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Speed Training Exercises
that quickly develop faster muscles for:
Faster Running Speed, Stronger Kicks, Higher Jumps

On this site you will discover how to condition your muscles for speed and quickness like never before.

You Will Sprint Faster, Improve Quickness, Increase Running Speed, Power and Agility in just 14 days!... Guaranteed

If you want to know how to run faster, then use these revolutionary speed training exercises developed by muscle speed expert, Dr. Larry Van Such. They will quickly condition your muscles for greater speed and quickness...no matter what your age, fitness level, or current speed.

Is your workout program missing these important yet always ignored speed training exercises?

L et’s face it, there is nothing like flat out speed that will make a difference in a game or any competition. You've seen it; games are won and lost because of some player’s quickness and speed. Even athletic careers will be affected by how fast you are. There is no substitute for blazing speed to ignite your team, turn your game around, make the big play when it counts, or just have a great time.

That's why coaches and scouts look at a players speed first when looking for athletes with the most potential.

And There Is No Quicker And Simpler Way To Increase Your Speed Than With The AthleticQuickness Speed Training Exercise program.

Now we all know that there are all kinds of speed drills, practice equipment, training programs and theories about how to get faster. Every one has a technique or theory.

But, there is one thing you should understand and not forget.

That speed and quickness are not the same as strength and endurance and you won’t achieve great speed by only training for strength. Speed is not determined by just how strong your muscles are but also by how quickly they react and contract. You will need strength to carry you own weight and move against resistance. But once you have enough strength then any additional gains in speed will depend largely upon how fast your muscles will contract. The speed and quickness of your muscles is accomplished by conditioning your fast twitch muscles fibers.

Whatever your sport or athletic goals might be, if it is important to you to increase your running speed, and develop greater power and quickness then the Run Faster Speed Training Exercise Program is just the thing you've been looking for.

Maybe you are like many athletes today who are not performing as well as they could be because you have not been taught how to train your muscles in a way that conditions them specifically for speed.

Running Speed Determines
Performance Level

Think of what you could do if you could sprint faster and explode past your opponent.

You may have tried to get faster by using different agility drills or weight lifting routines for speed training and you may have been disappointed in the results.

But when you understand what makes muscles faster and know how to properly apply the right exercises to the correct muscles, you will have discovered how to make your muscles quicker and how to achieve the level of performance that you are actually capable of.

By ordering this program and doing the exercises described you will have all the tools you need for increased performance like you have never experienced before.

This training program shows you exactly how to condition the correct muscles and the specific fast twitch muscle fibers that are critical to explosive starts, improved running speed, quickness, and agility.

Fast Twitch Muscle fibers Are
Often Ignored

You see, most training programs are not designed to or capable of conditioning your fast twitch muscles fibers for explosive speed and quickness. That's because strength and endurance programs require a lot of time and effort to complete (often 45 minutes or longer) and this amount of time and effort is not conducive to speed as much as it is to strength and endurance. Exhaustive and lengthy workouts can cause your fast twitch fibers to ignore their natural ability to contract faster and start behaving more like slow twitch fibers.

In fact, once you start to exercise these specific muscle fibers the way we teach it, you will likely discover they have been underdeveloped, perhaps even totally ignored.

If you think you are fast now, just wait until you unlock the speed that fast twitch muscle fibers are capable of!

This remarkable exercise program is designed to do just one thing and it does it very well - target and condition your fast twitch muscle fibers for speed and quickness to raise your athletic performance to levels previously unmatched.

And it does this in a simple, easy to follow routine that anyone can do, practically anywhere and anytime, without costly equipment.

Have you heard of isometrics with the resistance band?

Performed the way we teach it, its all about conditioning the specific muscle fibers that cause your muscles to contract quickly and powerfully. This type of muscle conditioning will result in faster sprint times in any sport, which means being a better and faster athlete. You will surprise yourself and astonish your teammates and opponents!

Speed Is Critical In Almost All Sports

Whether your sport is football, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, track and field or any other sport that requires speed and agility training, you will be using the same principles acknowledged by top athletes to increase running speed, quickness and power, without the high cost of expensive equipment.

