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Dear Fellow American,

Like so many of you, I got myself into debt, over $30,000 of debt to be precise. I found myself working day after day just to keep up with the bills. I ate Ramen noodles for lunch every day for months and even started skipping meals just to try and pay back some of my debt faster.

My wife and argued constantly about money. We couldn't even afford furniture for our apartment. In the end it almost cost us our marriage.

On my salary, the monthly payments I could afford meant that I would be in debt for another 20 to 25 years! I knew there had to be a better way. There just had to be some way to make money that didn't involve a second job waiting tables.

You hear about people coming up with ideas and becoming millionaires practically overnight. I just needed the right idea. Then one day, either out of a stroke of genius or dumb luck, I figured it out. There is a way to make money using the Internet that involves almost no effort. It is so easy it should be illegal, but isn't. It is called affiliate marketing and it is the easiest way to make money by far, and the best part is you can do it in your pajamas!

Not only did I pay off all my debt. But I also made $150,000 last year. You can too ...or you can just keep thinking about it while your debt continues to grow. The choice is yours.




This Book Shows You Step-by-Step...

How to make $500+ a day without...
The need for a website The need for any physical inventory
The need to speak to anyone on the phone

It's so simple, anyone can do it!

Anyone can write Google Adwords in their Spare Time and in their Pajamas from Home.

Writing Google Adwords is easy. I show you how step-by-step!
I can't believe it. This actually works! David, you are a GENIUS. I opened up my Google Adwords account and two hours later I had already made $563! Now that I know the secrets of affiliate marketing I can tell my boss what I really think of him! Thank you so much, David!
Carey Ann Lake
St. Petersburg, FL

Don't just take Carey Ann' word for it. See for yourself...

These are actual earnings from my program. This system pays for itself in minutes!

I know what you're thinking...

"None of these get-rich-quick schemes actually work."

That is what I thought too, then I stumbled across this concept, tried it, and guess what? It really did actually work! I can't convince you to believe me, but with a full money back guarantee why not give it a try?

"There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme."

You are probably right. However, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Instead it is a way to make at least $100,000 a year to your bank account by using the power of the Internet to promote other people's products. It is very possible to make more, but this is based on just an hour of work a day. If you want to make more money, just work a little longer. Try getting your employer to match that deal! This program can make you lots of money. Exactly how much is up to you! My step-by-step guide shows you how.

"If this is such a great program, why isn't everybody doing it?"

So many people think like this that they won't even try this concept. They think "that's too good to be true," and stupidly don't even bother to give it a shot. Then they'll go out and buy ten lottery tickets thinking that this week their luck will change. Don't be this foolish!

The fact of the matter is that there are many affiliate marketers out there making lots of money. Until now they have been unwilling to share their money making secrets with the general public. In addition, a lot of people are skeptical about anyone claiming they can make easy money on the Internet, and those people lose out on a potential goldmine. Don't be one of these people and let a boatload of cash pass you by! There is absolutely no risk to try it!

"If this is such a big secret why are you telling others about it?"

It is true that affiliate marketing has been a closely guarded secret for quite a while. However, recently some affiliate marketers have opted to sell their secrets instead. Now that the secret is out, and there is no benefit to keeping this a secret any longer. So, why not sell my secrets and give a few nice people the chance to pay their bills and get out of debt? My marriage was saved because of this program, if I can do the same for someone else then it is totally worth it.

I have not seen my earnings drop since I've started promoting The Affiliate Handbook. Quite the contrary, my earnings have increase each month. Now you can benefit from all the things I've learned.

"How much work is involved?"

When I say this is the easiest way to make money, I mean it. At first you will be required to set up some campaigns and actually do a little work. I started with about an hour a day for a few weeks. Once you have your campaigns set up, you are pretty much done. You can earn money while eating, sleeping and enjoying your favorite activities with little or no effort whatsoever!

"How much can I make?"

The amount you make by using this program is totally up to you. You can use it to supplement your income as I did, or you can devote yourself full time and hit the bigtime.

The more time you spend at it the more money you can make. I started out making around $8000 in the first month, spending about an hour a day optimizing my campaigns. Last month I made over $35,000 with less than an hour of work each day.

You don't have to be a web guru. The guide shows you what you need to do and walks you through it step by step.

You can start making extra money in less than 24 hours! You can get your first check or direct deposit in 30 days or less! What are you waiting for?

You get a full 90 days to try out the program and get a complete refund if you decide it isn't for you. No questions asked!
David, I bought your e-book three months ago. I didn't read it right away and kind of put it off for a while. Eventually I did get around to reading it and since then I have made over $41k in net profit! I went from being unemployed and feeling hopeless to being my own boss and working when I want to. Your book has literally changed my life. I don't know how to thank you!
Josh Singh
Athens, Georgia

This is a COMPLETELY legal way to make money that benefits not only you, but everyone including Google and the Merchants whose products you sell.

[Download Now](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?afhandbook/1/The_Affiliate_Handbook&seed=1952af456) and start making money the easy way!

Here is what you get...
A $49.95 Value
The Affiliate Handbook (Downloadable PDF Format)
David Prutton's 63-Page Step-by-Step Guide walks you through every detail on how to become a full-fledged affiliate marketer and earn hundreds of dollars a day at home in your spare time. This is considered the affiliate marketer's bible.

This detailed guide is not available anywhere else. This offer is available only for a limited time.
A $999.95 Value
David Prutton's Personal E-Mail Address
I want to see you succeed like I did. Even though The Affiliate Handbook is the most extensive, informative and easy-to-understand manual out there on the subject of Affiliate Marketing, some students need extra help.

Order now and you get access to me personally for help getting you started on your way to a better future.

A $49.95 Value Resource Site Access
Order now and you also get access to The Affiliate Handbook resource website, packed with links to great informative affiliate marketing resources. A $39.95 Value Daily Profits Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excell File)
Keep track of your daily profits, expense and net ratios with prebuilt spreadsheet. Estimate how much you'll make at the end of the year and keep track of your conversion rates. A $99.95 Value Free Updates for Life
There is constantly new information being added about new affiliate marketing techniques that can make you more money. If you order now, you get access to every update from now until the end of time.
[Download Now](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?afhandbook/1/The_Affiliate_Handbook&seed=1952af456) - There is Absolutely NO RISK

You'll find out for yourself that what I am telling you is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you get a 100% Refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?afhandbook/1/The_Affiliate_Handbook&seed=1952af456)
Only $59.95
Reduced! Only $39.95 for a Limited Time

Remember, you have a full 90 days to try this program out and get a full refund if you're unsatisfied. Chances are though, you'll make make enough money to cover this investment in the first day!!!

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