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Payment options (cancel at anytime) Monthly Membership : $10.00 USD – monthly

Be a FLOW member and answer YES to these questions.

Do you want to have a NEW program each MONTH and never be bored?

Do you want the FEELING of being PERSONALLY trained but at fraction  of the price?

Do you want to be the FITTEST you can be?

Do you want the dedication and drive to achieve anything you WANT?

Do you want to be truly HEALTHY inside and out?

If you answer YES. Then welcome to the beginning


$10 per month (£6.60-€7.70 depending on exchange rate)

DVD (45/60mins) every MONTH full of these.
New routine/Program will be available for you. UNIQUE new exercise you have never seen before Breathing awareness exercises Alignment/Posture awareness Emotional and mental balancing exercises. Habit breaking exercises Recommend watching and reading Link with the members area on Facebook

Payment options (cancel at anytime) Monthly Membership : $10.00 USD – monthly

The benefit of having a regular change of routine will keep you MOTIVATED to achieve balance of mind and body. This is another key to health. This package will give you this and more.

My aim:

I have designed this method to give YOU the closest similarity to personal training  and make it accessible and affordable to a larger number of people. Dedication is a key aspect of achieving health. Regular contact  will give you the dedication to achieve a balanced health and much, much more.

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