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Uncover the
In Your Supply Chain
To Increase Performance
And …
CUT Your Costs by HALF!

Yes it Really Is Possible!

From the Desk of Rob O’Byrne
Head Office, Benchmarking Success

Monday, 3:45 pm

Friends, don’t risk “BURN OUT” before you discover how quickly this “missing link” can dramatically increase your supply chain performance while cutting your costs in HALF!  GUARANTEED!

To my Colleagues and Associates in Logistics and Supply Chain Management,

Back in 1993 when Benchmarking Success was first formed, our focus was to deliver supply chain and logistics management and benchmarking services that reaped high quality results – quickly, efficiently, on time, and on budget.

Our modest team offered high academic insights coupled with many years of professional hands-on experience that enabled us to work with some of the most complex supply chain corporations from around the world, enabling great results for both our organisation and more importantly, for our clients.

Little did I realize at that time that Benchmarking Success would join forces with the internationally acclaimed Logistics Bureau, a global operation comprised of more than 35 seasoned Logistics professionals and an arsenal of benchmarking nearly 900 supply chains across a broad range of industries in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Europe, the USA, and as far as Turkey… literally spanning the world.

That someday is NOW and here I am!

The Secrets Uncovered

Surprisingly, having benchmarked literally hundreds of companies’ supply chains and logistics processes in just about every industry you can imagine – retail, medical, distribution, FMCG, importing, transportation, government, food and beverage, engineering, manufacturing, and many others, what I discovered was so profound it caused a total SHOCK to my system…

The general mindset of the typical logistics and supply chain – or rather,
the LIE they believed was that –

“to increase customer service you need to increase cost”.

That was like saying….

“you have to spend money to make money!”

Literally hundreds of companies had fallen into this DEATH TRAP of thinking that in order to keep up with their competition, they had to spend more and offer more to get more, all while they were –

… Clambering to keep up with the latest technologies…

… Hiring and firing professionals that promised to keep them afloat….

… Fighting the rising costs of labour, suppliers, materials, transportation, merchandising, inventory, and incidentals that were all eating away at their bottom line…

… sliding down a downward spiral of distress….

… and watching all their profits get slowly sucked down the drain.

Literally hundreds of companies came to us, scrambling for a proven, viable solution that could dig them out of the FINANCIAL BLACK HOLE they had fallen into… ….

And as the world evolved, these needs became greater for more and more companies around the globe.

It was sink or swim time… and they were drowning!

Yes, the majority of supply chains were working really hard, spending a lot of money and still fighting to reduce costs while keeping their company afloat.

The BEST Managed Supply Chains
Do It At
HALF the Cost of their Competition

Most interestingly, while examining the data collected from nearly 900 of these companies across a broad spectrum of industries, we uncovered a “missing link” used by only the TOP performing supply chains.

This missing link they were privy to enabled them to offer the best service in the industry and operate at PEAK levels, using only half the costs of other supply chains and resulting in HIGHER PROFITS!

A deeper dive into the best managed supply chains revealed just how these companies were able to streamline their end-to-end processes to even the most infinite detail-
Reducing errors Lowering costs Improving efficiencies Streamlining every step of every process

… and still offer better quality, faster turn around times and increased service to customers that resulted in higher profits!

The results were clear!

You see, the “Best of the Best” in Supply Chain and Logistics were still facing the same ongoing challenges that the drowning ones were facing, including -
same economic downturns as everyone else, the same rising costs of fuel and transportation services, the same increasing influx and demands on labour, the same rapid evolution of technology, the same cares and concerns with health and safety, the same pressure to improve environmental sustainability, the same level of competition in the ever-changing marketplace

So the question became, how do these elite few deal with all of the same challenges and still come out on top while reducing their overall costs by HALF?

Secret Weapons Revealed to
Supply Chain Success

Being armed with an arsenal of nearly 900 organisations allowed us to dissect and scrutinise every aspect of their logistics and supply chain management processes.

Examining this stash of data, we began seeing common trends amongst the most successful SCM organizations –

… as well as a “missing link” amongst each of the lower performing ones.

