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Are YOU one of millions searching
every day for
answers to  hormone problems 
and  to health problems
you don't even know are driven by hormones?

CAN YOU answer this question?
DO YOU know?   CAN YOU tell?

When are
Female Hormones
the true culprit?

Are you a health professional women turn to
a student of the health sciences they will turn to in the future?
From early girlhood through old age, a woman's hormones play a central role in every physical and emotional health issue she confronts.

Her hormones are constantly sending chemical messages to her cell receptor sites where they act like a key turning a lock.

In other words, hormones are the biochemical directors of ALL BODILY PROCESSES from the first breath to the last.

        How do you find out what role hormones are playing?
        If you are the health professional she turns to, do you know where to start?

Thinking that sounds complicated? Difficult to assess?

Au contraire! It's EASY!

Use this free assessment, fill it out or ask her to fill it out.
(I've been using it for years, so I know it works GREAT!)  It will help you better recognize, assess and address female hormone issues in yourself or your women clients of any age.

You will love the assessment because it

Helps each woman be constructively involved in her own care;   
Demonstrates the incredibly wide range of physical and emotional issues
that are driven by hormone imbalances;    
Reveals how  female hormones are always a factor in any particular health issue;    
Aids translating the language of emotional and bodily symptoms into words;   
Generates the terms with which to design a constructive plan of action to address each unique condition as experienced.    
Plus, with this assessment you can begin to determine whether  female hormones are out of whack, in balance, hungry or purring along like a well tuned motor.

  If you already have the questionnaire or would like to register right away for the 52 week course,
  [Click Here]





The entire contents of this site and program are presented for educational purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions, nor to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. In presenting this service, no attempt is being made to provide diagnosis, care, therapy or rehabilitation of individuals, or to apply medical, mental health or human development principles to provide diagnosing, treating, operating or prescribing for any human disease, discomfort, injury, deformity or physical condition.

The information contained herein is not intended to replace a one-to-one relationship with a doctor or qualified health care professional. Therefore, all users need to be aware that this material is not intended as medical advice, but rather to share knowledge and information that others have used and are using to support their own hormonal health and well-being.

Each person is therefore encouraged to make his or her own health care decisions based on your own research in partnership with a qualified health care professional, because you and you alone are responsible if you choose to do anything based on what you read or hear.

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