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Posted on [January 26, 2013] by [52 Diets A Year]

[]Welcome!  Welcome!

Ready to lose some weight?

Ready to try something you’ve never heard of before that offers wonderful results?

Ready to change how you’re trying to lose weight?

You can do it.  I know you can.  I know you can make a difference.

And, even better – it’s very, very simple.  Amazingly simple.



Okay, here’s the layout.  You have 2 choices.  You can do either or both.

First, you can sign up for my FREE REPORT to get started with your weight loss goals.  I’ll send you emails every week talking about weight loss and checking on your progress.  Every week you’ll receive info to take you into your next weight loss adventure.

Second, you can get 52 Diets a Year right now.  It’s a superb book with over 52 ways to lose weight.  And, best of all, you only do each diet for about a week.  After that, you begin a new diet.  How smart is that?

You’re never bored with your diet. You won’t be inclined to cheat on your diets. If a diet doesn’t work for you, you can change it mid week. The book is written to entertain, not just motivate, guilt trip or provoke you into losing weight. The author knows you’re an intelligent, reasonable human being. The book will continue to be a work in progress, adding more diets, tweaking what’s already offered, and continually trying to make your life better and help you to attain your weight loss goals.
Cost is only $27.95.  No shipping costs, of course.  After payment is completed, you’ll be directed to Complete Your Order.  Click there and you’ll immediately be able to download 52 Diets a Year in Adobe Acrobat format.

I’m also working to offer 52 Diets a Year in other formats.


The Common Patterns of Dieters

We’ve all seen countless folks who’ve started a diet and followed it religiously for a week or two, then started to “cheat” on it and after a spell, they’re hardly doing the new diet at all.  So, instead of cheating on that diet, toss it aside and start a new one.  You’ll NEVER get bored with your dieting.  Every week it’ll be something completely new.

If one of the diets is working for you and you want to stay with it, there are no rules – stay with it.  But, Don’t Cheat.  That’s the key!  You will definitely lose weight changing your diet plan each week to keep you motivated and reduce your frustrations losing weight.  Every week, you get to find the next diet that will work for you.

My FREE 52 Diets a Year Report will definitely help you get started.  Sign up in the upper right corner to receive my FREE Report.  If you don’t get it sent to your email promptly, check your SPAM folder.  If it’s not there, contact me directly via email, and I’ll be glad to send it to you.

I want you to succeed.  That’s the best news of all.  Do you want to lose 5 pounds?  10?  20?  50?  100?  More?  You can do it.  Today is as good a day to start as any.  I don’t care if it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas or Super Bowl Sunday or Halloween or a barbecue on Independence Day or a work lunch with friends or Sunday visits at mom’s home who loves to fatten you up.  You can and will lose weight.

It’s easier to lose 5 than 20.  No surprise there.  After you lose the weight you want, then we’ll work on keeping that weight off.  Like I just said, it’s far easier to lose 5 pounds than 20, but we’ll worry about that when you get where you want to be.

Next, if you don’t lose weight with 52 Diets A Year, don’t give up.  I’m not the only weight loss site in internetown.  I’m not the only book on the shelf.  I’m not the only friend you can talk to asking, “How did you do it?”  I’m not the only way to achieve your goal.  That’s the important thing.  I just hope to add at least a chapter or two to your weight loss goals.  That would be awesome!

To Your Success, Dave




I personally am glad to give a full 60 days refund.  I promise no hassles or problems.  That’s plenty of time for you to figure out if you’re even going to read and apply the book.  I know it’ll help you lose weight, but without commitment and application from you, absolutely nothing  will work.  60 days is more than enough time to see how 52 Diets a Year will work for you.  And, if it’s not going to better your life, I don’t want your money.  Just login to Clickbank for full refund





Thanks, and God’s blessings be with you, always and all ways, David Sterling













PS   (DISCLAIMER)  Everybody is different, so how their body reacts to the diets will also be different.  Likewise, some of you will really do the diets and some of you won’t.  Period.  So, I believe you can lose weight with this, but the results always vary for all the reasons

Likewise, yes, these two are very pretty people.  No, they didn’t lose weight using 52 Diets a Year.  They likely never wore pants that big at anytime in their lives.  Still, depending on however much weight you need to lose, their pictures show what is attainable using 52 Diets a Year.

You wanted truth in advertising?  Here it is.  Don’t be bluffed by hype, false claims, and most of all, incomplete stories.  (Do you really think Jared lost all that weight just eating Subway sandwiches everyday?  I’m sure the Subways helped a bunch.  Jared also exercised quite a bit.  Actually, I’m adding The Subway Diet to 52 Diets a Year.  Subway’s not lying, and my point is that you just have to be realistic.)

There are some diet plans that really do tell you the entire story.  I’m just one of many offering a way to lose weight that will help IF you stick to it.  That’s what it’s ALWAYS about – sticking to it.  But, unlike any other diet plan I’ve seen, you get to stick to 52 Diets by changing it every week.   The ‘stick to it’ never gets boring or tedious or burdensome.  If it becomes a burden and you find yourself cheating, start a different diet.  You can lose the weight.  Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t.  You can and will.



I’d love to hear from you.  Comments always welcome.  Email me at albedobooks@gmail.com.   To your dieting success, Dave





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