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Learn to Trade Forex From Home
Comprehensive Course - Daily Lessons - Full Support from Real Traders

NO Previous Trading Experience Required.
Simple easy-to-understand fully-explained logic.
Daily Lessons and  and Full 1-On-1 Support
Cast Iron Money Back Guarantee

Become a Successful Forex Trader - NO RISK TRIAL

Get full access to 250 pages of Proven, easy to understand strategies, daily lessons and best trade set-ups and full support. Spaces are LIMITED so subsribe today for just $99.00 and try our methods RISK FREE

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Forex trading is a learned skill and offers anyone, the opportunity to make a great second income from home but where there is opportunity, there is also risk. To become a successful Forex trader, you need the RIGHT education and mindset to win. Our  comprehensive training course and 1-on-1 support is designed to help you learn the skills needed top trade like a pro.

Best Strategies for Forex Trading Success

We will teach you the basics, of trading Forex for profit, even if you have never traded before and see the profit potential for yourself.

You can learn our strategies and watch us, trade them in real time and contact us at anytime with questions or queries as you learn. With our satisfaction guarantee, you have everything to gain and NOTHING to lose. You can follow our course for 60 days and at anytime in this period, you feel our education can't help you become a succesful Forex trader from home - we will refund the cost of  our course in full - No questions asked.

The ONLY Way to Trade Currencies Successfully

The fact is over 90% of traders lose money trading Forex but this isn't because they can't learn to win. The reason they lose is - because they either make no effort and think they can get rich following others or they simply get the wrong education.

The Secret of Forex Trading Success Revealed

The Fact is 90% of ALL Traders lose money trading Forex and always will. This may strike many people as strange because:

Despite all the advances in technology we have seen over the last 30 years, the ratio of losers remains the same so why is this?

The Reason is SIMPLE The key to making profits is NOT to complicate your trading - but to have a simple trading system which is flexible, you understand and can trade with confidence and disicpline.

A Simple Proven Trading System

Forex trading is all about working smart not hard so lets look, at the potential of trading global currency markets for profit.

The Story of the Turtles...
Two Weeks Training and a $300 Million Profit!

To Prove ANYONE could learn to trade, Millionaire trader Richard Dennis conducted the "Turtle Experiment". Dennis chose a group of people, with no trading experience which included - a security guard, a lady auditor and a kid who had just left high school, to name just three of the group and then set about turning them into successful traders.

Dennis taught them to trade in just two weeks and then let them trade his system - so what results did they achieve?

They made over $300 million and became trading legends. Dennis had proved, you only need a SIMPLE System to win and a winning system, could be learned quickly by ANYONE regardless of - age, sex or academic ability.

Dennis knew, you had to UNDERSTAND a system to trade it with discpline. He therefore showed the traders, EXACTLY how the system worked so they would have confidence in its profit making ability and could therfore follow it with discipline.

Trading Forex the RIGHT Way

The Turtle experiment showed, that the way to make BIG profits trading the markets is to have a simple method which you undersand and have confidence in.

The Turtle experiment is one of the most famous trading experiements of all time and proved trading was a specifically learned skill.

While not everyone, will become a successful trader - the Turtle experiment PROVED anyone has the potential to win.

The Turtles only used a simple system but followed it, with discipline and achieved stunning gains. Understanding how and why, a trading system works is  vital in terms of trading discipline. You need to have the confidence to cut losing trades quickly  and then, run profits to cover losses and if you do this, you have the potential to make profits over the longer term.

Forget about following signal services, robots and sure fire trading systems - they don't work. We will TEACH you simple, methods you can have confidence in so you can learn,  to become a confident and successful Forex trader from home...

Simple and Powerful Strategies What our Buyers Say....


Just like to say a big thank you for providing such an awesome course!  Your methods have made a real difference to the way I am trading. There simple and easy to understand and I am not trading with real confidence in my ability. The daily currency analysis you provide on your website has been very helpful and enjoyable to read and the support is first class. Thanks to your help and support. My thanks to all the team.

Yusef G London UK

Your completely different regarding Your reading of the charts, its simple and easy to understand  and the the complete opposite of the so called scientific indicators like Fibonacci which most traders are fixated on and lose with. You keep it simple and the vibrations or the frequencies coming from your reading of the charts are excellent. Your methods are simple, cut out confusion and give a clear view on whats really going on behind the charts. And best of all: The methods if applied with discipline can be very profitable.
Mathias D - CTA Florida USA

Get the Best Forex Training
Learn from our 25 Years of Trading Experience

Our methods are - proven, easy to understand and have confidence in. We will teach them to you and the logic their based on so you know EXACTLY, how and why the method works. This will give you the confidence to trade the method with discipline.