NFL wide Receiver, Taylor Price
"This program is the best way to get fast results in speed improvement that I have seen. After only two days of the 15 minute exercises I could feel a difference. I recommend it to anyone looking to run faster."

Taylor Price
New England Patriots
Jacksonville Jaguars
[[more speed results...]](reviews.html)

Track Star and Wide Receiver tries Run Faster program and now expects to blow right by any defender. "I was really skeptical at first so I'm glad I tried the Run Faster program, and I can't believe how much it worked!

Not only did all my times in track go down but also my 40 yard dash time in football which is big because that’s my main sport and I'm a receiver.

I have always been the fastest on the team but now people are not going to know what hit them. They could barely keep up with me last year, now I’m just going to blow right by them. I can kick the extra gear on the long pass and just out run everyone now.

I thank you guys for everything and I can’t wait to see how much faster I can get." Pete G. - NY
[[more speed results]](reviews.html)

"Yours is the ONLY program that has lived up to the hype and I've tried a lot of them. I was wary of the claims at first and even after trying the exercises the first time I wasn't sure but it didn't take long to find out how effective your program is.

My progress is mind boggling. I am 41 years old and have had several knee operations on both knees during the past 20 years or so. I like to run sprints to stay in shape and my best time, prior to the program, was 9.91 for 70 yds. Only 5 days after starting the program I ran 70 in 9.12 with a lot left (I think!).

My legs haven't felt like this since high school! I have hung around the Powerlifting world for many years and have seen a whole lot of 'Bigger, faster' programs that haven't done a thing. Your work is really something new and good."

B. Martin - Roberts, Idaho
[[more speed results]](reviews.html)

Works For All Age Groups And
Fitness Levels

This exercise training program, utilizing the dynamic properties of resistance bands, will show you how to train your muscles for speed and quickness in just 14 days, 15 minutes a day, simply, safely and effectively at your convenience, practically any where and any time without having to use weights or any special equipment.

And because the resistance level applied by the bands is determined by the strength of the individual, these exercises can be successfully used by practically anyone, of any age, (beginner, youth, high school, college or professional) and any fitness level and any skill level.

Just follow the training program detailed in the 30 page Training Manual, using the supplied specially selected resistance bands and you will significantly improve your running speed. We guarantee results in 14 days or your money back. No questions asked.

This new revolutionary running speed training program, allows anyone, of any age, background or level of experience, to absolutely increase their running speed, and perform with improved agility and explosive quickness. Coaches will be amazed, competitors will be awed, they will want to know your secret.

Target And Isolate Specific
Muscles For Sprinting

Not only will this program condition the specific muscle fibers that generate speed, it will also isolate the exact muscles that are crucial for sprinting speed.

For example, it has been shown that a sprinters top speed is not only determined by how much thrust he can generate when pushing off, but also by how fast he can flex his thigh upward and extend his leg forward out in front of him.

You can see that this is not a matter of strength, since the thigh and leg are airborne and free of your own body weight, but rather of speed and quickness. The thigh flexor muscles, therefore, are considered to be one the primary muscle groups involved in running (and they are the dominant muscles for speed after the first few yards).

The faster you can accelerate your thighs upwards and your legs forward, the faster you will be able to run – it’s as simple as that!

And believe it not, the thigh flexor muscle group is the most overlooked muscle in almost all sports training programs out there.

In fact, you probably won't find a single weight machine in your gym that targets this muscle group.

Which means you have plenty of untapped speed in your thigh flexor muscles alone. And if you condition them purely for speed, the way we teach it, you will leave your competition in the dust.

In addition you will condition for speed, perhaps for the first time, the fast twitch muscle fibers in all of the other major muscle groups involved in sprinting.

In just about any sport you play you will need to be able to move quickly from side to side. You will also properly exercise for speed the muscles involved in lateral, side to side movements.

Isometrics with the resistance band, the way we will teach you, is the missing link in almost all sports training programs. And it's probably the easiest of all the workout programs you could do - and likely the most powerful for generating speed.

The package you receive is complete with everything you need and the results come quickly.

Even if you're in mid-season you will start seeing results in your speed within days.

You could be the one who makes the big difference
in your next event!