It was like looking into the success of some of the most highly profitable companies – and the problems experienced by the majority of failing organisations –
with a microscopic lens.

What ultimately developed was a Best Practice model that perfectly aligns to only the “crème de la crème” of the best managed logistics and supply chain organizations around the world, and is consistent with Six Sigma and Lean philosophies.

Unfortunately, in dealing with dozens of different types of industries, we quickly realised that having only one best practise model for all industries is simply not enough because…


Not All Supply Chains
Are Created Equally

Working with thousands of touch-points of data across hundreds of companies within dozens of industries allowed us to identify similar issues and best practices within select industries that were not as common across the board for all supply chains.

This added insight into the uniqueness of each industry’s success in supply chain management was like adding a double-barrelled, turbo-powered engine to the fire power we could already offer our clients.

In drilling down and scrutinising this data even further, we were able to create not one – but several best practise models specific to INDIVIDUAL INDUSTRY TYPES.

Becoming the BEST of the BEST
Is Simpler than You Think!

The strategy to becoming the “Best of the Best” in supply chain for your industry is really much easier than you might think….

… but first, you need a starting point….


Not every company has the same missing link in their overall supply chain but over 90% of them have at least one missing link …

For example:
You might be great with customer service but could improve upon your delivery times that are causing a high number of complaints and cancellations. You might be automated in the warehouse with the latest technology but lack established processes that would allow your staff to perform at peak levels and as a result, you have high risk of uncontrollable errors and losing information due to turnover. Or maybe you are good at all of that but your costs are going through the roof!

Think of your supply chain like a full length of metal chain. Each link represents one step and the full chain represents your end-to-end process. If one link is damaged, broken or (GASP!) MISSING, the strength, endurance and security of your entire chain will be jeopardized.

Would you dangle from a chain that had a broken link?

…. then why would you risk MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by using one on your business?
Yet that is what thousands of companies are doing every day, mostly because they either don’t know how to improve upon it or where to begin.

I will let you in on a little secret….

The key to unlocking your own benchmarking success begins with discovering which of your supply chain links is broken.

But finding your company’s missing link can be like searching for a needle in a haystack if you don’t know specifically what you are looking for!

…. Your company is complex! ….

….. You have hundreds of employees ….

…..  Not to mention hundreds of processes, several systems, outside vendors and vested partners as well….

…. You really don’t have the time to stop and try to figure it all out….

That’s why I had to write this letter to you now…

We have systematically developed a simple yet highly effective system that
FITS ANY SIZE logistics and supply chain organisation for any industry –

— regardless of the number of employees, systems, processes, vendors, partners, outsourcing, suppliers and HEADACHES you currently have…

A Process so Well Developed
It can Accommodate Any Industry

But in order to find your missing link, we first need to know exactly where you are starting from… which links are strong, weak.. and which links are missing.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the first step to improving any process….

Regardless of size….  age…..  industry….. or complexity….

… is to know where you are starting from!

This is a universal understanding amongst any organisation that deals with processes, standards and methodologies, including Six Sigma and Lean.

In measuring your supply chain process, you will be able to quickly identify –
What you are doing well What you could be doing better – faster – cheaper Your MISSING LINKS!

Having a stake in the ground to mark your starting point also allows you to easily measure your growth at pre-determined intervals, calculate ROI and predict your overall achievement and level of success.

This includes:
The services you deliver The costs to deliver those services The management enablers (inputs) you apply to support and drive improved performance

Then, simply apply one of the appropriate Best Practise Models (BPM) against your organization’s current state to identify the areas you need improve upon, to raise the level of your company’s success to “BEST OF CLASS”.

Using one of these Best Practise Benchmarking Models against your own business will clearly identify:
Alignments to the BPM – what you are doing right! Areas of improvement – what you can improve upon GAPS – your specific missing link to supply chain management success!

This truly is an opportunity of a lifetime! Now you can have access to this proprietary information that you will not find anywhere else at any price.

It is so cutting edge that your competition would fight tooth and nail to get their hands on it.

