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From: Ivan and Ana, the Build N’ Burn Team

Dear Reader:

If you’re like most fitness-conscious women, you’re well aware of the dieter’s dilemma:

“How can I lose weight without feeling like I’m depriving myself or spending my whole life in the gym???”

On the surface, it seems logical enough.

Empty calories provide an instant gratification, almost like taking a drug. On the flip side, most of the cliché “diet foods” (salads, fish, fruit) can leave you feeling a little unsatisfied, to say the least.

Thanks to negative experiences with diet plans based on “deprivation,” thousands of women around the world give up on dieting every year.

With all these failures and so few successes, it’s no wonder that “good” and “good for you” are often viewed as polar opposites.

But The Truth Is, The Most Fit, Attractive,
Beautiful Women In The World DO NOT Starve
Themselves In The Way That Mainstream Diet
Programs Recommend!

In fact, almost NONE of the world’s most physically fit people rely on deprivation as their main dietary strategy.

Google the name of a popular female athlete, followed by the word “diet.” So, for example, “Hope Solo Diet.”

What you’ll find is that most of these athletes actually eat more calories a day than the average woman.

So, WHY is the ‘deprivation’ method the most common one recommended by dieting “experts”?

The answer is actually very simple:

The companies that sell diet programs based on MASSIVE calorie deficits don’t have your best interests at heart.

In most cases, they KNOW that you won’t last on these kinds of diets, which only makes you that much easier to sell MORE ridiculous diet programs to in the future.

It might sound like a conspiracy, but it’s true!

Because the VAST majority of dietary science not only refutes the claim that starvation dieting works, it actually
suggests that almost the “opposite” method is what really works.

It’s a lesson that my partner, Ivan and I learned firsthand as leaders of one of North America’s hottest women’s fitness bootcamps.

How Becoming A Personal Trainer Made Me Realize
The TRUTH About Nutrition And Dieting

It’s Ana and Ivan.

We’re the founders of Build My Body Beautiful, one of Toronto’s most successful and popular personal training and fitness bootcamp companies.

At Build My Body Beautiful, we get RESULTS, and we have the testimonials to prove it:

Video Testimonials

The reason we’re so successful is, we’re absolutely NUTS for fitness.

But it wasn’t our own success that made us want to become personal trainers, it was our DISGUST at seeing how most ‘mainstream’ companies approached fitness.

I remember a conversation I had with Ivan shortly before we founded our company.
“You know Ana” he said to me, “ever notice that these fad diets you see every year have absolutely NOTHING to do with how ACTUAL fit people eat or train?”

“Yeah” I replied. “Their methods seem to rely on basically forcing you to eat disgusting foods… Either that or they’re completely unbalanced, forcing you to eat absurdly low levels of carbs, or tons of carbs but no fat.”

“I really think that if we’re going to start a personal training business, we should make it part of our mission to teach women what really works… Not this fad diet bullshit.”

And that’s what we did.

Quite frankly, the results SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES:

I can’t believe it! I lost 20lbs in just 10 weeks! And I fit into the same size jeans I wore in highschool!!!
I have NEVER worked out before or cared about my diet. Over time this caught up with me (when I turned 30) and eating whatever I wanted with lack of exercise caused weight gain over just a few years (I went from 130-135lbs to over 150lbs). Ana put me on a very manageable nutrition program (she has these “cheat days” included which makes it much better) and I came to her bootcamp twice a week. She was super patient with helping me and other beginners as well. She motivated me to stay on track and just “trust the process” she would say. She was 100% right. I can’t believe how much my body has changed. I look better (and feel better) then I have in my whole life! Now my weight goes from 128 to 130lbs. Ana is the best.
Submitted by Sarmitha

I started working out with Ana in her bootcamp, I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the classes. I loved it so much that I also hired Ana to be my personal trainer for a few months.
The results were amazing! I was never really “fat” but more bloated and un-toned. With Ana’s help I changed my eating habits, which reduced the bloating, and the fat burning exercises and toning classes really toned up my stomach, back, and butt. Ana is always to positive and encouraging that it makes working out fun and something that I look forward to. On top of all that, I made a new friend! Thanks Ana!

