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Dear Friend,

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

You’ve sent out tons of job applications and finally gotten the call for the job interview. You get excited because it’s your dream job and you know you have the qualifications and experience for it. You’ve got a good feeling about this…

Then you show up for the interview and it happens…

Sweaty palms.

Nervous laughter.

Butterflies in your stomach.

Your heart is racing and you feel the anxiety weighing on your chest.

The interviewer introduces himself and you manage to stumble out a greeting and awkwardly shake his hand… and then it goes even more downhill from there…

Stunned and confused, you walk out of the interview knowing you have no chance of getting offered the job. You ask yourself “How did I let this opportunity at my dream job slip out of my grasp?”

Tired of going to interview after interview with no job offers?

Job interviews are one of the few things in life almost each and every person on the planet will have to face at one point or another. They are also among the most difficult and stressful things a person has to go through in his or her life. But the results of which have a very significant impact on your life.

A successful interview can mean the difference between the struggles of unemployment: risking losing your house for missed mortgage payments, dodging collection agencies, scraping by on paltry unemployment benefits, not being able to provide your kids with books or toys OR having a roof over your head, enough food for a nice meal for dinner every evening, a secure future for your family and a relaxed retirement for yourself.

For such an important event as a job interview you should not leave it up to chance and hope that somehow you will be able to impress the interviewer. There is simply too much riding on getting a job or even moving up to another position in your company, for you to not be as prepared as you can be.

Now, what if I told you that job interviews didn’t have to be this stressful, panic inducing experience?

That in as little as 24 hours you can dramatically improve your chances of getting hired by learning how to demonstrate your value to interviewers and show that you have the necessary skills and qualifications to do the job.

The good news is being able to ace an interview really isn’t that difficult IF you know how to properly prepare for it. And that’s where The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide comes in.

If you’re willing to allocate a few short minutes and read this letter carefully… in its entirety, I promise this will be THE most important thing you’ll do all week, all month, maybe this year. What you’re about to learn WILL change the way you view job interviews forever!

At the time of writing this letter unemployment rates worldwide are at all time record high levels, economies are in recession and companies are barely hiring making it even that more difficult to get a job. Can you really afford to miss out on the opportunity to give yourself a clear competitive advantage over the other job seekers out there?

Here’s a sample of what you will discover:
How to turn job interviews into job offers How to put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and learn what he’s really looking for How to position yourself as the solution to the interviewer’s problems How to make the interviewer instantly like you How to feel more confident in the interview How to reveal your hidden strengths and skills How to demonstrate your value and have interviewers jumping to hire you Word for word answers to some of the most difficult and tricky questions asked in interviews The best questions to ask the interviewer to prove you are in tune to their needs How to ask for the job offer at the end of the interview
Are you ready? You’re about to learn the most powerful secret in the world of interviews… the one secret the vast majority of job seekers aren’t aware of, putting you miles ahead of your competition. You’ll be offered perhaps the most outrageous, foolproof risk-free guarantee you’ve ever seen. And, I’ll extend to you an offer so desirable. So irresistible, you’ll simply be amazed.

In short, you’ll discover a complete step-by-step guide and proven formula, for dramatically improving your chances of getting hired in as little as 24 hours.

The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide is a comprehensive guide that teaches you exactly how to prepare AND what to say in a job interview that will give you the best possible chance of getting hired and getting the job you deserve.

The book contains proven techniques that you can master after reading, which will place you ahead of the hundreds of other interview candidates applying for the same position.

It shows you how to be a refreshing, stand out candidate, positioning you as the solution to the company’s problems and leave the interviewer jumping at the chance to make you an offer for the job.

Stop being turned down and start your dream job today!

Now don’t be fooled. You won’t be able to just read the book and put it on the shelf and say, “Well I read it and I have not gotten any job offers.” It will require some work on your part. But don’t  worry… the book contains techniques that you can put into practise immediately that will place you miles ahead of your competition. It’s something that you have to DO, and if you will do it, you’ll get tremendous results.