My Associates have set the value of this information well into the six figures…

..I mean, this information has literally helped hundreds of organisations like yours SAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS (that truly is how much savings we typically find)

The problem with charging what it is truly worth is that only the best managed companies could afford us – and they are not the ones who need the help …

My goal here is to help as many colleagues in the field as I can.

So we are offering the report at a RIDUCULOUS introductory rate.

This is not information you can get from Google!

This is over 19 years of research compiled data, spanning close to 900 companies across various industries in the logistics and supply chain field that we have personally managed….

…broken down into industry… specific to YOUR industry…

This is SOLID GOLD information that you will NOT find anywhere else.


The Supply Chain Success System

A supply chain system so unique and complete it’s like gaining close to TWO DECADES of experience in the time it takes to read your report!

And because it is industry specific to your industry, …

… focused only on your business and your needs,

…..  tailored to fit your budget…

it is sure to revolutionize the logistics and supply chains everywhere!

Simply select the appropriate industry for your company and get a jump start on the improvements and savings today!

My Colleagues Think I’m Crazy!

They wanted to keep this information to themselves so we could maintain our competitive advantage.

They warned me about publishing this information to the masses, for fear it would leak into the mainstream and EXPLODE the entire logistics and supply chain industry wide-open.

“Why are you giving away nearly 20 years of detailed research for only a few bucks?” they demanded….

“Keep it discreet Steven” they urged…

“Charge thousands of dollars for this proprietary information that will save them millions” they insisted…

The price of this information is irrelevant because as soon as you begin using these strategies to identify and strengthen your missing link, the money you will save will pay for itself thousands of times over!

But as I said, it’s the other guys – companies like yours that need it the most…

So, after much deliberation, I have decided to authorize the release of this information to a select few industries at a highly discounted price, for a very limited time only.

RIGHT NOW this industry-specific information is only available for the following 6 industries:

Pharmaceutical Food and Beverage Imported Goods Distributors Manufacturers FMCG Industrial Suppliers

Here’s what you get:
Nearly 20 years experience in Benchmarking Excellence Benchmarks and KPIs based on nearly 900 companies, world-wide Your choice of: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Imported Goods Distributors, Manufacturers, FMCG or Industrial Suppliers industry-specific data 20 to 30 benchmarks from TOP performing supply chains – specific to YOUR chosen industry This 25 page report, packed with metrics, tables and standards providing you with practical ways to compare and measure your own supply chain Strategies to find your missing link and improve your supply chain performance immediately!

All in One Convenient Package at one very low price!

Read what these top performing companies have to say about Benchmarking Success:

Supply Chain Director, Oceania – Nestle’ “… Benchmarking Success provides me with the information on what is happening in other industries with a similar customer base…” “Benchmarking Success has provided a great perspective to a wider Supply Chain environment that has really helped broaden my horizons and remove the Nestle blinkers” National Distribution Manager – Orica Consumer Products “Benchmarking Success processes provide all the information about supply chain development and improvement I need. .. The SCAR® process ensures I understand what others in my market are doing and how I compare…” National Logistics Manager – Energizer “… Regular updates of the Strategic Supply Chain Audit Report (SCAR®) tell me how my business is performing…” Supply Chain Director – Ingram Micro “… Benchmarking Success provides me with a view of where my business should be performing through external comparison…”

Now is the time to realise your own benchmarking success!


If you are ready to:

…. Take your supply chain to the next level

… Streamline your supply chain like a well oiled machine

… Save millions of wasted dollars and grow profits higher

… Become the best of the best in supply chain success…

Then Benchmarking Success’ Supply Chain Success System is for you!

Simply click the button below, select one of the 6 key industries and then get ready to watch your business and profits grow!

Simply the BEST
Money-back Guarantee

Order now for only $197

This 25 page report, with information worth thousands of dollars can be yours for only $197!

Click that button and take your first step to improving your supply chain performance and supercharging the success of your business.

To Your Benchmarking Success,

Rob O’Byrne 

P.S. One more thing…

If you order today, I’ll include a few special BONUS items that I trust you will find particularly beneficial ….