Submitted by JG

OK, take a deep breath:

The real secret to lasting weight loss and body sculpting is not calories alone, but the RATIO of PROTEIN to calories in the food you consume.

Now, bear with us, because we know what you’re probably thinking.

“Isn’t it mostly just bodybuilders who obsess over protein?”

Well… yes.

But the truth is, EVERYBODY should be concerned with the level of protein in their diet, no matter WHAT kind of physique they’re going for, because it’s really your muscle tone that determines how you look, more than anything else.

The bad news is, without the proper advice and guidance, eating right is hard. Not in the sense that you need to force yourself to eat bland foods or anything like that, but in the sense that discerning the good advice from the bad is often harder than it seems.

“The Build N’ Burn Recipes” is a recipe book unlike any other you’ve read.

It’s not a dieting guide.

It’s not (just) a list of recipes.

It’s a comprehensive nutrition program designed to help you increase the rate of protein to calories in your diet, for a leaner, sexier, more feminine physique.

This is a book that took us6 months to write.

But in fact, the process of CREATING it took much longer than that.

Because the advice in this book DID NOT come from a textbook.

Instead, it came from EXPERIENCE:

Our own experiences as professional athletes.
The experiences of the women in our bootcamps.
The experiences of all the friends and family members who helped us out with the program.
It’s the product ofrigorously testing what works and what doesn’t, in helping women achieve their weight loss goals.

Separate recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the little known facts about body sculpting is that WHEN you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat. Our guide shows you what to each for EACH MEAL OF THE DAY, so you’re never in doubt.

All about portions. Why you can actually EAT A TON OF GREAT FOOD and STILL lose weight!

The secret of protein. It’s NOT just for bodybuilders and male athletes, it’s for ANYONE who wants to not just lose weight, but also sculpt their body to look the best it possibly can!

More than a dozen great, high-protein, low-calorie lunch dishes. Our lunch options have been chosen for how much our bootcamp students liked them, and how good a calorie ratio they have. They include dishes like chicken shawarma wraps, chicken salads and other delicious meals that’ll make you wonder how eating so good can be so healthy!

Tasty dinner meals. Around dinner time, we recommend a shift to a lower carb and higher essential fat intake. We made our dinner dishes with that principle in mind, bunless burgers, poultry dishes and more.

Delicious and easy snack recipes. Between-meal treats that are LOADED with protein and TASTE great, PERFECT for the office or between workouts.

Recipes for HEALTHY CARB FREE DESSERTS.Yes, you CAN enjoy bread, buns and muffins without gobbling up a boat load of carbs. Our delicious and easy-to-make carb-free bread recipes show you exactly how to do it.

Plus more than 30 other recipes and dietary tricks that will help you lose weight faster than you ever thought possible while building a BEAUTIFUL, SEXY body that’s SHAPELY as well as lean.

“I have had many people compliment me on my weight loss (read inches lost and muscles gained!) and I have to say that I just didn’t think there was that huge of a difference…until today! When I looked at my before and after pictures, I am amazed!! I am not one to give testimonials ordinarily, however I couldn’t have got to where I am today (8 inches and 14% bf lost) without your kickass exercises and nutrition plan! You have literally changed my life!! I went from couch potato to working out 4 times/week and eating healthy.

I have even dragged my husband along on this ride and I can see the changes in him too.

I don’t have the words to thank you enough for all that you did for me…but thank you for everything”

Order Now
Our recipe book is based on the exact same dietary principles we teach our boot camp students.
If their results are any indication, you can lose up to 10 pounds a week just by following these recipes and sticking to the diet plan we recommend.

To sign up as a Build My Body Beautiful Bootcamp student (in person training with me, Ivan and the other instructors, which includes gym training as well as nutritional advice) costs $159-$229, depending on the program, while a one on one consultation costs $95.

But to get access to the recipes and diet secrets in The Build N’ Burn Recipes, costs $97.89. BUT NOW IT’S ON SALE FOR JUST $27.97!!!

Plus, your ENTIRE purchase is covered under Clickbank’s legendary, super-generous, unprecedented 60 DAY money back guarantee. Which means that if for any reason, you decide you aren’t getting the value you expected from the book, you can simply contact us and say you aren’t satisfied, and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked!

The time to start losing weight and eating great is now!




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