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You better take a few days off
Because 100's of A&R's, record label presidents, celebs and producers WILL CALL YOU all day & night. BEWARE!

Listen up everyone,

If you are looking to hit the Entertainment industry hard, get famous over night, then you need to get the One thing that will sign your record deal for you. Forget sending tapes in the mail or waiting on long audition lines, you are about to get signed this week, after you have read this page. There is an effective, set way to submit your material by email, then get your foot in the door, and it does not require physical contact, favoritism, dates or any other type of ritualistic BS.


A&R's, casting agents, and producers want to hire you, but they are caught up in policy and wait through long days of comparing hundreds of talented people one after the other. It is a breath of fresh air for them if they can skip the long processes, but rarely can get around it. Wouldn't it be great if there was a vehicle that could bring them to you and show them your full potential?

We want to show you everything you need to know to get the audition and sign the contract!

Welcome to ReachFame.com.

These companies are looking for you:

*Def Jam *Sony *Arista *Capitol *Maverick
*Virgin *Atlantic *Interscope *RCA *Columbia
*Universal *Sony Pictures *MCA *BMG *Geffen
*ABC *Fox *MTV *HBO *Discovery
*WB *Miramax *UPN *MGM *Paramount
*Dreamworks *EMI *Globe *Roadrunner *Aftermath

"You want to be a star? ReachFame It is the next best thing to having your own record label."
"There is no way that you can know what an a&r is looking for on your own. " This is a system that is easy to use, effective and adapts to any situation within the entertainment industry, whether it be Comedy, Rap Music, Broadway, and more! ReachFame is strategically designed to get you signed fast, without all of the extra BS, fake managers full of false promises and photographers charging you an arm & a leg...Who needs that? Forget that. ReachFame is here.
Check out what we are about:

Submit your material by email and make record execs and A&R's put down whatever it is they are doing and sign you on the spot, no BS! Use a fool-proof plan that works every time! Use ReachFame as a necessary tool for leveraging your talent. You deserve it!

Get put on as a rapper or solo act. You possess extreme power as one. Show them you mean business and launch your career immediately. Stop sitting around, get signed with our help then live in the lap of luxury while your haters keep hating!

Get Casted in major motion pictures Even if you have no experience whatsoever, Your talent does not control your destiny. Catch an audition or two and let destiny run it's course. We will supply the leads, you supply your talent.

Become a career model -Do you have the looks? We have the connections.

Learn how to make a fortune with your talent. Wake up! It is 2007. Do you know where your wallet is? It's time to take advantage of a serious capitalist information age. Get rich! Learn how with ReachFame.

Direct contact. Our listings provide direct, easily accessible contacts. We also provide "Listing insider information" of when to call, When and what the agent eats for lunch, what "tactics" will work to get your foot in the door, and much more.

Never get rejected With ReachFame, You control the situation. Never again will you let a a&r let you down.
Produce your own albums with other people's money Get an investor to put up the cash for your self-produced money maker! Why not? We will show you how.
Get Direct Contact: Other members have been in direct contact with the biggest names in hollywood, NY, and Canada and have become stars virtually overnight! We also want to show you how to set up a website so you can get instant gratification and showcase your talents. But if you don't have a computer that's ok too, because sometimes having just your voice on the phone can be excelent for negotiating a record deal.Belive me, if an agent can get 20 artists a month signed in a week, you can get yourself signed easy! You just need to know how, where and when to present yourself to the big dogs, and that's what we are here to show you!
Let's get started by signing you up as a member of this site. Remember, after you sign up, you will have direct unlimited access to our database, resources and guides 24-7 and everything is fully downloadable. Thanks for stopping in, and we will see you in the members section!

 Speak Directly with the biggest names in hollywood Speak directly to the big dogs in Hollywood regarding your talents and future as a major artist or actor making a million dollar salary, landing films and making albums!

How to use friends who have an industry job Get signed easily with a few tricks using your friend who has the janitorial position at def Jam, and why this is such an easy tactic that you definetly have never thought of!

If you have the talent you can use the internet to boost your net worth! Also being musicians and web publishers, we have learned about the power of the internet first hand, experiencing quadrupling our net worth by using ecommerce strategies and setting the stage for a major label bidding war!

how to close deals for millions, without having to talk to the label until after you have been paid! -Using only a high-potent strategy that I'll show you!.

Learn all of my sure-fire dead on mega-signing concepts and the right labels to market to for that concept! I'll show you which labels or production companies I target when I need to sign onto another season of filming FAST! And for the more advanced manager or agent, I'll show you the top secret markets to target immediately! It's at least worth $2,540,000!!

The best day of the week to call an A&R It's incredible...If you call on this day, you can see a 100% call back result!!

Usually they don't listen to your tape! Now they will! That is, once you learn how to get them hooked before they even open the package!

You need to know the inside scoop!! Know the A&R's better than they know themselves!

Learn how to make 3.5 million dollars in a year by beating the heck out of your ad sales reps and selling millions of mp3's on the internet using major magazine ads, with no upfront costs! The success with magazine ads relies solely on the ability to negotiate your ad rates, and I would like to show you how to earn a 1500% return on your advertising investment month after month!!
The 5 corners of failure- The only 5 reasons why someone WONT sign you on the spot!

The fact is.....the people who are auditioning, sending in CD's, and wasting their time, are not using the ReachFame system and will not ever be in competition with you.

You are being rocket propelled into the A&R office with ReachFame.