Thousands of new and inexperienced traders are charged hundreds, even thousands of dollars by  self-proclaimed experts for mechanical buy-and-sell signal systems which they claim will generate profits without you making any effort but they DON'T work.

In ANY business you do, you need to work and learn skills but the great news about Forex is You can learn the basics and a simple system whcih has the potential to make profits quickly.

How Professional Traders Make Big Profits and You Can Too!

The professional trader uses a simple system focused on trading PRICE ACTION which is flexible and adaptable to different trading conditions. They DON'T clutter their strategy with too many indicators. They also don't try and predict where prices might go - they simply respond to market changes in price action. Indicators have their place in FOREX trading but they're a back up - NOT a leading indicator - price action IS.

Novice and Losing Traders Day Trade Pro Traders Follow Longer Term Trends

Most new traders want to scalp and day trade but ALL short term price movements are random and cannot be traded for profit. The world's top traders DONT scalp or day trade - so what method do they use to make money?

All the world's top traders follow long term trends for profit and the good news is - not only will you make bigger profits using this method - You will also spend less time on your trading. You can check your charts once or twice a day and that's it and your trading should take no more than 30 minutes a day, making it perfect as a second business. 

Our System can be used to trend follow big trends for weeks or months or can be used to swing trade shorter term moves, catching profits in a few days to a week.

A Complete Trading Plan For Success

We will teach you the skills you need to win and the PROVEN techniques we have used for over 25 years to make big profits and we will also, PROVE to you in real time that the techniques work. Each day, you will see us trade the method in real time, in our members centre so you can judge the profit potential for Yourself.

We will give you total support with any questions or queries as you learn to trade, with dedicated 1-to-1 support from experienced traders. Below find a summary of  the EDUCATION and support, you will get from us:
250 Pages of Proven Strategies and Wealth Building InfoDaily Members Centre with Updates on ALL Major Currencies and Cross RatesOpening and Closing Daily on Best Chart Set Ups
Weekly Review of All the BIG TrendsSpecial Situation Trade Alerts - Best Risk to Reward Trades as they ShapeRegular Forex Advice Tips and Video Tutorials

Our VBM Strategy
The Culmination of 25 Years Trading Experience

The VBM is simple flexible system for currency trading success:
Our system is designed to catch and hold long term trends which can last for weeks or longer. However, the system can also be used to trade shorter term to maximize your profit potential.

The system is designed to adapt to trading conditions; when big trends are present, focus on them but if the markets are trading sideways, you can still make big profits by swing-trading overbought and oversold currencies. A key to making money in FOREX is having confidence in your trading plan. Simply learn the logic of how it works and trade it with confidence - the logic of our system is fully explained so you know EXACTLY why it makes money! Why the VBM works:

The VBM system shows you how to take advantage of shifts in price momentum and velocity, near-important support and resistance points with advance warning of whether levels will hold or break, so you can position yourself to take advantage of the big trend changes which offer the best profit potential. The big advantage of the VBM is that there's no guessing, predicting or hoping where prices may go - the VBM gives you CONFIRMATION.

You Can Personalize It.

The VBM is NOT simply a mechanical number sequence system. YOU personalize it to suit your individual trading personality:

Use it to swing-trade short term trends. Use it to catch long-term trends. Use it to trade both methods.

All trades are MANUALLY approved for total risk control. Below are just some of the powerful and proven tools, you will discover from the VBM:

How to  Use a simple 5 step process to trade each currency.Learn which Currencies are set to offer the best trends with two little known indicators.How to track smart money commercial traders to enhance your own profit potential
How NOT to get stopped out to soon so you can ride the big trends.Why following conventional wisdom causes losses for most traders.
How to maximize profit potential, when trading the same currency as other traders.
Learn which Currencies are set to offer the best trends with two little known indicators.How to track smart money commercial traders to enhance your own profit potential
How NOT to get stopped out to soon so you can ride the big trends.Why following conventional wisdom causes losses for most traders.
How to maximize profit potential, when trading the same currency as other traders.Simple Contrary Trading Indicator to alert you to Big trend changes in advance
A Complete Step-By-Step Trading Plan to Help Lead You to Success

Get the Mindset of the Worlds Top Traders

To trade Forex you need to Have the right mindset to trade for big profits. 90% of traders always lose because they fail to trade with DISCIPLINE.

The Majority of traders lose because, they let losses run and cut their profits to soon. To win you need to cut losses and keep them small and also have the courage and confidence, to hold onto the BIG trends for Mega Profits and we will show you how.

