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“At last!  The Secret To End Daily Battles With Your Child Over Food And Relieve Your Worries About Your Child’s Intake And Health”

Over Come Your Child’s Picky Eating Behaviour
and Say Goodbye to Picky Eating Forever

Experienced Naturopath and Nutrition
Medicine Consultant shows you how..

Turn Your Picky Eater Into A Healthy Happy
Eater Within Weeks!

Here is an easy to follow action plan to transform your picky eater into a happy healthy eater.

A Personal Message From The Desk Of Christine Sullivan, Naturopath And Nutrition Medicine Consultant


Did you know that 80% of parents are concerned about their children’s eating habits?  So you are not alone!

Even the most health conscious parents, no matter how hard they try, can have a hard time making sure their kids eat the right foods and get the right level of nutrition to keep them healthy and grow and develop into healthy adults.

BUT, you are about to find out that it IS possible to have a child who eats well….  by following firm but gentle and proven holistic, nutritional strategies.

Let me introduce myself…

Hi, my name is Christine Sullivan.  I am a naturopath with over 26 years of clinical experience with families’, babies and children’s health, diet and nutrition medicine and am regarded as one of Australia’s leading practitioners in these fields.

Prior to my naturopathic training, I was a social worker working with families and children in care and in a children’s hospital as well as working with expectant and new parents as well as parents of toddlers.  For many years I facilitated antenatal and breastfeeding support groups as well as support groups for new parents and parents of toddlers.

I have always had a special interest in babies and children’s health and eating disorders.  As a child I was the ultimate picky eater and still have vivid memories of mealtime battles with my own parents, and doing the rounds of doctors and paediatricians regarding my poor eating.

I am also the mother of three now adult children.  All three went through stages of very picky eating so I know what it is like as a parent to want your child “just to eat something!” and the sheer frustration and exasperation you feel when everything you offer seems to be rejected.

My belief is that good wholesome food, patience and a healthy life style can overcome most health problems.

Children seem so vulnerable but at the same time are so resilient and good food will certainly help them reach their potential.

In the extremely fast pace of 21st century living it is so easy to rely of fast and convenience food , losing sight of basic nutritional principles and the healing power of good food and instead looking for “a pill for every ill”.

Hippocrates said “let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” so let’s use this principle with your picky eater!

Are you worried about your child’s eating? Does he or she only eat a limited or specific range of food? Are you exhausted from daily mealtime battles?

Are you tearing you hair out trying to get your child to eat?
Are you continually dealing with mealtime tantrums? Are you worried that your child may be missing out on vital nutrients due to picky eating? Do you fear that the reason your child is sick so frequently is due to his poor or limited choice of foods? Are you worried that your child’s behaviour problems or poor learning might be related to poor nutrition due to picky eating? Does your child play with or food rather than eating it? Are you tired of cooking special or different meals for different members of the family? Are you tired of wasting money by throwing out perfectly good but uneaten food?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above
then you need to keep reading!

As a naturopath and nutrition medicine consultant I regularly work with parents who are worried and desperate about their child’s picky and fussy eating habits and the myriad of health problems that frequently accompany this.

Through working with these families over the past 26 years I have developed a concept that I call KIDEOLOGY. 

To me, KIDEOLOGY is the art and science of treating children holistically with good nutrition and with natural food as their medicine wherever possible.

So, with this approach in mind, I have come up with some unique strategies that parents can quickly and easily implement to overcome those daily heartbreaking power struggles with food.

There’s no reason you have to continue to worry and
fret about your child’s picky or fussy eating!

I can give you a plan to help your child be more accepting of
the meals you present and become a happy, healthy eater.

When the families I see in my clinic follow the plan I will give you, within a couple of weeks their children begin to
lose a lot of their picky eating behaviour, become more interested in the food they are eating, mealtime battles disappear and everyone is less anxious and stressed

Because I have seen such wonderful outcomes with my young picky eaters, I want to be able to share some of my secrets with all your worried and concerned parents out there.

Here Are Some of the Benefits You will Get
From My “Feeding Picky Kids” Solutions

Happy mealtimes – no more battles or tantrums No more special meals being prepared for your fuss-pot eater You have a child who happily eats what you have prepared You have happy healthy child who loves food and particularly healthy food You have a much healthier child who does not have recurrent infections You have child who is happy and well behaved. No more money is wasted on good food being thrown out You spend less time worrying and feeling anxious about your child’s diet You can watch your child grow, thrive and shine in all areas of his or her life

Imagine a calm and happy home with a child who eats happily and healthily.

