muscle connection and helps you get crazy pumps in the gym (most people have COMPLETELY forgotten about this or have no idea how to use it effectively)

Techniques to activate muscles that are difficult to target like the upper chest and rear delts

Easy to follow plans that take less than ten minutes to complete

A quick and simple way to get an insane pump, every time, in prized muscles like biceps, Triceps and Chest

Done-for-you 4 week programs that “specialize” to improve mind muscle connection in a specific muscle group or a more balanced, whole body approach

The five-minute daily practice that will DRASTICALLY improve your mind muscle connection and help you achieve that dense, hard look





72 pages of “Golden” information that will give you everything you need to know about improving Mind-Muscle Connection and building the body that you want.  
Comprehensive video demonstrations of ALL exercises
  Done-for-you “Specialized” Blueprints for improving Mind-Muscle Connection in every major muscle in the upper body   FAST-ACTING BONUS: As a reward for taking action today and purchasing The Mind Muscle Blueprint, I am giving away my eBook 10RM: A non-traditional Approach For Targeted Muscle Building, Strength, and Awesomeness. This 43-page guide shows you how to combine strength work, advanced bodyweight/gymnastics movements AND traditional Bodybuilding training into one workout  

Just so we are clear—this is NOT another rehashed, cookie-cutter workout program—this is a step-by-step plan for systematically improving your mind muscle connection so that your muscles are FORCED to activate and grow.


This is not a three or six month-and-done program—this is a comprehensive resource that you will continue to reference for years to come.




This is a resource that I have used for past three years and will continue to use for years into the future.

When deciding how to price this guide, I decided that it was important to me that ANYONE who wants access to this invaluable information should get it.


That’s why I have this priced in a way that it is a no-brainer for anyone who thinks that they will benefit from this information.


But don’t be fooled—hours and hours of work went into this, and it has been refined over the past three years on the way to becoming what it is today.


 I am fully confident that anyone who makes this investment WILL NOT be disappointed, and if you are, no worries, you have a 60-DAY GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED IN ANY WAY.


It’s time to say goodbye to the frustration and confusion involved with building a ripped, muscular physique—it’s time to become an insider and focus on what really matters and what truly delivers results.




My Guarantee

Please know that I stand by my work with full confidence. If you follow the program, you will see results.

The Mind Muscle Blueprint is about helping you build muscle and improve the way you look by increasing the mind to muscle connection—something that takes hard work and dedication.


The methods in The Mind Muscle Blueprint are simple, but you have to actually do the work and complete the programs to see results. If you ever have questions about the program, I am only an email away, and would love to assist you in any way that I can.


I want to help you succeed and build the body that you want.


If the information included in The Mind Muscle Blueprint doesn’t change your approach to training, you will receive all of your money back.


Eric Weinbrenner—B.A. Strength & Conditioning, Member of The Adonis Golden Army




The Mind Muscle Blueprint is a completely downloadable e-manual. No physical product will be shipped. *Instant access to material on purchase*

After you order, you will receive an email with a link to download the product (No waiting or shipping costs!). The format for the manual is Adobe Acrobat PDF.


Please Read This Discalimer: Due to recent statements by the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is. So here’s the deal: Most people never use the information from the products that they buy, so they get very little results. The most significant factor in your results is you actually applying the information and putting in the work so that you can see the results that you want.


Q. I’m new to working out, is this for me?
A. Definitely! In fact, it will be incredibly beneficial for you to develop a good mind-muscle connection from the beginning—as a “newbie”, you don’t have the bad habits from years of training incorrectly that hinder mind-muscle connection. Q. Is The Mind Muscle Blueprint a regular exercise program?
A. No, this is a supplemental guide that is meant to be added to your existing workout program. Inside, I explain exactly how to add The Mind Muscle Blueprint to your current workout program to maximize results. While it can be added to any workout program, I personally recommend The Adonis Index Workouts and Metabolic Masterpiece. Q. Is The Mind Muscle Blueprint for everyone?
A. No! This information is only meant for people whose main goal is to build muscle and develop an aesthetic, proportional physique. This is not meant for powerlifters or strength athletes. Q. Do I need to have access to a gym or any special equipment?
A. Absolutely not. I provide variations for exercises that include exercise bands, free weights, and bodyweight so that you can choose based on what is most convenient for you.  However, ideally, you will have or be able to obtain access to some form of external weight, be it free weights or a few light exercise bands (I provide recommendations inside). Q. How can I contact you if I have questions? A. Simply send me an email at [ericweinbrennerfitness@gmail.com]




Eric Weinbrenner


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