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Podcast Software - A software that will generate rss feeds for your podcasts

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and Podcasting
If you are tired of using a text editor to
write your RSS podcast feeds for your audio and video podcasts,
use this powerful software that will generate your RSS podcast
feeds in no time at all! Supports both normal and iTunes feeds!

Webmaster Podcaster Ver 3.00
(Released March 2007)


Whats new!

Ver 3.00
- Podcast date and time now editable
- Bug on subcategory selection removed
- Auto saving of file when RSS generated

Ver 2.50
- Category changes as iTunes specs.
- Subcategory changes as iTunes specs.

Ver 2.00
- Complete interface overhaul.
- Additional channel tags.
- Added update feature for items.
- Save and load feed bug fixed.
- Added "Clear All" button.
- Help file added
- Annoying balloon tips removed.
- Other minor bugs removed.


Click Here
- 100% RSS Compliant


your podcast feeds(audio/video)
feeds with the click of a button.

Publish your podcasts
on Apple iTunes. The software generates
iTunes feeds as well.

User friendly
interface for easy navigation and use of
the software.

Built-in voice
recorder that can record your audio
and save as Mp3 format.

Auto enclosure
generation. Builds your enclosure
tags automatically!

Supports both
audio and video files. Mp3, M4A,
M4V, Mp4, MOV and also PDF.

iTunes categories
and subcategories featured!

Easy Toggle
between iTunes mode and normal
mode at the click of a button.

Save, Load,
Archive, Edit, Update and delete
your feeds!

Date and
Time of podcasts completely editable.

Autosave podcast
data on generation of feed. (New!)

image placement (graphics) for
both normal and iTunes feeds.

named character entities automatically
for characters like &, <, > etc.
Converts ampersands as well.

The Software
is fully Windows compatible and
can be run from any desktop PC or laptop.

Why should you use Webmaster Podcaster?
If you are a podcaster, you already know that manually
generating your podcast feeds is a real pain. You do
have a hard time to figure out all the required tags
and how to put the information. And if you are publishing
several podcasts a week, the pain is even more to edit
and update the feeds. Webmaster Podcaster makes generating
and maintaining your podcast feeds a breeze. So if you
are generating a podcast feed that has 50 items and
you want to edit the 34th item on the 6th week, it will
take a few seconds with Webmaster Podcaster. You do
not need to worry about the tags etc. The software will
ask for the required information and will generate your
feed instantly. The software works on two different
modes - that is normal and iTunes, which is even more
helpful if you are publishing both! And as a bonus it
has a built-in audio recorder to give a jump start to
new podcasters.


The software comes in a small
2.7 mb package compared to other podcasting software
which are at least 10 mb in size. The software utilises
very low memory for running!

Minimum system requirements:
Pentium II or similar PC and higher
Sound Card or On-board sound (whichever)
64 mb of RAM
800 X 600 SVGA (Monitor resolution)
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Time is money - Save your time by generating
your feeds faster.

Low Price - Introductory offer $49.99

Risk Free - 100% unconditional 56
days money-back guarantee.

Instant Delivery - Instant access to
your software.

Safe & Secure - Your online order
is private, encrypted and secure.

(We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diner, JCB, Paypal
and e-check)

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