What will happen:
Sprint Faster in 14 days Takes just 15 minutes a day; 4 days week Break all your personal speed records Get the attention of coaches and scouts Ignite your team and win more games Leave your opponent in the dust
Used by:
Professionals (Including NFL Players and Coaches) Stars of track and field College Athletes and Coaches High School Athletes and Coaches Youth of all ages and skill levels from 8 and up.

"...it is thorough, effective and a well-designed program that every athlete needs to have!"

"The interesting thing that I like about this program is that this concept and philosophy is something that I have been doing over the past few years in order to improve my speed.

This speed training program was developed with the intention of making it easy for any athlete to increase their speed within a short amount of time.

I am a 5-time Track and Field All-American competing in the 60m, 100m, 200m dashes and the 4x400m relay. Each race requires a certain type of mental toughness, technique, and strength.

The one thing that all of these races have in common is how fast your turn over speed is and the length of your stride pattern. This speed program will help you to accomplish both of these key components and more.

I am the type of girl who has always practiced with the guys in order to get better, along with doing whatever it takes to improve. I had to work hard and be diligent and precise with my speed training in order to become an elite athlete. This program is not hard. Instead, it is thorough, effective and a well-designed program that every athlete needs to have!"

Pamela Bullock
5-time Track and Field All-American
60m, 100m, 200m dashes and the 4x400m relay

"Guys, this product has made a great difference in my sports. I started these at the end of football season and the beginning of basketball season. I was already the fastest on my team, but this blew my teammates away!

In one game, I was under the boards and fell down, the other team got the ball and went for a fast break. I GOT UP, SPRINTED DOWN AND DEFENDED THE ENTIRE TEAM BY MYSELF WHILE GIVING THE REST OF MY TEAM TIME TO CATCH UP! I can't thank you guys enough! can't wait till football!

I want every athlete to know how much they can improve! I thought I was fast before I started using this stuff, but I can't believe how much faster I've gotten!"

Christian L. - Florida
[[more speed results]](reviews.html)

"Hi, This is a testimonial of success and i just wanted to say thank you for this product. I play junior varsity free safety and I went through a 6 week conditioning program that cost me a lot of money and the results on my forty time only droped .08.

Since I purchased this product my speed has increased Phenomenally in the past seven days. I haven't even gone through the first 14 days and my pro shuttle speed went from 4.60 to 4.32.

J.V. - Texas
[[more speed results]](reviews.html)

Here's What You Get:
The Run Faster Speed Training Program
As soon as you place your order you get immediate online access to the entire program. Including: Video demonstration and narrative on how to correctly do each of the 10 exercises. An additional video showing how to increase resistance by adding bands. Training Instructions and Tips to help you get the most success from the program. Training Schedule so you know which exercises to do each day. Progress Charts to keep track of your speed increases and band resistance levels. Muscle Charts showing the location, name and function of each muscle being conditioned. All the instructions, training tips, training schedule and progress chart can be downloaded and saved on your computer and printed as desired. Each exercise video is downloadable to your computer or mobile device. Downloadable information about isometrics, the resistance band and muscle contraction. What about resistance bands? If you need bands you will be able to order them separately. Bands will be delivered to your mailing address. We offer free shipping for all bands mailed to U.S addresses. You may be able to get bands at your local Walmart, sporting goods store, or other stores.

Iron Clad Guarantee

Try it out for 60 days. If you are not satisfied with the improvement in your speed and game performance, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

That's how confident we are about this program.
If you do the exercises as prescribed you can't help but sprint faster.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be running faster, and the sooner you will be performing at peak levels.

What will happen if you procrastinate or do nothing? That's right, you will still not be as fast as you could be in your favorite sport. When you could be speeding past your opponent, making the big play and beating all your best times in just 2 weeks.

Many spend hundreds of dollars for training programs and are still disappointed in their speed gains.

They may find some programs are too complicated or time consuming to use, or it may take months of grueling workouts to get significantly faster.

Isometrics with the resistance band is fast and easy and only takes a few minutes a day.

*** Be Sure To Read This Part ***

An athlete will need a variety of training techniques to succeed and reach their highest athletic goals. This includes training for strength, endurance, coordination, proper technique, skill development, and speed.

