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Do you toss and turn in bed every night, wondering if you will ever fall asleep?

At last – a technique that’s so simple, so quick and so unbelievably relaxing you’ll sleep better from the first time you try it … and wake up feeling refreshed, happy and ready
to face the day!

Learn how I got my life back – and a peaceful night’s sleep – with secret, ancient techniques your doctor won’t know about

If you really want to kick insomnia out of your bedroom tonight, this could be the most important information you EVER read.

Dear Friend,

My name is Michelle, and like you, sleep has always been a tricky thing for me to achieve. To be honest, trying to get to sleep every night was a waking nightmare.

I know what it’s like to toss and turn night after night. To lie staring at the ceiling, willing for sleep that just will not come. To wake up tired, sluggish, unmotivated and run down. I have felt the panic and anxiety.

I have felt the worry that I won’t be able to function at work the next day. I have struggled to keep my eyes open at my desk and at meetings. It was embarrassing!

I got so frustrated. Some days I even felt like crying I was so tired.  Have you ever felt like that?

Here are some of the problems I had:

I tried going to bed earlier … but you know what, that just meant I lay tossing and turning for LONGER! I tried going to bed later, because if I couldn’t get to sleep when I went to bed earlier, surely if I went later, that would work, right? Wrong!
Sometimes I would even feel myself start to drift off to sleep, but something inside me would jerk me awake! Then my heart would be pounding, my breath ragged, and then I’d be back to square one I felt anxious and on edge, jumpy all the time – my nerves were shot
I went to see my doctor. She prescribed sleeping pills. I REALLY didn’t want to take them. But – I did. I tried the sleeping pills. And guess what? They didn’t even work! My doctor suggested stronger pills. NO WAY, I thought. They just terrified me
I would lie in bed and think, “If I could just get my brain to switch OFF, then I’d be able to get to sleep…” Every day at work was a struggle, and I drank cup after cup of coffee to try and get me through
I dragged myself through nearly every day, willing the weekend to come so I could stay in bed all morning I felt unmotivated to do ANYTHING because I didn’t have the energy
I started to put on weight because sugary food gave me that little bit of extra energy to get through the day People would always say, “You look so tired!” – I hated that!

Every night, I would go to bed, feeling absolutely exhausted from not getting enough sleep the night before.

“Tonight…” I would always think, “tonight … I am going to sleep SO well!” … because I was SO tired.

But I didn’t. My brain just wouldn’t calm down and be quiet. Honestly, it was like there was some “chatty Cathy” in my head (I’m actually a reasonably quiet person, not a complete chatterbox…) Sometimes I would feel like shouting at my brain “oh for goodness sake, SHUT UP!!!”

I just kept thinking to myself, this sleep thing can’t be that hard! Everyone does it! But nothing that I tried actually worked very well.

I was really worried that my sleeplessness would start to affect my relationships, my work, my health – even my looks (OK, I’m vain! But it’s important to me – and probably to you too).

I was also worried I’d phase out while I was driving! That really scared me.

I felt like I’d lost my enthusiasm for life … I just had no energy to feel excited about anything.


I tried everything to get to sleep and nothing worked… well I thought I had tried everything.

Then I really started doing loads of research. I scoured the internet and books. Luckily because I was studying part-time I had access to huge databases of medical journals and research through the university library. Wow, there were huge amounts of information and studies to sift through.

Yep, I stayed up late reading it all.

And through all that research, I found some amazing information and little known techniques. Through all that medical research I found what science said worked.

I applied them to myself and looked at the things that worked to help me get to sleep and stay asleep, and the things that were working against me.

I’m one of those people who really believes that nature is best and so everything I researched had to be totally natural. I simply did not want to pollute my body with drugs – and anyway, as I said before, I found they just didn’t work.

I studied and researched a whole lot of things. I found some pretty unusual ones I can tell you!  Some didn’t work. But some did. And in this amazing ebook I’ll tell you WHAT WORKS!

I also studied and put into practice some techniques that you can pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for and spend weeks or months in therapy.

Deep down, I knew that my body and mind KNEW how to sleep, I just needed to remind them – well, particularly my mind – how to do it. I needed to retrain my brain to learn how to relax and let go of thoughts.