How good would that be?

Expert Advice From A ‘Child Health And Nutrition Expert’
To help you end your child’s picky and fussy eating behaviour

Yes, that’s right…..it is possible to have your child eat happily and healthily once you are able to address the major underlying factors with holistic and practical guidelines from an expert in childhood nutrition.

Can you imagine how good it will feel to have your child happily eat well and to be free of tantrums, family mealtime battles and wasted food!

My passion is in helping parents with practical, real life, manageable strategies to get results.

End all your worries over your child’s unhealthy eating forever – whether you are just battling through a toddler’s pickiness or whether your child’s picky eating is so bad that they hardly eat anything

If your child will only eat certain types of food If your child is addicted to particular or unhealthy foods If your child is exceptionally strong willed and stubborn If your child has a particular medical condition or diagnosis that affects eating behaviour

$37 USD

Is The Picky Eater Solution For You And Your Family? Not sure? Well consider these….

Are you feeling concern or anxiety about your child’s nutrition and growth? Are you angry or frustrated by the way your child is behaving at mealtime? Are you feeling depressed about your child’s eating behaviour and your inability to fix it? Are you constantly arguing with your child about their eating or behaviour Do feeding problems cause your child to withdraw or act out Is your relationship with your child or other family members suffering? Are you battling with a toddler’s normal picky eating behaviour? Is your child only occasionally picky about food? Do you have an older child who is very finicky about their food? Do you have a child who will only eat a small range of food? Do you have a child who has specific health problems or an entrenched eating disorder?

If any of the above apply to you and your family
then this e-book is for you.

The need for food is biological but picky and problematic eating has more than doubled over the last decade.  Did you realise that most eating behaviour is learned?  Lifetime eating habits are usually fully established by the age of 8 years. 

All children can learn healthy eating habits and all parents, with a little support, can teach them.

Here is a sneak preview……

By Purchasing my “Feeding Picky Kids” Solutions You Will Learn….

1.  The many underlying reasons that children may have picky or fussy eating behaviours

2.  Ways of coping with food refusal behaviour

3.  Lots of mealtime strategies to encourage happy healthy eating and reduce your stress

4.  Some of the secrets, strategies and tools to help your child to become a healthy eater

5.  Clever ways to increase nutrients in your child’s diet even if food choices are limited

6.  Fun ways to present food to your picky eater so that they ask for more and more

7.  The best foods to keep in your fridge and pantry to nourish your child

8.  How to plan and create delicious meals, snacks and treats your children and whole family will love to eat

9.  Fun ways of educating, explaining and “marketing” food to your child

10. Key nutrition basics that you need to know as a parent to set your child up with the foundation of robust health

11. Information on the main nutrients required by your child and their specific role in your child’s growth and development

12. What foods are rich sources of these vital nutrients

13. Vital information on food labels

14. Some reasons behind more serious eating problems

15. How to create optimal health outcomes for your child – physical, emotional and behavioural.

16. And much, much more

How Do I Know This Will Work? 


This eBook is the closest thing to having me right there in your home or in a one to one consultation.


Every family and each child is different and will have different likes, dislikes and specific requirements.  In this e-book I have taken into account the uniqueness of each family situation and each child so there are many options and tools to cover all family situations.

Read What Other People Have Had To Say…….. 

Here is just a sample of the feedback I have received so far……

My son is 21 months old and I was looking for some suggestions to help him eat.  Mealtimes were a great source of frustration for me. So much so that anyone who visited at a mealtime would be asked to feed him, just to give me a break from the stress. I was really looking forward to reading your book and putting into practice your suggestions.

Your book gave me a much better understanding of the reasons he is probably a picky eater but also plenty of ideas of how to deal with it.  Having nutritious snacks readily available all day was a good idea and certainly seems to be working.  This is easy to do and I don’t have to worry about snack time as it is already under control.

Using wholegrain muffins or hiding vegetables in muffins is a great idea. He still gets his “cake” but it is a healthy version.  I loved the idea of making a “sauce” for vegetables out of fruit as my little boy loves to “dip”. 
The most valuable part of the book for me was your suggestions for mealtime strategies.