The AthleticQuickness.com speed training programs fill a void in a players training for the specific purpose of getting faster.

By adding adding these workouts to their training the athlete's muscles will get a more thorough and complete workout than what they have ever experienced in the past. The net result will be more speed and a better performance.

Here's why: The dynamically changing resistance levels of the band during isometric training conditions muscles in ways that can't be attained using other training methods.

Conditioning muscles with this type of training will unleash untapped muscular energy that dramatically improves speed and develops better players.

This is why athletes and players using this training see dramatic results very quickly, even if they have already been doing other types of training for some time. ([Why athletes get faster with this training](/greatresults.html))

Track Star tries everything, struggles all year, then beats personal best in 2 weeks with the Run Faster program. Hi, All during my freshman year of track I was trying to get my 100m below 12 seconds. I worked my butt off 5 days a week but I never got there. Now, all of a sudden I find athleticquickness.com and WOW! My time dropped below 12 seconds in just 2 WEEKS!

During track I did weight training and plyometrics, but none of those seemed to work. This program is super legitimate, and I cannot wait to get the whole thing. Anyone who is reading this should try this program IMMEDIATELY. Don't do anything else."

This text will be replaced
Listen! ==> 37 second audio

Josh W. - CA
Speed Challenge Particpant
[[more results...]](reviews.html)

Masters Athlete Uses AthleticQuickness training for 2 weeks and drops 60 meter by .69 seconds bringing him within striking distance of All American status. "Wow, I can't believe it. I started the course 2 weeks ago, and have dropped my 60 meter time from 9.37 to 8.68! Being 55 years old I did not think this kind of progress was possible. At this point I am less than 2 tenths of a second from All American status for the 55 year old age group. The National Masters in Boston next spring is my goal, and I think that I can go there and make a respectable showing against the best 55 year olds in the land. This is something that I would have never thought possible a couple of weeks ago. I also play in a Senior hardball league, so I can't wait to try your bat speed program. You can use me as a reference anytime."

Randy Harris - Chicago
Speed Challenge Particpant
[[more results...]](reviews.html)

[Click here to order this program now and dramatically improve your sprint times by conditioning your muscles for speed in ways never before experienced.](http://1.aqspeed.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1363039814) [

Click Here to Purchase and Get Faster in Days](http://1.aqspeed.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1363039814)
for only $49.95
Please Note: This is an online program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package is immediately available for you to get started right away after ordering. This program is only available through this website. It is not found in stores.
Clicking the above order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online payment processor of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a page to create you login and password and then you will be redirected to the training videos and downloads.

"I am very competitive sprinter on my school's track and field team. My freshman year I was on a 400 relay team that was about 1.3 seconds away from advancing to state at our divison II sectional meet. After the last season I struggled all summer trying to find a program that would make me faster, when I stumbled upon your website.

Convinced, I ordered your "Run Faster" booklet and started doing the exercises. By our first track meet this year my relay team started breaking times we didn't set until almost the end of the season last year. At our conference meet my relay team took 1st place, being the first conference champions in our school in that particular relay in over a decade.

Also, in individual events, I just started beating out our last years MVP sprinter in the 100 m dash.
Your program has done so much for me and my 400 relay team. I would recommend any sprinter to practice your exercises."

W. Olson - Kenosha, Wisconsin
[[more speed results]](reviews.html)

All State WR gets attention from college recruiters throughout the country. Credits AthleticQuickness.com Speed Training. We have tried many different approaches to speed training for my sons. Having played college football myself, I realize the importance of speed and quickness and that it separates the stars from the average players.

We have tried Nike Sparq, parachutes, pulling weighted sleds, plyometrics, leg weights and sprints uphill and downhill, and the only approach we found that actually increased leg turnover (speed and quickness), was the resistance bands and the program through AthleticQuickness.com.

We have found that using them consistently over the years 3 times per week, their lateral quickness along with their 40 times have gotten measurably faster.

Although my son was already very talented and fast, there are many kids that are at an elite level, and I do believe that these bands have given him an advantage over his competition.

