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Take care of your Financial Future!

If You Really Want a Change in Your Trading Results, You MUST Change What You are DOING!

Professional Trend Trading with only one Goal: Financial Independence!


Dear Trader and Investor,

90 % of all Traders and Investors lose every year their hard earned money and only 10 % make Money!

What seperates the 10 % winners from the 90 % losers?

It’s what they are doing! The winners do other things than the losers! It’s so simple!


First of all I tell you what successful and Professional Trend Traders DO NOT do:

They don’t buy Low and sell High. They are not bottom fishers. They do not predict what happens next. They don’t read all the famous financial newspapers with all the different opinions. The financial and economic news will not put profits in your pockets. They don’t watch the TV with all the so-called experts telling them to buy stock ABC, only to see this wonderful stock going down more and more day after day. The worst thing that can happen to you is, that they talk you out of your biggest winners. They don’t listen to the 6 o’clock radio news, telling them that the Nasdaq is up 40 points or down 30 points. They don’t listen to the advice of brokers and analysts. Between your own interests and the interests of your brokers and all the analysts is a permanent conflict of interest. They avoid Daytrading and Penny Stocks (stocks below $5) under all circumstances. Buying stocks at 10 am and selling at 11 am is only a good idea, if you want to make your broker rich. The most daytraders and penny stock traders sit all day long infront of 4, 6 and even 8 monitors, watching tiny stocks going up 12 cent or down 18 cent. Is that the life you really want? Daytrading in general and/or daytrading in combination with penny stocks is the fastest way to lose your hard earned money, and not alone do you lose fast money, besides that you ruin your health with this kind of trading. You get bad eyes, and you die earlier due to all the stress involved with this trading style. I really can’t recommend this form of gambling! They don’t waste their time with poring over balance sheets, earnings reports, financial statments etc. The stock market has its own rules. Stocks with the best fundamentals can go down 70 %, and stocks without earnings can go up 500 %. Future expectations count more than current earnings. With all the fundamental informations you will not make money. They don’t jump from one trading system or method to another, if they have a few losses. They don’t use their entire energy to search for the next fancy indicator, and they don’t start a never ending search for the Holy Grail of Trading. Understand: There is NO Holy Grail of Trading!


To become a successful and Professional Trend Trader you have to avoid all these bad habits! You must learn to trade consistently a professional and successful approach.

Everybody has the same chances to become a successful and financial independent trader!


The Stock Market DOES NOT care…

who you are and what you are. if you wear a three-piece suit or shorts and a t-shirt. if you have a MBA or PhD from Harvard, Yale or Princeton. if you work every day up to 14 hours to do stock research and to stay in touch with all the financial news. if you visit expensive seminars or spend thousands of dollars for buying overpriced trading systems. if  you lose $500, $50.000 or your last shirt.


The stock market does not know that you exist, so don’t blame the market for your own mistakes and bad habits.

Don’t believe that the stock market pays you a salary, if you work hard enough. You can spend hours after hours studying financial statements and fundamentals, you can sit all day long infront of your computer and doing stock research, but all this is no guarantee that you ever make one Dollar with stock trading.

Everyone begins at zero in the stock market. You must learn to do the right things at the right time, and you will make money with stocks!

The only thing, that counts at Wall Street, is what you are doing:

- If you are doing the right things, and you make good decisions, then you make money.

- If you are doing the wrong things, and you make bad decisions, then you lose money.

Change right now what YOU are doing wrong and make money in the future!


 What is Professional Trend Trading?

Professional Trend Trading is buying stocks at the breakout point and selling weeks, months or years later at the breakdown point. Professional Trend Traders trade the trend until it ends and then cash in their profits. My goal is always to find, trade and manage the most powerful Growth Stocks with the potential to double, triple or quadruple over the next 2 – 12 months. The most money is made in trading the Big Moves. I call this Professional Trend Trading!


I tell you now exactly, what successful and Professional Trend Traders DO to make Money in the Stock Market:

They study the health of the general market. They always know if the general market is in an Uptrend, Downtrend or if the maket has the tendency to go Sideways. They research all the industry groups and sectors to find the strongest groups in a Bull Market and the weakest groups in a Bear Market. They seperate the handful of best acting stocks in an uptrend and the handful of worst acting stocks in a downtrend out of all these industry groups and sectors and 10,000 stocks available for trading at Wall Street. The task is to find the best of best stocks with the highest potential to become a Big Winner over the next weeks and months. They control their emotions and they follow rules. They go Long or Short at the right time. Even if they have the best or worst stocks, that doesn’t mean, that they can go Long or Short every day. They have to wait until the time is right to make their trade. They know with how much capital they have to go Long or Short. They know how to protect their capital if the stock doesn’t act like they expect it. They know when to sell their stocks to protect GAINS. They cut all losses quickly, and they let the Winners run. They don’t predict what happens next. They always have a plan and they trade their plan. They trade only the Price and Volume action of their stocks.