You see, unless you have a medical problem like sleep apnea (and if you do, you must see a doctor), your overactive mind is causing your insomnia. I know because I’ve been there! I really felt like my incessantly chattering brain would drive me crazy! Like I said before, I sometimes wanted to tell myself to shut up!

In fact, in the medical journal Sleep Medicine Reviews, researchers Bonnet and Arand say that, “insomnia is a disorder of inappropriate arousal”, (meaning we’re all too hyped up and stressed to sleep – that “chatty Cathy” mind I mentioned before) rather than a disorder of sleep itself, and that treatment strategies should focus on calming us down.

I discovered easy techniques anyone can practise, and lifestyle changes you can make RIGHT NOW to help you get a great night’s sleep TONIGHT!

These techniques have been proven scientifically to get you to sleep and help you to stay asleep, for a long and blissful night’s sleep. How good does that sound?

You’ll discover amazingly simple techniques, some even passed down from ancient sages. What’s more, they’re supported by modern medical research! Researchers at Harvard Medical School no less have tested these techniques and have found them to be some of the MOST effective in beating sleeplessness.

I’d like to send on my testimonial after reading your e-book – thanks SO much by the way.

There’s so much interesting information in your book – loads of stuff I didn’t know and that’s helped me so much! The program is great and it really did help me relax and get to sleep so much quicker pretty much from straight away. I love it!

(Hey, let me know if you’d like a photo?)

- Angela Puketapu

Just imagine … going to bed and falling asleep “as soon as your head hits the pillow”! The next thing you know, it’s morning and you’re waking up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day!

Here’s a quick preview of the valuable information you’ll have at your fingertips:

How in just 7 minutes each night before bed, you can set yourself up for a deep and restful sleep (page 80) What mistakes you’re making in your bedroom that you could fix right now to sleep better tonight – the things that will keep you awake at night will surprise you! (pages 25 and 53)
What you’re doing during the daytime that’s affecting how you sleep at nighttime The 7 things you MUST do to get a great night’s sleep (page 39)
The secret solution to insomnia that’s been proven to work by modern science (page 64) The 7 mistakes you are making that stop you from getting to sleep (page 39)
What you should NEVER do in bed (page 21) What mistakes you’re making that you can easily fix to help you get to sleep
How to get your vitality and energy back so you look great, feel better and have boundless energy to achieve your goals A cure for insomnia that ACTUALLY WORKS – you will feel alive again
Handy actions for you to take right now My unique 20-20-20 ritual (page 68)

So there you have it … I don’t about you, but I wish I had all that info years ago when my insomnia got really bad. Instead it took me years of sleeplessness nights and worry before I did all this research and learned this great technique.


1 yoga nidra for relaxation audio (21 mins)

You’ll love this bonus because it gives you complete and deep rest and relaxation in just 20 minutes. Adapted from ancient techniques, it’s better than a power nap, and taps into your subconscious to invoke deep relaxation. Just lie down and play this audio and you will feel rested and rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the day!

This Audio Normally Sells For $30.00 But it’s Yours FREE


1 yoga nidra for deep and restful sleep audio (22 mins)

This incredible guided relaxation will take you on a journey around your body and deep into your subconscious – you’ll drop off to sleep before it’s even finished

This Audio Normally Sells For $30.00 But it’s Yours FREE


Beginners Guide to Yoga book

You’ll love this because it is rounds up all the essential info about the ancient practice of yoga in one place. Unsure what all the different types of yoga are? Don’t know which type of yoga is right for you? All your questions will be answered here

This eBook Normally Sells For $29.95 But it’s Yours FREE


1 restorative yoga practice

This is so relaxing, you’ll want to do it every day. You will feel tension just draining out of your body as you relax into these poses. Again, you don’t need to be flexible or fit. There are pictures and detailed instructions included

A Class Like This Normally Sells For $25.00 But it’s Yours FREE


Essential oils ebook

Discover which essentials oils are best to help you relax and create a peaceful and calm environment in your home or even your office. You’ll even find out which oils can perk you up!

