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Thousands of people have already lost tens-of-thousands of pounds with the secrets, tips, tricks, and knowledge in the FAMOUS weight loss Guide: 


by Dean and Mary White

And NOW it has been UPDATED and IMPROVED to help you shed those
unwanted pounds even more quickly, safely, and naturally.

You’ll learn: 

How to DESIGN and TAKE CONTROL of your own weight loss program 

The TRUTH about weight loss MYTHS 

The EASY TRICK to control your WILLPOWER 

The REAL REASON so many people are FAT 


The TRAPS to avoid with fast food “HEALTHY CHOICES”

 . . . and SO MUCH MORE!  

Hi! We’re Dean and Mary White, fitness enthusiasts, nutrition aficionados, and authors of Lose Weight WIthout Starving Yourself.  More than a decade ago, Dean and I saw today’s obesity epidemic coming – in fact, I saw the first signs of it around Dean’s waistline and on my hips! We were feeling sluggish, our sex drive was falling by the wayside, and we were both beginning to feel less attractive and like we were beginning that long downhill slide. But we weren’t ready for that! Our experience and knowledge in fitness had made us aware of the dangers of extra weight. Besides a decrease in energy and self-esteem, we knew that overweight people are more susceptible to heartproblems, diabetes, stroke, and even many types of cancer. We knew the time to do something was right away, before things got out of hand. 

We looked at all of the successful weight loss programs that advertise on TV, the pills, and the fad diets, and were confused by all the clutter and mixed messages. That’s when we decided that we would rather just take the best of all of the ideas available and, using our own knowledge of nutrition and fitness, design our own weight loss regimen. In a few months Dean had lost 20 pounds and I had lost 12, and we were both looking good and feeling great! Our bright eyes, constant laughter, snuggling, and zest for life had our friends asking us about our “secret,” which is what made us decide to write a book that would help others enjoy the same benefits of a healthier, fitter body. We started off with a few ideas that we knew were important for the average busy man or woman to be successful. 

The plan had to:           
• Add no expense to their monthly budget;           
• Be easily incorporated into the daily routine of their busy lives;           
• Allow them the flexibility to customize the plan to their exact needs;           
• Give them a program they could start, stick to, and maintain;           
• And help them understand metabolism and weight so that, for the rest of their lives, they could intuitively make good decision in the supermarket and restaurants as well as in their lifestyle and activities – without giving up the meals the loved or turning their lives upside down. 

We knew that even a great weight loss program was worthless if people wouldn’t follow it, and we knew that peoples’ biggest fear about dieting was that they would always be hungry and wouldn’t have the willpower to follow through. We also knew that many of the programs we looked into seemed to work well for a while, but most people gained all the weight back, ending up with less muscle and even more fat. That just wasn’t acceptable to us. Effective weight loss is never “easy,” but it can be manageable and even fun – and, while we have to change some little things about the ways we eat and the activities we take part, it doesn’t have to significantly change our lifestyle.  Probably the real success of our program comes from the fact that people can still eat the foods they love, never skip a meal, and still relax and watch their favorite TV shows too.

A few little tricks you’ll find in our book, like using more fresh products, reading labels, and choosing less fatty proteins, allow most people to never notice a difference at the dinner table. We wish you great success in your weight loss journey. Be assured that YOU CAN DO THIS! Take the time to read our book, which even has some great recipes we know you’ll love. There’s nothing like the feeling of new life and energy returning to your body, and you’ll find that your revitalized self-esteem will allow you to be more successful in other areas of you life too, including your career and your love life!

Good luck! 
Dean and Mary


Let Dean and Mary teach you . . .
What REALY determines your weight, besides metabolism.

 The 3 factors that make up your Total Energy Expenditure. How to know EXACTLY how many calories you can eat and still lose weight. Understanding your Basal Metabolic Rate.  The relationship between Physical Activity and your metabolism. 

The 6 Steps to developing a FAT-BURNING-MINDSET 
The role of Psychology and Emotion in weight loss. The importance of setting Goals. 
How to set Goals That Work. 
Customized JUST FOR YOU  That will let you
REPLACE OLD HABITS  WITHOUT: changing your lifestyle, skipping meals, or giving up the foods you love. 

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Learn the SECRETS that the diet pill companies, fad diet gurus, and expensive TV diet clubs don’t want you to know: 

The simple SECRET to using WATER to help you  EAT LESS, CLEANSE your system to make you fell better, and help you use NATURAL HYDRATION to  train your body not to hold NEEDLESS WATER WEIGHT.

Why SKIPPING MEALS causes your body to MAKE MORE FAT 

How to incorporate all the EXERCISE your body needs to BURN CALORIES and stay healthy into your EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES.

How to calculate the SIMPLE FORMULA that will let you know you will absolutely LOSE WEIGHT. 

Why the WEIGHT of the food you eat may be MORE IMPORTANT than it’s fat or calorie content.

How to compose a “BASELINE DIET” customized just for you. How to know your PORTION SIZE is correct without weighing your food. 

How EATING MORE MEALS can keep your metablolism revved up all day long.

Act Now!

You’ll learn ALL THIS and SO MUCH MORE in the amazing break-through diet book: 
 that CRACKED THE CODE to successful do-it-yourself dieting!

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You can:
let the good life pass you by,
be at risk for heart disease and a shorter life,
go though life with low energy and low self-esteem,
watch as other rise to the top in their careers
and find the love they want and deserve . . .
while you sit on the sidelines 


You can
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try risky PILLS not approved by the FDA,
or spend an ARM AND A LEG
on expensive brand-name
can be found in 

by Dean and Mary White 

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