My boy was an All-State Wide Receiver as a Junior, and is currently one of the top Wide Receiver’s in the West and receiving recruiting attention from many of the top Pac-12 programs along with many great programs throughout the country.

Although he was already talented and fast, I know the AthleticQuickness training has helped tremendously.

Thank you. We're total believers in your system.

Greg Weichers - South Jordan, UT
[[more results...]](reviews.html)

Allan Robinson ranks #2 nationally in the masters 55m indoors after training with isometrics and the resistance band. "IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE", That's my Mantra for this 2012 track Season, just wanted to say thanks to you and your Run Faster program, it'll happen. I'm glad to say, I did a 4 week workout with the Bands and I ran a 7:83 sec. 55m indoor for my age group 55-59 masters, and I'm now ranked #2 nationally for the 55m indoor. Before that I ran 8:03 sec.

I've submitted my time to the U.S.A.T.F. to receive my Masters all American certificate and sew on patch. Thanks for everything.

My leg turn over has come a long way since I started using your program and was the key to my success. My start was not the best but I had the leg speed to come from behind, again thanks a million.

Plus by looking at your videos explaining the swing, push and pull phases of running I was able to improve my mechanics of running.

I have my son and daughter using your program, I'm hoping that one day you'll be able to see them in the olympics. My son is the fastest freshman in N.Y. State for 2011. In his event he won the 600m in 1:29sec against seniors.

My daughter looks like Alyson Felix , check out her race in this video where she wins the 200m."

Indebted to you ALWAYS-- Allan Robinson- 58yrs.- 2nd. Wind Track Club - N.Y.

My Daughter's 1st 200M in a year, She's Back!!!!!
And training with the Run Faster Program.
Allan Robinson - NY
U.S.A Level-1 Certified Track and Field Coach
N.Y. State certified Track and Field Coach
Assistant Coach - 2nd. Wind Track Club
Volunteer Assistant Coach - Brentwood High School
Active Competing Masters Athlete - 2nd. Wind Track Club.
[[more results...]](reviews.html)

Anthony Chesson is breaking records in the 200 meters after training with isometrics and resistance bands. "I'd just like to say that the RUN FASTER speed training exercises that I did last season worked!! Initially, they helped me take a second off my best 100m and 200m times.

I was ranked second in my state and in the Southern Track Classic I broke the 200m record set by an NFL Pro-bowler.

Thank you for coming up with this program. I recently bought two more sets of resistance bands, so expect more reports from me very soon."

Anthony Chesson - Midlothian, VA
[Anthony Chesson - The Full Story]
[[more speed results]](reviews.html)

Why Athletes use Isometrics with the
Resistance Band ------

Conditions Muscles For Speed
Adding these workouts to an athletes training will condition muscles for speed in ways that other workouts are not capable of doing. Doing these exercises either alone or with other training will unleash untapped muscular energy that dramatically improves speed and quickly develops better players.

Results Come Quickly
Athletes and players using this training often see dramatic results very quickly, even in mid-season... and even if they have been doing other types of training for some time.

Helps Anyone Get Faster
These exercises are safe and work for all ages and fitness levels. They are used by Professional athletes, College and High School champions as well as beginner youth as young as 8 years of age - and anyone in between.They can be done practically anywhere and anytime, require no special equipment, and take only 15 minutes a day.

Being Used by Thousands
Thousands are using these speed training exercises with overwhelming success. They're smashing their own personal records while opponents are getting crushed.

Don't wait any longer - Its time to get off the starting blocks!

Click Here to Purchase and Get Faster in Days](http://1.aqspeed.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1363039814)
for only $49.95
Please Note: This is an online program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package is immediately available for you to get started right away after ordering. This program is only available through this website. It is not found in stores.
Clicking the above order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online payment processor of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a page to create you login and password and then you will be redirected to the training videos and downloads.

[Results Others Are Getting](reviews.html)
[Video Shows How to Get Faster in Days](fastmuscles.html)
[What are Isometric Exercises and Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers](/isometrics.html)
[Why Isometrics with Bands when Training for Speed](resistance_band_training.html)
[The Reason Why You Are Still Not Fast Enough](http://www.athleticquickness.com/why-you-are-still-slow.asp) ------

The Bottom Line
Include these speed training workouts with your other training to get the best performance possible for yourself or your athletes.