This Ebook Normally Sells For $25.00 But it’s Yours FREE


Dreams ebook

You’ll be dreaming a lot now that you are sleeping so much better, so you’ll want to learn what those dreams mean

This Ebook Normally Sells For $25.00 But it’s Yours FREE


Sleep diary

This helps track your sleep patterns. You’d pay hundreds of dollars to go to a sleep coach for therapy and assessment to get something like this (and also spend weeks or months of your time), but I’m giving it to you as a gift

This Diary Normally Sells For $5.97 But it’s Yours FREE

Let me add that all up for you… that’s a total of $170.92 worth of FREE bonus gifts for you. I think it’s a pretty good deal, and to be honest, I really enjoyed putting these special bonuses together for you, because I know how good they are! I know you’re going get so much out of them…

Okay Michelle, It sounds like you’ve gone to a lot of trouble… How much is this going to cost?

Well … that’s the best part – the price.  To be honest with you, if I added up all of the countless hours and hard work that I’ve poured into this little book, well, let’s just say a lot of hard labor went into it!

I could easily sell this book for $97 – and I’ll still be great value AND worth a whole lot more! Because what is your health worth, right? But don’t worry I’m not that greedy… I’ve come up with a price that’s fair for both of us.

I don’t know about you, but I have spent A LOT of money over the years – hundreds – possibly THOUSANDS – of dollars – buying different sleeping aids from the pharmacy, visits to my doctor – and to be honest with you, without much success.

I even considered going to expensive sleep clinics and therapy, but I just couldn’t afford it.  You’re probably in the same boat, so I wanted to keep it reasonable for you. So for less than the cost of a visit to your doctor and a prescription for sleeping pills … you can have my special book AND all the free bonuses (valued at $267.92) for only $37.00 – that’s it!

So what do you think? $37 is a tiny investment in your health and wellbeing to get a great night’s sleep – wouldn’t you agree?

Hold on though – I’ve actually slashed $20 off the price as a Special Launch Price

I’m not sure how long I can keep it at this special price – I’ve put a lot of effort into preparing this book and all the bonuses after all – but since you’re here now, you can grab the whole lot for $17.00!

But you really have to jump on it quick because like I said, I will be bumping the price back up to the original $37 soon.

I just really want to eliminate any excuses at all for not buying this book. So for $17??? I’m sure no one can ever complain about it being expensive! That’s cheap in anyone’s language!

So there you have it…
You’ve really got nothing to lose right?

If you’re like me, you want to make sure you have got something that actually works. With the information included in this ebook you can be assured that you’re equipped with the knowledge and techniques to improve your sleep tonight.

Anyway… I think you’ll really appreciate the trouble I’ve gone to put all this information together for you. So if you want a simple, easy, effective program to help you get a great night’s sleep, then all you need to do is simply click the order button.

What are you waiting for? Get your life back now!

Okay, so let’s recap…

What you get for your investment

# What you get Valued
Your cost How to get a great night’s sleep ebook $97.00 $17 20 minute yoga nidra for relaxation audio $30.00 Free 20 minute yoga nidra for sleep audio $30.00 Free Beginners Guide to Yoga ebook $29.95 Free 1 restorative yoga class with instructions and pictures $25.00 Free Essential oils ebook $25.00 Free Dreams ebook $25.00 Free Sleep diary $5.97 Free Total Value $267.92 Your Special Launch Price $17.00 Your Saving $250.92

So there you have it – I reckon you have two choices:
Keep doing what you’re doing and pray that things will get better…OR Take action and get your sleep – and life – back on track

All the best…

Michelle Newton

P.S. I really hope and pray that you get so much out of this book – like I did while researching and writing it. It seriously has helped me get to sleep, stay asleep and enjoy my waking hours. I’ve got SO much energy and enthusiasm now! And don’t forget – the special launch price of $17 won’t last forever!

P.P.S. Also don’t forget you get all those fantastic bonuses – honestly I can’t even tell you how much yoga nidra (the relaxation audio files) have helped me in my life. Soooo relaxing.

P.P.P.S. Let me remind you that you’re totally covered by my 100% “Risk Free” guarantee! So there’s no risk on your part at all. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits that sleeping soundly will bring you!

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