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Elite WoW 1-70 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide for World Of Warcraft


Would You Like To Learn The Step By Step Secrets That
Turned A Hopeless "n00b" Into An Elite Level
70 WoW Player?
WoW V2.0 - The ultimate step by step leveling guide
for both Horde and Alliance: Learn
how I went from 1-70 in just 5 days!

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Commission To Affiliates!

Elite WoW Alliance & Horde Players Reveal Their
are a small team of expert level 70 WoW players. We've
been playing World of Warcraft since Beta and we have
always absolutely loved the game. After a long period
of serious gaming we decided to combine our efforts
and expertise in WoW to bring you a complete and detailed
set of guides which teach you the quickest way to
power level, all the way from level 1 to level 70.

Guide Is For Horde AND Alliance
Unlike almost all the other World of Warcraft leveling
guides in the market, we decided to only release the
Elite WoW guides as a full package - Our 1-70 leveling
guides have thus been written for both Horde &
Alliance players of all races.
guide is divided into 3 sections, one for Horde, one
for Alliance and a bonus chapter on gold making tips
right at the end. With step by step instructions and
details of where to go and what quests to complete,
you will be able to power level to 70 without wasting
any time.
1-60 and 60-70 leveling guides cover it all - you
will be able to turn into a high level 70 player very
quickly so long as you follow our guide.
There is no grinding involved - just 100% pure and
efficient step by step questing instructions.
note, this is not a gold guide, and we strongly recommend
you take a look at Valkor's
Gold Making Guide if your primary
concern is making gold and not leveling. Nonetheless,
we have included a short bonus gold guide
at the end of the 1-60 and 60-70 leveling guides,
which will tell you the basic methods we use to make
massive amounts of Gold in WoW. Remember, you can
make a lot of gold through questing, and questing
is exactly what we tell you to do.

Here is a mount I bought
for one of my WoW characters - It is proof to show
you that questing is enough to make you enough gold
to purchase all the good things in the game - (Click
To Enlarge)
Never Grind
Do not fall for the many ineffective guides out there
which basically tell you to grind. Grinding is boring,
time consuming and most important of all, takes the
fun out of the game. Standing and killing things in
the same spot for days on end is what most of the
power leveling services and 'gold farmers' do. If
your OK with that, then you can read some poor grinding
guide which will tell you the locations of a few spots
in the game where you can grind for days on end. Believe
me, it's not the way to do things!
don't grind, and neither do we encourage grinding.
It's not our style and we certainly don't recommend
it in our guides. We focus on questing and playing
the game like your supposed to do so you can enjoy
World of Warcraft the way it's meant to be enjoyed.
We tell you the best and quickest way to power level
from the very beginning of the game up until level
70 - our guides are the best leveling walkthroughs
available out there.
Questing Guide - Best Price
The Elite WoW guides are all about questing, NOT grinding.
Not only will you get to level 70 with our guide,
but you will have a lot of fun doing it too! And best
of all - we cover BOTH HORDE AND ALLIANCE! I know
for a fact that other WoW guide sellers are pricing
their guides at least $35! That means if you want
to get a Horde and Alliance guide, it will put you
back at least $70!
you know how much the Elite WoW Horde and Alliance
1-70 Leveling Guides costs?


What Do You Offer?
the Elite WoW package, you
will receive two main leveling guides which
are focused on turning you into a high level
70 WoW player. One guide is dedicated
to 1-60 leveling, and the other contains our
latest 60-70 leveling guide. Both have been
written for Horde and Alliance players. Our
illustrated world of warcraft leveling guides
include relevant pictures and focus on questing
and doing things solo all the way to lvl 70,
so don't worry about being dependant on your
bonus gold guides come at
the end of the leveling guides, and will outline
the main methods we use to make money. These
methods are aimed at all levels, so you can
take a look at the gold tips before leveling
up your player.

Before You Buy
Don't just take my word for it. We are giving away
free samples of our 60-70 guide - absolutely free!
All you need to do is enter your name and email address
in the form below, and we will email you the sample
60-70 guide.

will also receive news and updates about the guide
and other WoW related issues.
We will NEVER give your name or email out to ANYONE.
will make sure all our customers receive updates of
new guides added, this includes the new Elite WoW
1-70 Guides (V2.0). This includes the upcoming World
of Warcraft expansion - Wrath of the Lich King!
of our material will ever get you banned or into trouble.

don't need a high IQ to use our warcraft leveling
guides - anyone who enjoys playing World of Warcraft will
be able to use this package to become an elite player.

