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6 LINE EZINE AD ADVERTISING - OVERVIEWPlease use the NAVIGATION MENU to your left to read and order these services. Ezine advertising (ezine ads) is your 6 line classified ad figured prominently in the paid advertising sections of online newsletters and ezine publications. Total run time is approximately 30 days. Your ad is featured one time inside the ezines of the group(s) of your choice. You have a choice to subscribe to the ezines or not, depending on the service you choose. Ezine ad advertising has the benefit of appearing inside the various issues and, frequently, these issues are archived online. Thus your ezine advertising remains online long after the original run date.2 Services to Choose From:

Ezine Ad 6 Line - This is a subscription-required service You will be asked to supply an inbox address on the form that I will give to the publishers of the group(s) of your choice. You will receive email from these ezines. The arrangement we are making is that the publisher will give you ad space in exchange for getting you as a reader of their ezine or newsletter.Two HUGE Groups - includes bonus ezines and each group has almost 1/2 million potential readers!

No Subscription 6 Line Ezine AdYou will NOT be subscribed to the ezines running your 6 line ezine ad. You WILL receive a one-time confirmation stating when your ad will appear. In general, courtesy copies are not sent.Both services include an additional 3 line ad (which you will supply on the form) that I will post on the My Wizard Ads website for 30 days. I also post your 3 line ad to the MWA Classifieds Online blog at Blogspot. Both the RSS and ping it to Authority websites letting them know about your opportunity. These are FREE services just for ordering today!

My Wizard AdsOwner: Theresa CahillHenderson, Nevada 89014 (702) 436-0144Phone Calls Welcome Monday - Friday11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

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