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Investment Articles, News and Technical Analysis


Investment Articles, News and Technical Analysis

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Investment Articles, News and Technical Analysis

[Gold ] [Gold Technical Analysis] [Gold Investment Advice] [Gold Investment Calculator] [Silver] [Markets ] [S&P 500] [Hang Seng Index] [Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)] [Currency] [USD] [EUR/USD] [GBP/USD] [AUD/USD] [Financial Calculators ] [Stock Investment Calculator] [Gold Investment Calculator] [Roth IRA Calculator 2013] [Mortgage Calculator] [Strategic Investment Matrix ] [Individual Retirement Plan (IRA)] [Technical Analysis ] [Elliott Wave Principle]


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How to Invest in Gold and Silver

How to Invest in Gold and Silver

Helps gold investors make well informed decisions on gold investment.

How to Invest in Gold and Silver

The Critical Success Factors

for a Profitable Investing in Gold and Silver

Critical Success Factor # 1 The Right Gold Product – There are many types of gold products and you must invest only in the ones with highest return and lowest risk.

Critical Success Factor # 2 The Right Price – The gold products must be priced close to Spot Price. But a lot of people don’t know what spot price or where to get the spot price from.

Critical Success Factor # 3 The Right Investment Strategy – A lot of investor don’t have the proper investment strategy that causes investments to go bad.

The Biggest Mistakes that Gold Investors Make

and How You Can Avoid It

Mistake # 1 Pricing – Do You Know What Spot Price is? And Why You Shouldn’t Buy Bullion From Jewellery Shop

Mistake # 2 Poor Investment Grade Products – Why You Must Stay Away from Fancy Stuff

Mistake # 3 Mistakes in the Buying and Selling Process – How to Select the Right Gold Dealer

Mistake # 4 Poor Investment Strategy – Investing Without Knowing the Returns or the Exit Strategy

Mistake # 5 Buying for the Wrong Reasons – Buying Based on Hype and Impulse

You will Learn how to Avoid these Mistakes as well as How to Invest Strategically to Achieve Your Financial Needs.

The Financial Needs of a Retiree would be very different from the Financial Needs of a College Graduate.You have to invest to Achieve your Financial Needs rather than invest based on What the Market Tells You.

Gold investors must have the Right Knowledge and Understand the Risks before investing a single dollar of their hard earned money.

Gold Investment Runs into Thousands of Dollars. Retirement Funds Typically Run into Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars.

You need to have the Right Knowledge and Investment Strategy to Invest Wisely and Safely.

Chapter 1 Critical Success Factors

The Successful Investment in Gold is determined by a three Critical Success Factors. These are Knowledge, Investment Strategy and Timing. The e-book in based on this core components.

Chapter 2 Understanding Gold

The fundamental reasons why gold has been a sought after precious metal for ages are covered in this chapter. One of these reasons is store of value and this reason has a flip side when Deflation strikes.

Chapter 3 Understanding Gold Investment

The Demand and Supply Dynamics of Gold determines the Gold price movement in normal times. Another driver which influences the gold price and is the Economic Dynamics.

Chapter 4 Where are the World’s Gold?

A look at how much gold is there and where are they used currently. 

Chapter 5 Types of Gold Investment

A very detailed explanation of the various Types of Gold Investment Products from Physical Gold, Gold Stocks, ETFs, Gold Funds, Gold Certificates and Gold Futures. The advantages, disadvantages and risks of each is given in details.

The best gold coins and bars to buy for investment are presented. The cost of gold and pricing of gold products are given in detail as well. Gold spread, tax, and other related costs can eat into the investment and these cost components are discussed.

The worst gold coins for investment are also presented so that gold investors will stay clear of these poor investment grade gold.

Chapter 6 Why Buy Gold?

The primary reasons to own gold are presented as well as the reasons for which you should not be investing in gold.

Chapter 7 Is Gold The Right Investment for You?

An extremely important discussion that takes a look at your Financial Needs and helps to answer the question on whether is gold the right investment for you.

Chapter 8 Gold Investment Risk Factors

The risks associated with gold investment is discussed with a look at gold confiscation as well as deflation.

Chapter 9 Things to Note When Buying and Selling Gold

There are associated costs both when buying as well as when selling gold. These costs are discussed in detail together with a look at the Return on Investment and Reward Risk Ratio.

Helps you evaluate each gold purchase and sale to determine if it is a good deal.

Chapter 10 Selecting the Right Gold Dealer

Having the right gold dealer is an extremely important aspect to investing in gold. The gold dealer can make or break your investment. The criteria on how to select a good gold dealer is presented.

The biggest mistakes that gold investors make when dealing with gold dealers are also discussed.

Chapter 11 Where to Buy Gold?

This chapter discusses the best place to buy gold.

Chapter 12 Sources of Funds for Gold Investment

A look at the various sources of funds for your gold investment.

Chapter 13 When to Buy Gold?

Answers the all important question on When to Buy Gold. A detailed discussion on the dangers of basing investment decisions on all the hypotheses that is going around in the gold market is presented.

Chapter 14 Gold Investment Strategy

The two main Gold Investment Strategies are presented. It evaluates both the strategies side by side and gives the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies.

For Just $19.99

you can gain insightful knowledge that can save you thousands of dollars by helping you to avoid the major mistakes of investing in gold and guide towards a more profitable investment approach.

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This e-book is presented in PDF format. All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader. This free software is usually already available in most computers. If it is not available you can download and install it.

Once the payment has been completed you can immediately download and use the e-book.


If you still have doubts on whether is the e-book right for you or how it will be helpful to you, do feel free to drop me an email at [shivakkumar.vadiveyl@elliottanalysis.com]. I would be more than happy to answer all your queries.


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How to Invest in Gold and Silver

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