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Red, Green or _Somewhere in Between..._

That the pain was too much last time, and that you didn't want to
risk it all, and put yourself out there again?

Or perhaps you decided you were comfortable with things, and that the
risks associated with change meant you would not bother?

Well just over four years ago I felt exactly the same way, that my
life was not worth living such was the extent of my broken heart. I
was devastated that the girl I thought I was going to marry, had
actually gone overseas with her ex, just six months after spending an
amazing round the world trip with me.

Yet as I write this today, just six weeks after my wedding with the
REAL true love of my life, I want to tell you that it has all been
worth it. That the person you seek really does exist, if you are
prepared to open your mind and realize the truth.

You see the good news is that everything you have ever wanted in
life, in personal relationships does exist, and it's within you right
now. In fact it's been there waiting inside you all along.

And it is my sincere, and utter hope, that real long term
unconditional love finally finds you. And I really believe it can, as
long as you are prepared to answer one question.

And it's a question so important, it goes to the entire purpose of
your life. And the question is


Hello old friend, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is
Mark Murphy, and I want to share a very important secret with you. You
see for nearly 25 years I was in a mostly unhappy long term
relationship. And when I finally found the courage to make a change, I
made the biggest mistake of all.

What did I do?

I did what everyone always says you should not do. I went straight
back into a new relationship and crashed through the floor when it
ended 18 months later. Sound familiar?

The fact is, I did what millions did before me, and no doubt millions
will again. I went straight back into a new relationship without
knowing who I truly was. Sure I fell in love and it was great, yet it
was doomed from the start once the _"honeymoon period"_ in the
relationship moved into the _"reality stage"_.

The fact was I had NOT done the work on myself. I didn't know then
that it was the 'thoughts' I was unknowingly dragging into these
relationships that were causing my relationships to fail.

I certainly was not 'self aware' enough to know if these subliminal
thoughts were in fact mine, or those inherited from other people in my
life. I realized I had no 'self check button' and would blurt things
out without really thinking. I would hurt the people I loved and when
things didn't work out, I would seek solace in alcohol to eliminate
the pain.

And so I began to think very deeply and started to ask why the
universe was throwing me all of this pain. The more I thought about it
I realized it was me, and the way I thought that was the cause of the
problem. And when I delved deeper, through some serious counseling
over a few years, I came to realize I was thinking thoughts that were
not really mine.

You see I was not living my truth, and because I had self esteem
issues, I felt I had to please so many other people. And the way I did
that was to largely conform to their thought patterns. I adopted
someone else's value systems, without really knowing those value
systems were flawed. Not only that, they were not in tune with my pure
internal source energy and feelings.

It was such a disconnect I became to I realize as I went through my
epiphany. This gap, between my true self and my ego were the reason I
was unhappy. And inadvertently I was dragging this unhappiness into
every relationship.

Fortunately I knew enough about the Universal Laws of Attraction,
where Like Attracts Like. And so from there, I simply put two and two
together and realized from this unhappy state, I could only every
attract unhappy people as well.

And so it was at this life changing time that I created the concept
of Red, Green or Somewhere in between - and it changed my life!


So after this deep seated time of inward thinking, I came to the
conclusion that there were basically three types of people in life.

Firstly there were RED people who were largely living a lie, a
falsehood. They had invented a story about who they are, largely to
protect their ego, for they are the arrogant ones, who are simply
never wrong. With a scratch the surface anger, no self check button
and self esteem issues REDs in simple terms are TAKERS. And most
importantly they have not TAKEN the time to reconcile their past.

REDS had never taken the time to answer the only question we are sent
here to truly answer. One question that should be every persons only
goal in life. And the question is _\"WHO AM I, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY,

What is my true source energy, what are the things that make me feel
good. Am I living my life so that I am connected to my inner core
spirit, the things that make me feel great? Or am I tip toeing around
people on egg shells because I am too scared I set off their scratch
the surface anger?

Am I afraid to _\"SHIFT MY THINKING\"_ and create a new world for
myself. Or to use a more dramatic example have you ever wondered why
people blow up innocent bystanders based on a religious interpretation
of something they really had no input into. Surely no one can feel
good when they do these things. These people are brainwashed arrogant
RED people, and all of the pain in the world comes from these people
who have not learned to think for themselves. And similarly, all of
the pain in relationships comes from RED people and the way they

So to get my idea across, using a river as an analogy, I decided that
these REDS were destined to live in the painful, turbulent RED rapids
upstream. A place that is never peaceful, where the rough and tumble
of their unreconciled thoughts throws them in every direction but
where they want to go.

And further, based on the universal _Laws of Attraction_, where it
has been proven countless times that_ Like attracts Like_, then the
only possible person they could attract to them must be RED! People in
the GREEN billabongs of peace downstream would not have a bar of them!

And when I thought about why my relationships had failed, it was
largely because I was a RED attracting another REDS, and we never had
a chance from the start.

My relationships were a falsehood, and as soon as _"honeymoon phase
ended"_ and the_ "reality stage"_ kicked in, my old faithful RED
habits were certain to passively and aggressively destroy them.

And so the more I thought deeply about this, I became convinced there
must be another end to this stick, and of course there was, it was the
land of the noble GREENS.

