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The Little Black Book Of Band Profit Secrets!
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a lot
sooner), and you've DRASTICALLY
improved career prospects --- with a
lot less effort than you expected. Even better, you are making a
off of your passion for music, and A&R reps have been throwing
kinds of crazy deals at you to get you to sign with them.Now,
and look back on today. Considering
that you've now learned how to run a successful career from scratch,
have greatly improved your popularity and profitability, what price
tag would've made it a good investment?Listen
- I'm Not Going To Insult Your Intelligence By Playing Games
With The
Price  …I
HATE those ads that say
stuff like, "In A Fit Of Insanity I Lowered The Price To..." Forget
you see the value in what I am offering or you don't. I knowThe
Little Black Book Of Band
Profit Secrets
works because I
have used the EXACT
tools that
you are
about to download to coach artists to $200,000 a year and
beyond AND have them swimming in big label offers. That
said I will let you know how I arrived at the current pricing. You
see, I originally offered this resource in physical form. I mean I sold
a real, "flip-the-pages" book. Truth be told... this was a real
hassle. Aside
from lower profit margins on physical books, I had to deal with paying
to have the books printed,
packed, insured and shipped. And shipping costs to the other side of
the world can be quite expensive.
I moved to a high quality eBook format, and now you can downloadThe
Little Black Book Of Band
Profit Secrets
Secrets in
minutes. Along
with the faster speed of delivery, the eBook format allowes for lower
production costs, and I
decided to pass the savings along to you. The physical
of the book alone (without bonuses mind you)
retailed for $68.50 which when you took shipping into consideration
could be very prohibitive to some. So
I backed out ALL
of my labor costs for manufacturing, shipping,
insuring and packaging of the  "bound and pressed" books, and
arrived at the new price of
$47.95.NOW you can go ahead and get your
copy of the critically acclaimed The
Little Black Book Of Band Profit Secrets for
price of
over 40%
off the “Hardbound” price --- just
for ordering
. Price
Good Through 
At Midnight!PLACE
you're ready to order the 253-pg The Little
Black Book Of Band
Profit SecretsClick
here to download the eBook in minutes.ANDClaim
those additional free
bonuses (worth over $170) just for ordering
online!  I
personally guarantee that you
will benefit or I
give you every single penny back. I'm
so convinced
that this
eBook will be the answer to your dreams that I will offer you a No
Questions Asked 8 Week Trial Money-Back Guarantee! I
will even allow
you to keep the free bonuses as my way of saying "Thanks."- AND - IT
Another Great Testimonial"If
bands would even do half the things in this book they would succeed"-
Steve RicardoOwner,
99 North Management"view: eBook detailsview: bonus detailsview: guarantee detailsview: about the author
reason is that I want to give everyone the opportunity to learn these
skills, is quite simply because I believe that
you can create the career you've always wanted without "selling out" if you
only acquire some simple knowledge. And since I cannot coach everyone
individually, nor do I want you to have to  to
pay me thousands of dollars
for one-on-one coaching time. I put everything you need to know inside The
Little Black Book Of Band Profit Secrets. I believe
I've done my part ---- it's now
your call.I am giving you an amazing deal to grab
my 253-page
information-loaded eBook packed with tons of useful diagrams, charts,
notations, techniques, secrets, principles, articles, and
more. Don't
forget... Like I mentioned before, I will also throw in these bonuses: 
Of Their Success” with Remedy Drive! This

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