Conditioning muscles with this training dramatically improves speed and develops better athletes and players.


Click Here to Purchase and Get Faster in Days](http://1.aqspeed.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1363039814)
for only $49.95
Please Note: This is an online program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package is immediately available for you to get started right away after ordering. This program is only available through this website. It is not found in stores.
Clicking the above order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online payment processor of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a page to create you login and password and then you will be redirected to the training videos and downloads.

[ Used by Players in the NFL
to Increase Speed
(Story Here)](/markparson.html)
Launch your Athletic Performance to New Levels with Blazing Speed and Quickness!

Former NBA star with 76'ers, now assistant college coach encourages his bball players to use Run Faster program.

"I encourage all of my basketball players to use the Run Faster training. I have seen first hand the dramatic effects it has on my players speed. We didn't have this in the NBA when I played. Thanks Dr. Van Such"

Dennis Hopson
Former NBA player, scout for the Philadelphia 76ers, Ohio State All American, and assistant coach at Northwood University.

[](reviews.html) Josh Harrison gets down to 4.35 in the 40. Thinks he's running a 30 it was so quick.

"This speed program is UNBELIEVABLE!

After doing the speed exercise for two weeks, I came from running a 4.65 in the 40 yard dash to 4.35 on the track with spikes.

I can't wait to see my time in the 40 yard dash on the football field with cleats.

Thank you, your speed program has been a blessing."

Josh Harrison - Florida

[](reviews.html) College Soph tries everything with no results. Then runs personal best in 3 weeks.

"I am now a sophomore in college and I was still running the times I ran in my junior year. No matter what I did or how hard I tried, my times were still the same and they were not getting any better. I came upon this website and tried the exercise about every other day for about 3 weeks. I just had my first outdoor meet of the season, and I ran my personal best in the 800 (2:32) .. a time I have never ever ran in an open 800. I am excited now to keep this up and see what the rest of the season brings, and hopefully I can break 2:30 which is a goal of mine that I have had for a very long time."

Allison - Center Valley, PA
Speed Challenge Participant

"I've been training for 6 years, and my times were hardly coming down to where I would expect for the training ive been putting in.

I knew I had put in all the hard track work and weights etc, but something was missing.

I went online and did some research on speed training and came to athletic quickness. I read what it was all about and ordered the program.

The speed training program has enabled me to get from nowhere to 8th in the UK over my event in my age group. With this, I've been able to get in to the National Sports Persons program, all thanks to athletic quickness.

Later that year I won a number of National & Southern League races and won the Kent Indoor 400m title. Ive also been on the Kent 4x400m relay team and won a number of championship medals.Thanks Athletic Quickness"

James Wildish, UK

[](reviews.html) Track star lowers 40 by .27 and beats school record in long jump.

"Recently I've been tryin to increase my speed for school track and field... so i did the exercise and after 2 weeks i found my 40 yard time had gone from 5.62 to 5.35 and my 100m time had gone from 14.4 to 13.45. also a week through this program and i beat my schools long jump record by 12 inches. I can't thank you so much... "

Jonathon Cook, England
Speed Challenge Participant

[](reviews.html) Soccer player is amazed at huge difference in speed. Opponents can barely keep up.

"I play soccer regularly and I always wanted to improve my speed in the game. I tried the exercise and I noticed a huge difference in just one week of doing this isometric exercise. The results of my times amazed me! I never expected to improve in such short amount of time! This great exercise program increased my speed and my opponents are having a hard time in keeping up with me! My performance now is truly impressive! I recommend this incredible program to everyone who wants to increase their speed. I can't thank you enough AthleticQuickness.com"

Tiego C. - Portugal

[](reviews.html) Football athlete discovers he's been training incorrectly for speed. He's now a true believer.

"As you well know, THIS WORKS!!! I was skeptical at first, as there are so many people on the internet who claim to know the correct way to improve speed through the training of fast-twitch muscles. I am a 33 year old semi-pro football player in Japan, who started playing again 3 years ago after a 10 year absence from the game.