Jo M, Brisbane, Australia

I was getting really stressed when my son didn’t eat.  He was 5 weeks premature at birth but did well, fed ok and seemed to like his food until he was about 18 months old.  From that time nothing seemed to please him and feeding him became so stressful.  We were often both in tears.  After reading your book on feeding picky kids I have tried a lot of your really great suggestions and found that they have worked well.  The most important thing is that this book has helped me relax some about it.  I realise now that my pushing food on him was a bad tactic in the long run.

Maggie R, Dallas, U.S.

Just following some of the basic ideas in your book has completely changed mealtimes at our house – thank goodness!  We had come to dread mealtime and especially dinner in the evenings.  Our two children aged 6 and 3 used to reject any new food on sight and only picked at most meals anyway.  Mealtimes were always a battle of cajoling and negotiation.  Just to get them to “just take one bite” or “just try it” was a nightmare.  My husband and I have slightly different ideas on certain aspects of child rearing so we were always arguing as well.  It was awful and I sometimes felt a real failure as a parent.
The real turning point for us was my realisation that it was up to me to provide my children with healthy nutritious food but it was up to them to decide how much and if they were going to eat it.  Having them more involved in the purchase and preparation of their food also made a big difference.  Thank you so much for your practical and easy ideas.  I was able to put some suggestions into place right away and saw the difference.

Kathy L, Perth, Australia

When I bought this book I thought that I was going to read about how I was doing everything wrong in the way I was trying to feed my picky eater and that it was all my fault that she was that way.  Instead it was not that way at all.
I loved the tips on how to increase the nutritional value of the food that my daughter will currently eat, how to make food more fun and appealing to her and all the different nutritious things that could be hidden in accepted food until her food choices widen a little.  We have had lots of fun making up names and rhymes for various meals and foods that she previously wouldn’t even look at.
I have actually found reading through this book very comforting and reassuring.  It gave me hope and a plan of action to deal with my fussy girl.  All the tips and suggestions are reasonable and very useful.  None of the suggestions are impossible or even stressful for me and they work so well for my little family.

Emily R, Bath, U.K.

Will These Strategies Really Work For You And Your Family?

You have a 60 day guarantee to try this program and find out for yourself. 

Once you start implementing some of the strategies consistently you will know it works – just like it has for thousands of families I have worked with.

If however, in the very unlikely case that you are NOT absolutely thrilled with the results then simply email me and I will give you a full refund

Who Will Benefit Most From My “Feeding Picky Kids” Solution?

Any family trying to cope with even just normal toddler picky eating. Parents of children whose picky eating is the result of or cause of other health problems Parents of children who have more entrenched, difficult and worrying picky eating behaviours Parents who are struggling and tired of making different meals for each member of the family Those who can’t afford to or don’t like to be throwing out perfectly good but uneaten meals Parents who are concerned about their child’s health and nutrition

$37 USD

Why Is This The Best Action You Can Take
Right Now?

You finally have hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel dealing with your picky eater You will have knowledge and practical tools to change and improve your child’s eating behaviour You can have an impact on your child’s health that will go on throughout their life time You can relax and enjoy your child without constant battles over food You can end all your worries over your child’s unhealthy, picky eating forever! You will have a clear approach to your child’s eating that you know will work.  It may not be easy at first when using different strategies and learning different ways of presenting food but with persistence the outcome will certainly be positive. Your child’s health will improve – fewer runny noses or ‘sore tummies’, dashes to the doctor or sleepless nights with a sick child A happier child with fewer tantrums and grumpiness who embraces and enjoys family meals and conversation A much more nutritionally sound child who is eager to learn, run, jump and play A child who will eat well for the rest of their life You, your child and your family will  have more quality time together for fun and to do the things you enjoy

What Will “Feeding Picky Kids” Solutions Do For You?
Reduce stress Reduce mealtime battles Improve your  child’s appetite mprove your child’s food choices Improve your child’s health and behaviour

You will have a child who enjoys and engages with good healthy food Yours is a happier healthier family

Don’t delay. Click here to download this valuable information and do away with stressful mealtimes, worry and anxiety about your child’s food intake for good.

$37 USD

At Last …Here Is A Resource That Gives You The Tools You Need To Overcome Picky Eating And Keep Your Family Truly Healthy!

What Is Your Child’s Health Worth?

An improved attitude toward food means better eating habits and better nutrition.  Then comes better health in general, improved mood and behaviour, stronger immune systems, greater vitality and overall much happier children!

What Do You Need To Know To End Daily Battles Over Food And
Relieve Your Worries Over Your Child’s Health?