You will learn everything you need to know, about getting the RIGHT mindset to trade Forex Successfully including:

Why following conventional wisdom causes losses for most traders.
 The key character traits Needed for Success and How to Acquire them
How to trade with Confidence and Discipline at all times How an understanding of the nature of water can help you gain the mindset of a winnerInside the minds of the great traders. Profiles of the world's millionaire traders and what you can learn from them

Buy Now! Become a Successful Forex Trader
Try Our Course RISK FREE

Get full access to 250 pages of proven strategies, daily lessons, best trade set ups and full support. So get our course today for just $99.00 and try our wealth Building course RISK FREE for 60 days.

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Why You Can Become An Independent and Successful Forex Trader from Home

Forex trading is a totally learned skill as we discussed earlier and our Trading Course offers you EVERYTHING You need in terms of a PROVEN Method, tips of constructing a trading plan to help you seek consistent profits and finally, tips on how to get the mindset of a winning trader.

We have all the Tools and Forex trading training you need, to learn to trade like a pro. If you have a desire to succeed and the motiavtion to learn, your all set to see, if you can become a successful trader from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you trade and if so how long?

A: Yes unlike many people selling strategies online were real traders. All our team has been trading for over 25 years and each day, we publish our view of the market so you can see how our system works.

Q: Can Anyone learn to trade Forex Successfully?

A: Of course. Everything about trading can be specifically learned. This was proved by Richard Dennis in 1983, when in just 14 days, he taught a group of people, to trade and they made hundreds of millions of dollars. I am not saying you will earn millions of course but its a fact - everyone has the potential to make profits trading Forex markets with the right mindset, training and education.

Q: I Notice you Don't Present a Track Record of Trades Why?

A: Because were not selling a signal service and furthermore, most vendors who present track records do so in hindsight – they simply run them over back data and make them up. This is misleading and also, all these systems say you have to do no work and as we have said – if you think your going to win at Forex and make no effort - do something else because you will lose at Forex trading.

Q: Can You Give Me Trading Success?

A: We can give you the knowledge and all you have to do is learn it which anyone can do. We don't give you trading success, you give it to yourself. Its a bit like studying for any profession, if you have a good teacher they can give you the information you need and help you achieve success but its up to you, to learn the information. We give you the Forex trading training and support and you learn from us but you actually give yourself success.

Q: There are lots of systems why would I Buy Yours?

A: Firstly, it’s logical, easy to understand, easy to apply and it works. Secondly, we are traders and we will help you with daily newsletters and a dedicated advisor to answer any queries you may have. Finally, it gives you a trading edge, by a unique blend of technical analysis and sentiment analysis to generate high odds trades.

Q: How Long Does your system take to apply?

A: It requires you to look at set ups once or twice a day and the system Should take you around 30 minutes daily to execute. Furthermore you can customize it, to take as much or as little risk as you wish.

Q: What Guarantee do I get it works?

A: You are taking our word that we can teach you to trade and you on the other hand have a right to your money back if we don’t deliver. We  provide you with 100% refund of your course fee - no questions asked, if you feel we have not delivered what we say in the first two months. We make every effort to help you achieve trading success and provide you with 280 pages of clear, concise course material on the strategy as well as daily and weekly updates and unlimited email support.

Get on the Road to Trading Success

If you have read this far, you will be serious about making profits from global currency markets and understand, the key to Forex trading success is to work smart NOT hard and get the right education.

We are traders and the methods we teach, can be learned by anyone in just a few weeks and while your learning, you will see the strategies traded in REAL time. by us so you can see the Profit potential for yourself.

You will also benefit from our dedicated support team, who are always on hand, to answer any questions and guide you, to becoming a successful Forex trader but you don't have to take our word for it - you can try our methods totally RISK FREE!
Our RISK FREE Guarantee Means:
You Have EVERYTHING to Gain and NOTHING to Lose

Order our system, read it and follow the updates. If within the first 60 days of purchase you decide that we haven't helped you become a better and more profitable trader, we will refund the cost of our course in FULL... No questions asked!

You Have NO-RISK, so order your course today!
Receive all of the above, including twice daily profit updates for 5 months:


Forex Trading Course - 3 Months Daily Training and Full Support

Only $99.00

With Our RISK-FREE Guarantee: You Have
Nothing to Lose, and Everything to Gain!

Order our system, read it and follow the updates. If within the first 60 days of purchase you decide that we haven't helped you become a better and more profitable trader, we will refund the cost of your course in FULL... No questions asked! So order your course today and 90 days of Daily updates today!

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If you need any help, please contact us at info@forextrainingforsuccess.co.uk [info@acceleratingwealths.com](mailto:info@acceleratingwealths.com)

Risk Warning: Forex trading is highly speculative and can lead to losses in excess of money deposited is highly specualtive by nature and only risk funds should be used. Our course is for educational purposes only and is under no circumsatances, a solicitation to buy or sell any currency or any other investment. You should always consult your professional financial advisor before making any speculative investments.

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