No one, and I mean NO ONE on the internet has made a system as thorough and dynamic as ReachFame. You will be on MTV fast! Let's get started... and remember, Once you are a member of my site, I am available on the phone and on instant messenger all the time if you have any questions.

Why do you need ReachFame?

 You don't have the time or physical manpower yourself to make things happen. ReachFame will help you get famous PERIOD.

Next to each listing, we supply you with the "inside scoop." Find out what time to call, who to speak to, their personality, and the best: what exactly they are looking for at the right time.

Need money? Get an investor. Don't know how? We will show you and get you started.

Learn who in the industry is right for you. Follow the steps inside ReachFame to not only expose your music, but book a deal as well..

Don't ever let someone else "submit" your music, cause they will pull a fast one on you.

You might of heard of other websites or services that "forward your music." They do not work! They will tell you that your music is bad or worse, charge you for everytime they pertend to "submit" your material.


The ReachFame Submittal system to getting signed:
Many have hailed this guide as one of the most "powerful" breakthrough industry tools of our time. Many years of work and experience have gone into this strategic online resource.
The Official "ReachFame" Ebook/Guide:
43 pages of complete step by step instruction on how to get your A&R signing the contract and more excited then ever about it. Do you want to know how to get a record deal, acting audition, modeling appointment or screening? Want to know what to print on the label so when you send in your tape you'll get it listened to the first day? It's all in our 50-page strategic manual for getting your record deal. Nowadays anyone can get a record deal, it's very easy if you know what you are doing. 14,867 Industry Listings Database:
We have the biggest industry listings database on the internet: 14,867 listings. Our listings are well orginized and range from Music industry to hollywood casting, modeling and sports agents.Our superior knolege base is available exclusively to members and we make it our mission to update the databases for you accordingly.

240 Top Contact Picks
Want to know the best of the best for Artist management, Record Labels, Music Labels, Production compaines, Modeling agencies, Sports management, modern art agents, performance orginizations, arena managers, Hollywood casting calls and Acting agencies? They are all right here! Reach Fame Tools and tactics:
Want to know what color to use on your cd cover? what the A&R's are looking for at this very moment? Our tips guide contains secrets that you will find extremely easy to implement, and of no cost to you.These companies only sign people who play by our tactics anyhow so it is a necessity that you learn them. Unlimited membership to our member's section
Access our database any day of the week any time of the day and check out the new listings for the week! All major signings, industry contacts and opportunities! Our award winning system will supply you with everything you need to succeed in the music industry!

We have had members submit their material online then recieve calls from the record label president himself. Baffling A&R's and initiating bid wars practically overnight.

-Within 2 hours I was being flown to Miami-
After going through the course, I evaluated my work (which is Hip hop with artist) and decided I should go with online submission. I followed the exact guidelines expressed in the ReachFame system, and within 2 hours
I was being flown to Miami to meet with my new producer! Amazing! Thank you!

Sarah Ginthal, Reno, NV

-Press a button and I'm there-
This system rocks! I have been waiting years for something like this and it works miracles. All I have to do is pick which category I want to work in, press a button and I'm there. The guide familiarizes me with the way that the A&R's work and then I follow through with the system. Genius!

Tommy Andre, Great Neck, NY

-Sign multiple publishing deals-
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for supplying me with such a tremendous product. Not only did you enable me to sign multiple publishing deals, but I learned how to sign artists myself and produce immediate revenue producing projects. Thanks again for the extraordinary work and I will look forward to the updates.

John Madren, Lansing, MI

Get signed fast with high leverage and operate as your own manager made easy with the ReachFame system guaranteed.

To effectively use ReachFame, you don’t need to be educated, you don’t need to be physically built, or have a solid reputation, money or friends in high places. All you need is 10 minutes to look over the course, memorize the secrets I am going to give you, and pick up the phone and send an email or two.

Get ready to enter into the world of entertainment, and be respected and loved for your music and art.

My Guarantee:
If you fail, I have failed. If I cannot accomplish my goal of teaching you all I know, I am in debt to you, for your time and for your commitment.

I am telling you this because in a couple seconds, I am going to offer you the most powerful ecourse system available on the net for getting a deal. Now if for any reason, you are not satisfied with my system during the 56 days you own it, email me and return it!

I want you to engage the a&r, blow their mind, gain respect and get famous.

During my 5 day seminar, I teach using a 4-step course that trains your mind to execute multiple record deals and film contracts and manifest the techniques into real life situations.

The price tag on my multi-seminar is regularly $3799.95. This includes the training, materials, room & board and a 20 cd live recording of the entire seminar.

My system found exclusively here on ReachFame.com, comes as an easily useable ebook, and audio course and database, which you can access online, or download.
It is the online recorded and documented version of the 5-day seminar. You can purchase this system only here on Reachfame.com regularly for only $97.95.

For a limited time, I am practically giving this membership away for The entire ReachFame system costs only
$29.95, and yes, that is a one-time fee. That $29.95 gets you an unlimited membership, and everything that I am offering you. This includes all the audio guides, ebook tutorials, and the ReachFame system. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for that one time affordable price! $29.95. Yes, that’s right. $29.95.

Click the red box below to order the instant downloadable ReachFame System. You can purchase the System either with Paypal or a Credit card or Echeck!
If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at [contact@reachfame.com](mailto:producerjamie@yahoo.com)

See you soon,


James Avery

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Download the ReachFame System and A&R/Industry Database
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Limited time bonus: Order today and get a free consultation by the author!
(A $700 value) Guaranteed to be the best decision you have made as an artist to date! See you in the member's section!

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