Children can only reach their full potential if they have the right help to get there, good eating habits and good nutrition is the key to good health.

Allow your child to experience the level of health and happiness they were born to have and establish a solid foundation of good health they will enjoy their entire lives.

Understanding some basic and simple health and nutrition concepts will help you take the necessary steps to support and enhance the health of your child as well as recognising those things could be potentially harming or hindering their health and well being.

You can get your children to eat healthily, to stop fighting and arguing over food.  You can have a calmer, more peaceful home – just like the countless happy and satisfied parents I have worked with in clinic and those who have used this guide.

Put some of my KIDEOLOGY into practice.  By using what I have learned over many years through personal experience and professional clinical practice, you can alter the immediate and long term health and future of your child.

You need to get an action plan – what I have found essential to success for every picky eater.

You may be sceptical and that is okay.  But hopefully my 26 years of experience in this area PLUS my teaching this subject at naturopathic college will give you confidence that my suggestions work.

I want to be very clear with you in your struggle with picky eating.  This guide brings you solutions that work the majority of time. It should work for you like it has for hundreds of families.

Let me know if it didn’t work for you (after following my suggestions for 60 days) and you will get your money back.

The information, guidelines and strategies you will get in my solutions for “Feeding Picky Kids” e-book are the exact same as I use in my private practice.  I treat many young children and their families using this approach and charge and average of $100 per session.

Most families will need around 4 to 5 sessions.

But you are NOT going to have to pay anywhere near this price to discover the secrets to naturally overcoming your child’s picky eating behaviour.

I am not going to charge you hundreds of dollars because I want you to be able to purchase “Feeding Picky Kids” today and get started on making changes immediately.

I really want you to see the results, have your child become a happy healthy eater and have a peaceful family mealtime as soon as possible.

You get the advantage of this information that condenses years of my clinical experience and KIDEOLOGY approach into simple, practical, easy to implement strategies and tools you can use immediately – with a proven track record.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

Your investment in the solution to “Feeding Picky Kids” e-book is USD $37 (or the equivalent in your local currency).

That’s right…for a small price you are going to have all the tips, secrets and methods to nourish your little one and say goodbye to picky and fussy eating forever.

$37 USD

What Makes My “Feeding Picky Kids” Solutions So Powerful?

1.  You can end your worries over poor eating and say goodbye to all the struggles and tears as well.  Imagine your home where you are peaceful and confident, free of those mealtime battles, the cajoling and bargaining, and you are contented and at peace with your child’s healthy eating.  Surely that relief is worth many times the cost of this practical guide.

2.  You are doing something different.  Why continue doing something that isn’t working.  What is the use of doing the same thing over and over again and hoping that something will change?  If what you are currently doing is not working….. Change it!

3.  You can download this guide in a couple of minutes and be well on the way to a healthier and happier child in no time.

Don’t Hesitate.  I Really Want To Help You And
Give You Some Tools To Turn Your Picky
Eaters Into Happy Healthy Eaters.

The benefits of this guide will bring peace into your home and ensure your child happily eats a healthy meal every day.

$37 USD

For only a small cost (couple of movie tickets) get you can get “Feeding Picky Kids” sent directly to your email.  There is no waiting and no shipping cost.

And there is no risk for you.  If you apply the tools and principles in the guide for at least 60 days and it doesn’t work for you just email me and you will get your money back.

You Will Actually Get Much More Than Just The Guide….
You Also Get….

Relief from daily battles over food Peace of mind and relief from worrying about your child’s picky eating A much healthier and happier child who will grow into a happy, healthy adult Money saved and relief over having to throw out uneaten food More time and energy as you won’t have to keep preparing different meals Useful ideas, tools and strategies that will end all pickiness and battles over food More energy, enthusiasm and peacefulness regarding where your child’s now healthy eating patterns will take him into his future A bonus “Meal Planner for Picky Kids” to help you get organised and plan meals that will be eaten Bonus “Food for Picky Kids” recipe book with lots of recipes for meals and healthy snacks your picky eater simply won’t be able to resist Bonus “I Can Taste A Rainbow” chart – Use this chart to help your get kids to try new foods Access to all future updates of the “Feeding Picky Kids” e-book

What Is It Worth To Have No More Mealtime Battles?

How Much Would You Give To End Your Worries?