BONUS 1: Benchmarking Supply Chains – Video

This exclusive, 60 Minute video details the importance of benchmarking your supply chain with practical guidance to help you benchmark your own Supply Chain organization. Be warned, this is a large file to download!

BONUS 2: “Supply Chain Secrets” – by Rob O’Byrne

Get a copy of the best-selling eBook: ‘Supply Chain Secrets’, by Rob O’Byrne, Managing Director of the internationally acclaimed Logistics Bureau that reveals the best performance improvement strategies for your Supply Chain success.


This eBook comes complete with the following additions:

A: Cost To Serve Presentation / Camtasia

One of Rob O’Byrne’s specialist areas of expertise is cost to serve, which is an essential concept to understand if you want to make your supply chain and logistics operations more effective!

Rob is regarded by many as the best speaker on the topic of cost to serve and you’re sure to enjoy this PowerPoint conference presentation, complete with Rob’s voice over as he presents cost to serve principles directly to you, through your computer!

This easy to follow presentation uses simple terminology and examples to help you understand cost to serve, like never before!

Thousands of conference delegates have benefited from this one presentation…

“A complex issue, explained in simple terms, that even I could understand” “Once again, you hit the nail right on the head, and I learnt some valuable tips”

and now, it’s your turn!


B: Facility Location Guide

What is it they say in real estate?  It’s all about location, location, location. 

Well the same is NOT true of warehouse real estate. 

Don’t make any warehouse location decisions without reading this guide!

This guide uses a case study example to explain how warehouse location decisions impact the end-to-end cost and service performance of the Supply Chain and how expensive warehouses can actually pay off in the long run! 

Industrial real estate companies loved these concepts when Rob explained them to conference delegates.  If you want to demonstrate a much broader understanding of Supply Chain and Logistics, by taking an end-to-end view of costs, you’ll find this guide to be invaluable.


C: CEO’s Guide to Supply Chain

One of the most popular conference presentations that Rob O’Byrne gives around the world is “The 3 Things a CEO needs to know about their Supply Chain” 

These concepts have helped many leading organisations transform their supply chains and add real lasting benefit to their bottom line.

You’ll receive a presentation transcript, complete with slides, as Rob shares his insights gained from working with some of the world’s leading corporations.

This presentation is presented in a simple, easy to understand manner that will make you wonder why most so-called “supply chain professionals” don’t talk like this!

It will change the way you think about Supply Chain!  Share a copy with your CEO too! 

BONUS #3: Monthly Newsletter Report of the Logistics Bureau

Order today and I will also include the celebrated ‘Monthly Newsletter Report’ of the internationally acclaimed “Logistics Bureau”.

Receive detailed information, links to videos, testimonials, case studies, comprehensive reports and tricks of the trade that will SUPER-CHARGE your Supply Chain Management.

Stay current in your industry with this global lens and get the inside scoop with exclusive interviews and candid reports from our offices in Sydney … Melbourne … Perth … Singapore … Bangkok … Ho Chi Minh City … spanning more than 23 countries across the world.

Even if you decide to return your exclusive “Benchmarking Success Report” you can keep your subscription to the newsletter as my gift, just for giving the report a try.

You’ve got nothing to lose… and MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to gain.


Click the button below and take the first step to your own benchmarking success!


Order now for only $197

You can buy one or more reports, for the following SIX industries:
Distributors of Imported Goods
Primarily an importer of finished goods for distribution to consumers throughout the country. FMCG
Fast Moving Consumer Goods or CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) manufacturer and/or distribute products typically with high quantities that are sold quickly and at relatively low prices and have a relatively short shelf life. Examples include grocery items etc. that are sold into the retail channel. Food & Beverage (Ambient)
Manufacturers and/or distributors of food and/or beverage items that do not require a refrigerated storage or distribution channel. Industrial Suppliers
Manufacturers and/or distributors of industrial products such as chemicals, commodities, steel and steel products and Manufacturers
Companies with a predominantly local manufacturing base converting raw materials into finished goods that are either exported or sold to domestics consumers. Pharmaceutical Companies
Companies engaged in the development, production, marketing and sales of drugs and medications and medical devices.

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