Let me ask you: Have you ever read books and articles on interviewing? But you still have not been able to be successful in your interviews? If you’re like most people, your answer is a resounding…


The problem is those books and articles just spewed out the same old general, generic information you hear everywhere. They don’t actually teach you WHAT to say and HOW to say it. Isn’t that right? How much money and hours have you spent trying to find help for your interviews? Too much…

How would you feel waking up each and every morning and heading off to a job you loved? Or realizing your most pressing financial problems had miraculously disappeared? How would that affect your personal life… and the life of those you cared for most? If you have children, how would it feel to be able to provide for them without counting pennies? Or have the financial freedom to take vacations and spend more time with them? What if you didn’t have to worry about retirement because you have a great job offering you a generous retirement and pension package? Imagine how satisfied you will feel when people ask you what you do for a living and you can proudly tell them about your career.

For many job seekers this is a dream. It’s a matter of, ‘IF ONLY‘. But it doesn’t have to be for you. Not now that you’re reading this, and you have a choice to do something about it.

Before I go on there is one thing I have to be very clear about… This book is not the solution to your job search woes… not on its own.

Yes it is a great book but it focuses on the job interview stage of the job search and there is a whole lot more that goes on BEFORE your job interview. That’s where my Ultimate Job Seekers Package comes in (but more on this offer later)…

Discover the amazing winning secret to acing job interviews

The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide is built on the foundation of the real SECRET behind job interview success…


Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Preparation? Well that no secret! I prepare for my interviews and it still hasn’t helped!”

It may seem simple, and it is the single best way to nail an interview, but you need to take a structured approach to the preparation. The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide uses a 4 part step-by-step system to prepare for a job interview.

Getting prepared for your interview means preparing for a couple things:
Part 1 – Prepare with information about the employer you are interviewing with

This includes researching the following:
The job position The company The industry
Most of the job seekers out there do make an attempt at learning about the company they are interviewing for.

But The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide teaches you an easy shortcut on how to quickly research each of these with a handy printable, worksheet that is included. This worksheet will help you identify the absolutely critical information you need to know before you walk into the interview. You will be able to impress the interviewer right off the bat with your knowledge, giving you a leg up on those half-assed prepared candidates.
Part 2 – Prepare to talk about yourself and your accomplishments in your work and non-work life

Now while the last step may seem like a no brainer this step is where you can really set yourself apart.

You see this is where 99% of job seekers fail… They never take the time to understand themselves and learn about their strengths, their skills and what value they can add to companies. But you don’t fall into that category. You have already taken the first step towards separating yourself from the crowd by being able to provide the interviewer with detailed and in depth answers to his questions about your experience and qualifications.

Just like in the last step, I have included worksheets that will help you understand yourself like never before. It will help reveal your hidden strengths, highlight your qualifications, expand on your experience and outline your skills.

This eye opening exercise helps you recognise what job positions you are best suited to and are more likely to find satisfaction doing. And job interviewers LOVE candidates that match up with the vacancy they are trying to fill. Think about it, aren’t you more likely to do an excellent job if it’s something you truly enjoy?
Part 3 – Prepare for interview questions

You now have all the information you need to wow the interviewer but… how do you share that information with him? How can you demonstrate that you are the right person for the job?

I have included over 150 sample interview questions AND answers for you to follow. Answers that are designed for today’s tough interviewers…Answers that will have you telling the interviewer exactly what they want to hear… Answers that will get you hired!

By using The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide you will be giving yourself the advantage of being poised, professional and self-confident. With over 150 questions and answers you can be prepared for ANY type of question the interview may throw at you.

Each sample question is followed by a brief discussion about what the purpose of the question is and what the interviewer is looking for. We also give you what NOT to say, so you can learn from your mistakes as to what went wrong if you ever used any of those answers in your previous interviews. Then we give you the model answer to follow, where it is simply a case of “filling in the blanks” with your own experience and skills.