Written for World of
Warcraft + Burning Crusade expansion!

amazing 60-70 guide. Used it to lvl every
step of the way. Good directions and details
of where to go and what quests to do. Regards,
Jake. "

One of our characters
- This is 'Spawneh' at level 67 and 70. (Click to

Class/Race/Faction Do I Need To Be To Use Your

Elite WoW warcraft leveling guides have been written
for players of all classes, factions and races.
If you play WoW and you want to level up and become
rich, this is the guide for you. The 1-60 guide
contains seperate 1-12 leveling instructions for
the Alliance Gnomes, Dwarves, Humans, Night Elves,
Draenei, and for the Horde Undead, Taurens, Blood
Elves, Trolls and Orcs. Our 60-70 guide has also
recently been released, so you don't have to worry
about not being up to date.

"This is so cool, if u write anythin
new send it to me plz, thanks. I've been
constantly using your guide to lvl up
my character :D"
Markus T.

"Easy to read and use, 10/10!"

Shouldn't I Pay Someone To Do All This For Me?
can go to a website and pay a gold farmer $500 to
level up your account and make you rich in 2 weeks,
but most gamers prefer to level and earn gold themselves
as opposed to pay someone else to do it. If you like
WoW and bought it to have fun, then we suggest you
power level your own character and make your own gold
instead of buying it for real money. This is why the
people at Elite WoW have focused on these guides instead
of offering a power leveling service which ruins the
spirit of the game. We have never and will never level
anyone's account.

Of The Elite WoW 1-70 Guide Package (V2.0)

to read, step-by-step instructions

supported by hyperlinks to thottbot
leveling for all races and classes.

gold guide at end of 1-60 and 60-70 guides
customer support by Admin
updates & notification of new versions for life!


excellent guide, clearly explained and
useful particularly in terms of giving
a seperate leveling walkthrough for each

was definitely useful. i like the fact
that you put more than one guide into
the whole thing. Received the updated
60-70 guide and its fantastic."

currently lvl 63. Your guide has been
very helpful. Thank you." 


bought the mount i wanted. peace."


guide was amazing but i want to know who
you are and what realm do you/your team
play on? please reply thanks"


"hook me up with your character online
so we can go raiding pvp style one day
:D "


this is some really cool stuff. Glad I
invested in this. "


The gold guides were good, but the leveling
material was even better. I've already
recommended this guide to my friends."

All testimonials
are 100% genuine and are kept on file.


Immediate Access Now...

Our Elite WoW package is officially the lowest priced
out there. For a one time payment of $39, you can
get access to our guides and any new material we release
in the future for FREE. This includes a free
1-70 guide update, and the upcoming guide for the
Wrath of the Lich King expansion! The quality of our
product is backed by Clickbank's return policy.


guide has been sold in the past for $99 and $59, and
we have always had satisfied customers. Quality does
come at a price, but we feel that $39 is more suited
to the budget of the average WoW player. We will only
keep the $39 price tag for the next few days, after
that, we will return it to the original price of $59.

not miss this great opportunity to purchase our warcraft
leveling guide at its lowest price ever!

are you ready to become one of the elite WoW players?

can make your payment via credit/debit card, Paypal
or eCheck through Clickbank's payment system. It's
fast and easy to use, and you can be assured of world-class
security when your making your payment.
Below To Order The Elite WoW Package
& Receive It Instantly
Via Digital Download!

Digital Download

will be immediately forwarded to a download page
after payment. No waiting around - even if its 3AM!
A Preview Of Our 60-70 Guide...

take a small preview of the Elite WoW Horde &
Alliance 60-70 Leveling guide. The guide is divided
into three sections, the Alliance and Horde 60-70
leveling guide, and a bonus gold making guide. The
guide is 73 pages in total. All three sections of
the guide are written in a clear, step by step manner,
with precise instructions on where to and what quests
to complete. Each and every single quest written
in the guide is backed by a web link, which will
take you to an external website, so you can access
more information on how to complete the quest. The
guide contains relevent screenshots in between the
text to help you should you get stuck along the

"This is one
amazing set of guides. I am proud to be
an Elite WoW player. It was well written,
detailed, informative, and above all,
it got me to where i am now.
to say hi and thanks for your awesome
guides. It completely owns the 'official'
ones out there. I seriously would be lost
as to where to go and what quests to do
to level up without your guides. I cant
imagine playing wow without them, it has
given me so much direction when playing
the game. You have done a great job and
I have already recommended and shown bits
of this guide to my friends who also went
on to buy your guide.

haven't ordered yet? Unsure if its 'too good to
be true'? Elite WoW is called 'Elite' for a reason,
and that's because we stand out from the rest of
the crowd. Our guides get down to the point and
tell you exactly what it is you have to do to become
an elite WoW player. Don't delay, enhance your WoW
gaming experience now and get to level 70 before
your friends do. Get it while you can for the special
price of $39!
Below To Order & Receive Via Instant Digital
Download Now!


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