I trainied as hard as a could to improve, but as stated on your website, I was unknowingly doing all the "slow-twitch" training that I thought was going to make me faster. Well, after trying your system for a few weeks I started to feel much quicker off the line, and I was easily beating cornerbacks who were pressing me man to man.

I am a true beleiver in this system. There must be thousands upon thousands of athletes who could benefit immediately from this golden information. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to see how much more I will improve as I continue to train the CORRECT way for speed. Last week during wind sprints after practice, I was blowing everyone away. Including guys 10 years or more younger. THIS SYSTEM ROCKS."
Neil Knuth - Tokyo

[](reviews.html) Natural athlete is misguided by Dad, speed plateaus. Dad finds AQ.com and she gets major breakthrough in speed.

"My daughter was a natural athlete and was a top performer during middle school events. Once she reached high school, she plateaued at about 17.4 in the 100m hurdles. She has very strong legs overall, and she was good at taking my misguided advice by conducting regular strength training exercises for her legs. Obviously, her legs grew stronger, but there was no improvement in speed. She ended up with a long but slow and heavy stride. I came across your website as I was researching techniques to improve quickness. My daughter (V. Cox) enthusiastically began to use the bands, and the results speak for themselves. Her coaches have been absolutely thrilled with the breakthrough in speed. While her original goal was to break the 17 second barier, she is now within range of 16 seconds. My 8th grade daughter, who also runs track, was unenthusiastic about trying these isometric exercises. After witnessing the dramatic results with her older sister, she has begun the exercise routine herself."

C. Cox - Colorado Springs, CO

[](reviews.html) Mom's son sees drastic improvement, now wants to exercise more.

"I purchased the bands and isometric program for my 10 year old son. After only two weeks of doing the exercises on his off soccer practice nights, I noticed a difference in his running. He is actually taking off when he runs. The exercises are developing his muscles for the take off sprint motion. He is taking longer strides and is getting to the ball quicker.

He noticed it and now is excited to do the exercises even more. To a child who couldn't sprint before and was always a step behind, his results are amazing. Follow the instructions and it will work. I am truly amazed.

He was in a very expensive speed school and it was not helping him at all because it was not targeting the right reason he was having issues. He hated going to it. He loves this program! "

Kim E. - Reading, PA

[](reviews.html) Football player orders program and is happy he did!

"I wasn't that fast, I mean I was fast but not that fast. So we ran 40's at school and I got a 5.43, so I wasn't satisfied, I saw yalls program, I ordered the RUN FASTER program and I did it, I felt light right after the first workout, I did it 2 weeks, and my 40 dropped!! I was so happy. I'm still using it and I know hopefully I'll be in the 4.8's soon. Thanks Dr. Van Such, this was amazing!!"

Christian S. - Allen, TX

[](reviews.html) Australian kid hesitates at first and then goes for it, expresses gratitude because of what it did for him.

"Hey all I can't believe this program worked so well. At first I was very hesitative but I went for it and did it work. Thank you so so much for this program, you've made me very grateful."

Dino W. - Guildford, Australia

[](reviews.html)Injury prevents athlete from training. Uses AthleticQuickness instead and his speed comes back stronger than expected.

"Hi, my name is Dominique and I am a 24-years old decathlete from Germany.

Due to some problems that I had with my backbone during winter I decided to stop training for 6 weeks. In this period, I was determined to try your program after I started again with my training, because I didn‘t want to put too much weight onto my back and to burden my spine.

So I tried your program as you described it, and my speed came back - stronger than I expected. My best time on flying 30m was 3.05 seconds from two years ago; and, now after six weeks without training, I run 3.02 seconds. I also got better in pole vault because of running and rolling up faster I am able to jump with harder poles. Now I jump 4.75 m, and the whole winter I couldn’t jump higher than 4.40 m. It’s amazing."

Dominique E. - Germany

"The results were amazing. before your program my son ran a 5.43 40 yard dash. After just two weeks his time dropped to a BLAZING 5.00!! My son will continue to use this program. His goal is 4.87 and I know he will reach it. I will keep you posted. "
K. Jackson - Phoenix, AZ

"I tried the exercise and in just one week found that my hundred time dropped from almost 8 tenths of a second!!!

