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Hi I'm Molly, a Mom to two beautiful kids.

I have never been thin, but when the kids arrived, I got BIG!

I've tried many diets, and they usually worked for a while. But something happened, like the kids being ill and it all went downhill again.

I needed to try something that worked quickly and for the long term! My next door neighbour and best friend Sarah is a normal Mom just like me. We don't have lots of money, but we get by. She seems to eat like a horse and always stay thin.

I asked her to help me. With her advice, I lost 2-3 pounds every week (except christmas - but that doesn't count). That's over a stone in 6 weeks! All this and I could still have a treat night and hit the chocolate! The advice was so great it transformed my life. I have more confidence, I now let my husband see my body, and have so much more energy. Before i started, i was bulging over the jeans shown in the picture below. Now they fall down!

I really want to share the knowledge and joy this has bought me and help my local kids clubs in the process.

Because I want to help you, I have created an e-book on 'Recipes and Ideas for Weight Loss Games With Your Kids'. Although it would be worth around $10, I will give it to you for FREE. Just click the image below. I hope you like it.
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One thing - I love chocolate - and the best thing is that I can still have some. I can still drink wine, and have some Ben and Jerrys every now and then.
If you want to know how, my e-book - 'Fat Mom Thin Mom - How Thin Mom Does It' contains all the information of how. You can [ get it ](http://FMTMOrig.acefuture.pay.clickbank.net) by clicking the image link below.

[ ](http://FMTMOrig.acefuture.pay.clickbank.net)

Since I started out showing people like you how to get healthy, I have received some really heart warming stories of how this improved their lives.
The stuff in the book does not consist of a "Magic Secret". Instead, it is a series of steps you can take that will help you lose weight and maybe even save you from losing money in your main food shop.

I was fat, but now I'm slimmer, join me now to get much thinner!

[ ](http://FMTMOrig.acefuture.pay.clickbank.net)
Why would you trust me?

1. Well, firstly, I am a mom - so you are not going to get any advice that isn't workable for a normal family.
2. I love my food and think that the most important thing in life is to enjoy it. The book doesn't involve any stress or inflexible regiemes.
3. The book is covered my a 60 Day money back guarantee.

If you do, please get in touch. I would love to hear how well you are doing as a result of reading it.

Best wishes,

[ ](http://FMTMOrig.acefuture.pay.clickbank.net)



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