The beautiful, loving, caring GREEN souls who swam in peace, in the
tranquil GREEN billabongs at the other end of the river. Billabongs
full of forgiveness, unconditional love, reconciled pasts and
happiness. And if it was going to take me a lifetime I was going to
make it to this place. For I knew deep in my heart, to attract my
beautiful GREEN soul mate, I indeed had no other choice but to become
GREEN GIVING person myself.


I now know that the reason the two critical relationships I was
involved in had failed was because in both cases, I was out and out
RED. And the only other colour I could possibly attract, based on the
universal Laws of Attraction where 'Like attracts Like,' was in fact

So in order to attract a GREEN loving partner I had to become GREEN
myself. I knew that by the same universal laws, GREENS could only ever
attract one other colour, and that of course is GREEN! I now am proud
to say I am a member of the GREEN people who reside in the GREEN
billabongs of peace, rather than upstream where the turbulent RED
rapids of pain hurt people every day. It is my real hope that more and
more people become GREEN and join the millions of other happy people
in relationships the world over.

So Are You Red, Green or _Somewhere In Between?_

In my new book _"Red, Green or Somewhere in Between"_ I have
developed a 100 point test, so you can determine what colour you are
right now. And I sincerely hope it may just be the catalyst, to help
you assess where you want to go, or at least make you think before you
jump headlong into another potentially doomed relationship.

The book you see, is a road map, that I believe can turn anyone from
RED to GREEN, and end all of the pain in their life. To help people
understand that so many of the thoughts they think are not actually
theirs, that they have probably inherited them often from the RED
people closest to them.

Preconditioned, inherited value systems, often based on culture,
religion, family traditions that are causing them, and others, a world
of hurt. And all of this can go away if they followed the ideas I have
put forward, BEFORE they enter their next new relationship. You see we
were ALL born GREEN, the question is who and what made you think the
RED thoughts you have inside you?


What price would you put on eternal bliss and happiness. I can tell
you that in my search for it, I lost nearly everything I had. That is
what it cost me, however if you buy my book I guarantee that it will
cost you a whole lot less.

It is my sincere hope that you realize that life is simply too short
to have it filled with pain, loneliness and fear. Everything you need
to know to attract a warm, sensitive, kind, honest, loving and
forgiving soul mate resides in the pages of _Red Green or Somewhere in

And so for the small price of $24.95 I will send you the full
unedited version. As a bonus I will include the Colour Test (Valued at
$19.95) for free.

I truly believe my book can help you find that loving relationship
I know you desire and deserve... And so my promise to you is this:

Take 60 days to read, learn and apply what you learn in _Red, Green
or Somewhere in Between_ and if you're not happy, or it doesn't live
up to your expectations then the book (and the bonus colour test) is
yours for free. Just let me know and I'll promptly refund your money.
Is that fair?

RED, GREEN OR SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN is delivered to you in *.pdf
format so you can start reading it immediately on your computer,
tablet or mobile device. You'll need 2Mb of available space.

Click the button below to order through our secure server at
Clickbank. You will receive my book immediately upon completion of
purchase. Just $24.95 and it includes the colour test (valued at
19.95) free.

"If you are in the business of changing your life then you must read

_"In a crowded marketplace of self development and learning books
Red Green sets itself apart as a simple, realistic and __clear path to
emotional freedom_.

It takes courage to change course in life. THIS BOOK CAN SET YOU ON A
UNCONDITIONALLY, leave judgment at the front gate and more importantly
open up on whole new world and a new and real way to love, communicate
and interact with everyone in your life. If you are in the business of
changing your life then you must read it."

- Floyd Nangreave - Melbourne, Australia


The book is relevant to us all as I believe we all have at least a
bit of "redness" in us that needs to be eradicated. Everybody has
issues and it is amazing the number of people out there that think
they do not need fixing - I guess it's a matter of degrees. The method
you espouse in the book leads to creating possibilities that can be
achieved through following the road map which is a very powerful life
enriching tool to gain access to."

- Glen Rodgers
Melbourne, Australia


"Congratulations Mark on not only penning such a deeply personal
journey, but one that can inspire others to challenge their own
perceptions of what it takes to truly relate to those around us and
form meaningful relationships.

Whether we be red, green or somewhere in between may we all be
fortunate enough to find happiness, such as you have. A great read and
a good on you for having the confidence to put it out there!"

- Annette Maloney

Yes I am doing this to sell books, make some money and send my kids
through school and I make no apology for that. But far more
importantly I want to turn the world GREEN for my children, and
children the world over. To quote a bit of John Lennon, _"I hope
someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one"_

If the world started without a plan, with a pain lineage that goes
back to the dark ages, it is my sincere hope that you can help me turn
the planet GREEN. And in the process find everything you want as you
surround yourself with the most beautiful, kind and compassionate
people on the planet.

Your friend,


P.S. I know I can help you, but you must be willing to do the work on
yourself to get the relationship you truly desire. My book shows you
the path you've been missing, and the steps you've been stumbling over
so you CAN find that relationship you so badly want. Remember the 100
point colour test is included free for the first 100 people to claim
their copy.

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