All that are the right things YOU should do consistently to you change your Trading Results from the Loss to the Gains column!

If you do all that consistently, then nothing can stop you to become a successful and Professional Trend Trader and you are very close to your Goal: Financial Independence!


Don’t Go It Alone…


Trend Trading or Momentum Trading has the ability to make you enormous yearly gains if it’s done right. But if it isn’t, your account will disappear faster than you could even imagine. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to try it alone. When you have the chance to make so much profit with Professional Trend Trading, the low cost of this Newsletter is a mere raindrop in the ocean compared to the long term profits you will make.

Let me do all the necessary „dirty“ work for you, that I have mentioned above!


Do you know that 3 x 25 % is 100 %!

Yes, that’s right. It only takes 3 stocks making you 25 % and you double your money!

Let me explain this to you with an example:

- You have $10,000 start capital

You make now a 25 % gain with trade #1:

$10,000 x 25 % = $2,500

- You have now a capital of $12,500 for your next trade

With trade #2 you make another 25 % gain:

$12,500 x 25 % = $3,125

- your trading capital is now $15,625

You are now ready to make trade #3 with a 25 % gain:

$15,625 x 25 % = $3,906

Your total trading capital after these 3 trades is now $19,531 and you have doubled your start capital. You made a 100 % gain.

Do you see for yourself that 3 x 25 % is equal to a 100 % gain! It’s the power of compounding and intelligent Trend Trading!


The Professional Trend Trader (PTT) is an All in One Newsletter!


The Professional Trend Trader (PTT) is the right choice for all serious Swing Traders, Position Traders and Investors, who want to trade consistently a successful and Professional Trend Trading approach. The Professional Trend Trader (PTT) covers everything YOU really need to know to do the right things in the market and to become a successful and independent Trader and Investor in the future. Change your trading style and make Money in the Stock Market!


“The Professional Trend Trader (PTT)” contains…


Main Components (Long Term Trend Trading)
Market Trend Report of the overall market defined by the Nasdaq Composite Index, S & P 500 Index and Dow Jones Industrials Index. From now on you are always on the Right Side of the market. Annotated Charts of the best and strongest industry groups/sectors in an Uptrend and the worst/weakest industry groups/sectors in a Downtrend. This includes Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Trading Opportunities. Long Positions: Annotated Charts of the best of the best Stocks out of these industry groups for Buying in a Bull Market. Short Positions: Annotated Charts of the weakest Stocks out of these industry groups for Short Selling in a brutal Bear Market. Exact Buy Points and Sell Points (Initial Stop Loss Points and Trailing Stop Loss Points) to protect your Capital and your Gains. The Current Portfolio of our Trend Trading positions. Trend Trading Watchlist with exact Buy and Sell Points.
Short Term Trend Trading Opportunities (Swing Trading)
The best stocks for Short Term Trend Trading (Swing Trading).
Winners between $5 and $10
Winning stocks in the $5 – $10 price range: I do not limit our profit potential only to the best high quality, high priced and liquid Growth Stocks above $10. From time to time we catch Winners between $5 and $10.
Additional Services
Breaking News Alerts whenever an important event happens, that has influence of our trading. Email Support: I answer all your questions about Professional Trend Trading in leading industry groups and stocks.


My name is Andreas Beck, I am a Trader, Investor and Entrepreneur. I live in Germany. I am the author and publisher of „The Professional Trend Trader“ (PTT).  I do professional trend trading all year long, year after year, and you can do that too. I am a serious, honest and helpful person. With the PTT and the additional Email Support I am always in touch with you. I don’t entertain you with daily action, with The Professional Trend Trader I try my best to hold your hands away from pushing all day long Buy and Sell Buttons and losing Money with Overtrading. Please base your future trading decisions on a successful and Professional Trend Trading approach! You need Discipline to follow rules and Patience to wait till the next profitable setup developes. From time to time the best trade is NO trade. Cash is a Position!

The most difficult part in Trading and Investing is the Psychological aspect besides Risk Management. In the PTT we use always protective stops, so your risk is limited. With the psychological part do I mean, that you have to control your emotions, you have to avoid greed and fear. Please do me one favor, no matter how big your EGO is, if you enter Wall Street you must let your EGO behind you, don’t fail or fall over your own EGO!