This has been a mind blowing increase for me as I have always been trying to get fast. My 400 time also dropped. This one exercise has completely changed me as an athlete!!!

Anybody wants to get fast, USE THIS PROGRAM. I play rugby and this will help me immensely. Thank You AthleticQuickness.com!!!! "

R. B. - Indonesia

"I am 19 years old running track in college.  I've tried many different training programs speed drills, weight training, plyometrics and NONE of them and I mean NONE of them gave me these impressive improvements.

You helped me so much.  I went from running a 12.5 to qualifying for districts in the 100 meter dash.  Last week I posted an 11.4 and I haven't done the program yet this year proving that the results stay with you after you discontinue use. THANK YOU!!! " 
C.E. Richardson

"I was under the impression that weight lifting would make me faster, Luckily I stumbled upon your website and I got my dad to order the program.

I timed my forty at a 5.62 before this program.  Now, after four weeks of doing this program I was able to time my forty and I ran a 5.16!

My goal is to break 4.9 by my birthday in a month.  Even if I don't, this is an awesome speed training program and by far the best!  Thank you! " 
D.B. - Utah

"I must tell you that the program I got for my daughter works!!!

As a freshman she made the varsity track team and was holding her own in the 200, 800 relay, and 400 relay.

I started her on the program 1 week before district. Her time drop into the mid 27's!!!!!!

We stayed on the program the whole next week to get ready for a regional qualifier's meet where she ran the 400, 800, and mile relays.

Even though her team struggled, her split in the 800 relay (200 meters) was 26.5!!!!!

Awesome!!!!!  Her split in the 100 was in the low 12 range!!

Great progress for such a short time!!!! 

She ran her leg on the mile in 66 seconds - not bad for her first time this year.

J. Hooten - Texas

"We brought the program and have been VERY VERY impressed with it. We have used it now for three weeks.  Yesterday, my son beat out a hit to shortstop that was fielded cleanly and thrown to first.
My son will be named as one of 35 players to be a Playstation All American on Friday.  They will play a game on June 7 that will be national televised on Fox Sports Net in New Mexico."
Q. Hilliard - Lafayette, LA

"WOW!!!  I am a basketball coach in Colorado and found your site on the web.  I was looking for a way to help my daughter run faster.  She is a really solid player, but is not the fastest.  She just finished the 2 week training program and dropped her sprint time 0.56 seconds.  I have seen what I thought were amazing results with other programs, but never could have imagined her knocking off more than half a second in 2 weeks in the 40 yard dash.  This product really delivers, and at a fraction of the price of other speed training programs. " 
D. Vigil -  Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"This Program is amazing! After 2 weeks my 40 time has decreased by 6 tenths of a second! My speed on the basepaths has increased tremendously, and it has made me a much better athlete. I hope more people can have as much success as I have had."
Caleb - Springdale, AK

"I'm on the track team and I would just like to say thanks because it took a senior in high school 4 years to get .6 seconds faster on his 100m. It took me just 2 weeks to get .4 seconds faster."
J. Johnson - Simsbury, CT

"This is the best training program I have had. Before I started I was having trouble getting passed 5.8 seconds in the 50 yard dash and my body felt maxed out, but now I can run a 5.4 seconds with ease in the 50 yard dash and I am not even in shape yet. In the 400 meter dash my speed really increased. Before I tried out the exercises I struggled to get passed one minute. Now I jog 56 second 400 meter dashes. This program has been a lot of help and I think anyone who wants to be faster should give it a try!"
S.T. - Maryland

"Your program has yielded some amazing results. I went to running a 4.45 40 yard dash on track with spikes to running a 4.34 on grass with cleats. My vertical went from 36 inch no step to a 40 inch. Furthermore, I did not complete the training workout the full 2 weeks, I trained for 1 week and a half and yielded these results. After the first workout you will notice results."
A.W. - Texas

"Your Product is fantastic! My daughter has been doing the exercises faithfully for 3 weeks and her coach is really impressed. Thanks for your help and for a great product that has made a HUGE difference in my daughter's performance."
D.M. - Texas

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