The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide includes the following question and answers sections, making it easy for you to quickly find the questions that trouble you the most:
First questions– I can guarantee the majority of these questions are asked in EVERY interview and the better you answer these questions the better the rest of your interview will be. So set the tone for a successful interview by impressing the interviewer right off the bat with the prepared answers included. Work experience questions– Are you ready to give detailed and specific examples of your work experience? You would have already done the prep work to discover more about yourself so the next step is learning how to package that information in a way that shows the interviewer your value. By giving detailed information, without having to scratch your head and think, the interviewer will be more comfortable that you can handle the duties of the position. You will also be perceived as confident, knowledgeable and experienced. Education questions– For new graduates, with little to no work experience, this section is invaluable. It teaches you how you can show the interviewer that you are able to successfully transfer your skills from the school environment to the workplace, making you much more attractive to the employer than your peers. Tricky questions– Interviewers like to throw in tough questions to see how you handle the pressure. Imagine the response when you can calmly and coolly answer a tricky question with a smile on your face. Now most candidates would be reduced to a blubbering, nervous wreck when faced with these questions but not you. You know exactly what to say to give the employer what they are looking for. Salary questions– This is probably one of the most difficult parts of an interview but this guide shows you how to handle these questions AND how to negotiate the best salary possible – a salary you deserve. Inappropriate questions – There are some questions that are inappropriate, even illegal to ask during an interview and being prepared to handle these questions without losing your cool could be the difference between being hired and being passed over. Don’t mess up the perfect job opportunity by getting flustered with one of these questions.
Part 4 – Prepare to ask questions of your own

Every interview will end by the interviewer asking you if you have any questions and guess what… your answer better be hell yes!

The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide includes 21 questions that you can ask that impress the interviewer by:
Showing your interest and enthusiasm for the job Demonstrating that you are in tune to interviewer’s needs and are in fact the solution to his problems
But these questions also serve to inform you. How many horror stories have you heard about persons joining a company and then leaving in a matter of months? They usually are shocked when they get hired to learn how things really work and can’t last very long in a job that doesn’t suit them.

Asking these questions not only helps impress the interviewer but will also benefit you by ensuring that the job is in fact a good fit for you.

So there you have it, the quickest and easiest way for you to succeed in job interviews. It may seem simple but following this strategy will allow you to showcase your skills in a way that proves you have the qualifications to excel at the job. But there is one more important bonus: All of this preparation leads to something unexpectedly wonderful – relaxation.

That’s right. You can actually go into an interview feeling confident, relaxed and in control. When you are relaxed, you will perform better. You will be able to answer all of the interviewers’ questions with ease and finesse, while coming across as natural and personable. You will really let your true self shine through.

Here’s my offer to you – The Ultimate Job Seekers Package

First and foremost, you’ll get the core of the package - The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide, which will teach you a step by step, word for word system on how you can dramatically improve your chances of getting hired in as little as 24 hours.

But this guide focuses on just the interview, your job search is much more than just about the interview and that’s where these EIGHT special bonuses come in. These FREE bonuses will help you get to that crucial interview step.

Special Free Bonus Bundle #1 –Job Hunting 101 (combined $80 value)
Quick start job hunting Job hunter’s handbook How to get the perfect job

This job hunting bundle contains three guides that outline step by step everything you need to do in your job search to maximise your chance of getting called in for an interview.

Special Free Bonus Bundle #2 – Interview Getting Resumes & Cover Letters (combined $77 value)
A Professional Approach to Resumes & Cover Letters
You’re hired – The secret to killer cover letters that get you the job

These are two of THE best resume and cover letter writing guides I have ever read. These two guides outline exactly what you need to say in your resumes and cover letters that will have companies inviting you for interviews.

