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Guide to Selling Wholesale

bath, body and spa wholesale and distribution


Guide to Selling Wholesale


For small business owners and handcrafters that are interested in selling their product(s) wholesale, or dream of seeing
their products sold in commercial establishments, but aren't sure
where to start or how to break into wholesale

It's also for small business owners and handcrafters that are already selling wholesale, but would like to improve their wholesale
business and generate more wholesale orders.


Selling wholesale is a multi billion dollar industry in Canada and the USA, and it's growing steadily.

Selling product by the case lot can grow your business faster than selling one item at a time. One happy wholesale client will
purchase far more than your one happiest retail client.

However, if you are not positioned to sell in the wholesale market, with pricing, packaging and strategy, success will elude you.

This ebook will save you some of the bumps and bruises of learning from the school of hard knocks and lost profits.


How to decide if wholesaling is right for you
The right way to calculate your pricing.
The right way to calculate your profit.
Simple but important regulations you need to know about
How to present your products and
How to make even more profit through private labeling.

You'll also learn the fastest way to lose wholesale accounts - so you can avoid making this all too common mistake.

NOTE: This file is a pdf file and can be accessed with the
free Adobe Reader.
You will receive access to your download immediately after making payment so you can start right away.

Offer #1; Ebook and Professional Product Review
Professional Product Review: When you purchase this package, I'll review the products as shown on your website and
send you a Product Review Report Card showing how your product stacks up in the market place. That way, you can read my ebook with an
eye to focusing on strengths and improving any weak areas.plus...
Guide to Selling Wholesale: Downloadable ebook.

only $47

Offer #2; Ebook Only
Guide to Selling Wholesale: Downloadable ebook.only $27

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