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Ever dreamed of getting the same tattoo as your favorite celebrity?

Now it's possible...

Hi welcome to celebritytattoodesigns.com internet's number #1 source for celebrity tattoo designs!

From hollywood celebrities, athletes, rappers, singers and international superstars....

Have instant access to thousands of our celebrity tattoo designs and templates guaranteed to make you look like a star!

Now you can get the same exact tattoo as your idols or modify them to your liking!

Your new tattoo is guaranteed to turn heads and receive praises from strangers.

So what are you waiting for? Join now and Dazzle Friends and impress potential mates with your new tattoo fit for a star!


I love how you also show the meaning behind the tattoos! That's how I chose my wrist tattoo, la vita bella which means life is beautiful =)

- Jane Clark, Canada.

As a tattoo artist, My clients just love your collection of tattoos! They are always unique and the best quality out there!

Danny "DG" Garcia, Hollywood California.

Getting smiles from strangers followed by cool tattoo! is just priceless =)

- Melissa Bailey, UK.

Join now and have instant access to:

[Hollywood Celebrities](index.php?page=Hollywood-Celebrities)

Now you can get the same tattoo as your favorite celebrities! Choose from thousands of tattoos from hundreds of celebrities.

[» view listings](index.php?page=Hollywood-Celebrities)


From basketball stars, football stars and many more! Choose from thousands of tattoos from the world's best athletes.

[» view listings](index.php?page=Athletes)

[Singers & Rappers](index.php?page=Singers-and-Rappers)

Love music? Perfect for aspiring artists or music fans who wants to get the same tattoo as their favorite artist!

[» view listings](index.php?page=Singers-and-Rappers)

[International Superstars](index.php?page=International-Superstars)

We are not just limited to hollywood stars! From Korea,India, China and many more, get the same tattoos as your favorite international stars.

[» view listings](index.php?page=International-Superstars)

[Tattoo Designs Gallery](index.php?page=Tattoo-Designs-Gallery)

Browse through over 5,000+ high quality unique tattoo designs from the world's best tattoo artists!

[» view listings](index.php?page=Tattoo-Designs-Gallery)

[Tattoo Meanings](index.php?page=Tattoo-Meanings)

Find tattoos based on special meanings, symbols, hidden messages, foreign languages and more!

[» view listings](index.php?page=Tattoo-Meanings)

[Tattoo Videos](index.php?page=Tattoo-Videos)

Get to watch hundreds of videos about tattoos! Select videos from a variety of categories and watch the art and drama of tattooing.

[» view listings](index.php?page=Tattoo-Videos)

[Tattoo EBooks](index.php?page=Tattoo-EBooks)

Increase your tat IQ with tat ebooks! Brush up on these bonus ebooks!

[» view listings](index.php?page=Tattoo-EBooks)

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