It’s absolutely crucial, that you follow a successful system or method and then stick with it, no matter what happens. Professional Trend Trading/Investing is a successful approach. All the greatest strock traders of all time like Jesse Livermore, Bernard Baruch, Gerald Loeb, Nicolas Darvas and William O’Neil accumulated Big Wealth with their own Professional Trend Trading method. So don’t worry, Trend Trading is in my opinion the only way to beat Wall Street and to become a successful and financial independent Trader/Investor.


Advantages of “The Professional Trend Trader”:

No daytrading, No high risk penny stock trading, No gambling and No stress. No fundamentals needed nor wanted, Price and Volume is ALL that matters in the stock market. We always cut our losses quickly, and we let our winners run until the Trend ends. The most money is made by trading the big moves. We trade the trend in high priced, high quality and liquid momentum/growth stocks. Unlike other Investment Publications, the PTT does not limit our trading opportunities only to stocks with good fundamental datas. If I would do that, we would miss the Biggest Winners at Wall Street. Remember what I told you earlier! The stock market has its own rules. Stocks without earnings and bad fundamentals can go up 500 %, and fundamental healthy stocks can go down 70 %. The PTT buys what goes UP and sells what goes DOWN, no matter how good or bad the fundamentals are! I don’t listen to all the noise around Wall Street. I am far away from Wall Street and I focus my view only to the action of our Charts. That’s only what really counts. Ideal for Traders and Investors with a day job. You don’t have to sit all day long infront of your Computer. The Professional Trend Trader (PTT) is doing all the hard Research work for you. We base our Long Term Trend Trading on weekly charts, and we focus our Short Term Trend Trading on daily charts. Don’t waste your time with intraday charts, and don’t waste your time with watching the intraday action. We trade the Big Picture! In the Trading Business you can easily OVER DO it. The stock market is not like any other business. The market doesn’t pay you for the time you invest in your Trading and Investing. The market pays you for doing the right and good Trading and Investing decisions. With a Professional Trend Trading strategy you can manage your trades in less than 1 hour a week, and YOU have enough time to enjoy your life away from the market. We don’t predict what happens next, we follow the Trend until it ends. We don’t try to pick bottoms, we buy High and sell Higher. We trade stocks that can double, triple or quadruple over the next 2 – 12 months. Don’t risk your hard earned money with daytrading, penny stocks or the “old dogs” without future growth potential.


The Professional Trend Trader (PTT) is a weekly newsletter published every Sunday and is delivered to you by Email in PDF format. I give you all the necessary informations to become a successful and Professional Trend Trader or Investor. I promise you, that I don’t give you pages full of worthless text. Annotated charts tell you more than thousand words. I am a real Trader and Investor, what I write in the PTT, that do I trade with my own money!

I provide you the best of the best food, but you have to eat by yourself!

What do I mean with that statement?

I give you the best of best informations and stocks to trade, but you must be strong enough to pull the trigger at the right time!

Here is an Example:

You sit on a 50 % gain with your stock and you read in „The Professional Trend Trader“ that you should trail your stop to $55, the current price is $60. Now you see that your stock goes down to $55, but you don’t sell it right there. A week later the stock is at $50 and you think that your stock goes back to $60, a week later the stock is at $45 and now you hope that your stock goes up again, 2 weeks later your stock is at $40 and now you pray that your stock makes new highs again. You look at your stock and you let a gain evaporate infront of your eyes. A paper profit is now up and away. Do not let that happen to you!

You must pray in the church on Sunday. In the stock market you have to act. Do Not Think, Do Not Hope and Do Not Pray, you have to pull the trigger at the right time! No ifs and buts!


Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
We are only interested in satisfied subscribers. If you are not satisfied with “The Professional Trend Trader”, we will give you a full Refund of your purchase within 60 days of your purchase, no questions asked! You can cancel your subscription at any time. I think that is a more than fair offer!


Remember the Headline of this letter, If You Really Want a Change in Your Trading Results, You MUST Change What You are DOING! Right now you are only two clicks away from a Professional Trend Trading approach!


If YOU have a strong Desire to become a successful Trader, and if you have a never ending Urge and Motivation to become financial independent in the future, then YOU have to act now:


Be strong and Pull the Trigger right now!


Subscription Cost is only $57 for the first month and $57 for future payments billed monthly!


Yours sincerely,

Andreas Beck
CEO of ANBE New Media GmbH

PS: I wish you all good trades and stay healthy!

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