Special Free Bonus Bundle #3 – Self Development (combined $73 value)
Body Language Discover and Learn how to read body language - So much of our message is conveyed through our body language and this quick guide helps you learn how to conduct yourself to send the right message to the interviewer. How to make your attitude your ally - A job search can be discouraging at times and it is so important you keep a positive attitude. This short guide will help you maintain the enthusiasm in the job search and convey that enthusiasm in the interview. Negotiating essentials - Negotiating is an essential part of not just interviews but life, and this 100 page e-book outlines several situations, including a job offer or salary negotiations and how to handle them.
The Ultimate Job See ker’s package is designed to be your one-stop shop for everything relating to your job search:
How to find the perfect job for you Discover hidden job openings How to fill out job applications How to write interview getting resumes and cover letters How to turn job interviews into job offers How to put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and learn what he’s really looking for How to position yourself as the solution to the interviewer’s problems How to make the interviewer instantly like you How to feel more confident in the interview How to demonstrate your value and have interviewers jumping to hire you Word for word answers to some of the most difficult and tricky questions asked in interviews The best questions to ask the interviewer to prove you are in tune to their needs How to ask for the job offer at the end of the interview

So there you have it, The Ultimate Job Seeker’s package - over $300 worth of guides, covering absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know and do to get the job you deserve.

And for a limited time only, order The Ultimate Job Seeker’s package today for only…

A small one time investment of $149 $99!

That’s right you save 70% on the value of this package but I am only extending this introductory offer for a short time…

Why am I offering this great value package at such a deep discount? It’s simple, you see I want a large number of people to get this package, apply the techniques outlined and then send me their success stories about how it completely changed their approach to interviews – and their lives as they finally getting started at their dream jobs.

Before you can purchase this package at $99, I’ll need you to make a promise: Promise that you’ll send me an honest testimonial about the guide when you’re done with it. That’s all I’m asking of you in exchange for this massive discount. (This offer will only last until I get all the testimonials I’m looking for… after that I will be raising the price).

My Ironclad Money Back Guarantee – No Risk To You

You know as well as I do, 90% of self help and success books and manuals are NOT read and even less likely to be applied. It’s simple, if you don’t apply the techniques you will learn in the guide your interview skills will not improve. So here is my guarantee:

Take a full 60 days to put The Ultimate Job Seeker’s package in action in your job search, by which time you should already be reaping the rewards.

If in 60 days time (or anytime beforehand), you’re not 100% certain that The Ultimate Job Seeker’s package will pay for itself many times over with your new job and improved salary, simply let me know and I’ll refund the entire cost of the package, no questions asked, PLUS
I’ll Let You Keep The 8 Free Bonuses – Worth Over $200!

Even if you ask for a refund. Think of it as a gift. So if you…

Give the techniques, ideas and strategies in The Complete Job Interview Answers Guide an honest try and during the next 60 days you’re not completely happy with the results it’s bringing you, I want… no, I insist that you ask for, and get all your money back… no fuss, no hassles.

If you follow the steps outlined… and it fails you… I don’t want to keep your money. Just send me a quick email: mike@job-interview-answers-guide.com, telling us you gave it a fair shot.

So what do you have to lose?

Nothing. Not with my better than risk free guarantee. Use the guide and get started on your way to your dream job. You be the sole judge and jury. If you have read this far, you know you need this information, otherwise you would have stopped reading. Go ahead. Make the decision. You won’t regret it.

What To Do Next

Simply click the button below to be taken to a Secure Order Page and enter your details. You will be taken to a download page to be given instant access (the guides are in .pdf format so you will need the free Adobe Reader to be able to use them) to the The Ultimate Job Seeker’s package, so you can start to dramatically improve your chances of getting hired immediately!




Mike Budding

PS. When I get the testimonials I need, I’m going to push the price back up to $149, without a doubt. I honestly don’t know when that will be but given past experience, the testimonials are likely to pour in quickly. So don’t miss out… grab your copy immediately.

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