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

You Begin To Get Results Quickly

You Won’t Have To Continually Worry If Your Child Is Growing And Developing Properly

If I Could Guarantee You A Healthy Eater Would You
Hesitate…. Or Would You Take Action Right Now?

Right now is the time to end the constant battle with your picky eater.  This really is a small investment to make so you can relax and have your child develop good eating habits, to reach their full potential and experience the level of health and happiness they were born to have.


Simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button below.  Once your order is complete with ClickBank ® you can download “Feeding Picky Kids” e-book and your fantastic bonuses to get started IMMEDIATELY.  There are no shipping fees, no delays.

$37 USD




This bonus e-book is packed full of great ideas to take the stress out of meal planning and save time in the kitchen.  It will help you get organised and plan meals that your picky eaters will eat and enjoy.



A fabulous recipe book with lots of recipes for yummy, healthy meals and healthy snacks your picky eater simply won’t be able to resist.  These recipes are healthy, fast, extremely easy to prepare and vital to your success with your picky eater.  This book is a companion to “Feeding Picky Kids” and “Meal Plans for Picky Kids” providing you with the recipes and details of the hints, and tips in the other books.



Here is a brightly coloured chart with stickers as a gift you your picky eater.  Download print and laminate these to encourage and reward your picky eater to try new healthy foods and have a system of rewards for doing so.


Feeding Picky Kids – new editions

As a special thank you, I will ensure that you receive, absolutely free, access to all future updates of the “Feeding Picky Kids” e-book, “Meal Plans for Picky Kids”, “Food for Picky Kids” recipe book and healthy eating reward charts.

How Do You Know That My Feeding Picky Kids Solution
Is What You Need Right Now?
As a parent of three picky eaters as well as being a social work and naturopathic practitioner with nearly 3 decades of clinical experience, I have treated hundreds of families with nutritional and dietary issues and especially children with picky and problematic eating behaviours.  I know that the suggestions and tools I am giving you in this e-book work. My suggestions are based on proven nutritional and behavioural science and research as well as my own clinical experience.  You can put these strategies to use with confidence of years of accumulated research and clinical experience. There is nothing wrong with your child.  There may be some problems with their eating habits and behaviour but there is nothing that can’t be fixed. You can begin to implement some of these tools and strategies immediately and get results FAST! I simply want to make it as easy as possible for you and your family to enjoy stress free mealtimes and to ease your worry and anxiety about your child’s health and nutrition.

Ready to get Started?  YES!

Simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button below.  Once your order is complete with ClickBank ® you can download “Feeding Picky Kids” e-book and your fantastic bonuses to get started IMMEDIATELY.  There are no shipping fees, no delays.

$37 USD

My No Risk Guarantee

But of course, the e-book and all the bonuses will be yours to keep as a “thank you” gift from me.  That’s right, you have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

Right, let’s recap…..this is what you get
What You Get Value Your Cost
Information gleaned from nearly 3 decades of research, personal and professional clinical experience in the e-book “Feeding Picky Kids” equivalent to 4 + private consultations with average fee of $100
$400.00 $37
Great ideas to help you get organised and plan meals that your picky eaters will eat and enjoy
$25.00 FREE
A fabulous recipe book with lots of recipes for meals and healthy snacks your picky eater simply won’t be able to resist.
$35.00 FREE
Free Bonus Gift # 3 “I CAN TASTE A RAINBOW” chart A colourful chart and stickers for you to download and use to encourage your picky kids to try new foods
$20.00 FREE
Free Bonus Gift # 4 Access to all future updates to the “Feeding Picky Kids” e-book
$35.00 FREE
Your Special (Early Bird) Discounted Price
$37.00 YOU SAVE $478.00
$37 USD

So There You Have It – You Have The Option Of Three Choices…
You can do nothing and continue to fret and worry about your child’s eating and health and hope that their eating behaviour and nutrition will improve someday. Continue to tear your hair out, be frustrated and battle with your child and use the same methods you use now to try to get your child to eat well. Purchase “Feeding Picky Kids” and start seeing immediate changes in your picky eater and see them turn into a healthy, happy eater with robust health to reach their true potential.

$37 USD

It Is Time To Invest In Your Child’s Health.

So if you are truly ready to get started just click the button below and follow the steps through the order process.

Once you order is complete with ClickBank ® you can download “Feeding Picky Kids” and get started IMMEDIATELY.  There are no shipping fees and no delays.

Don’t hesitate.  Click the order button and get started TODAY!

It IS possible to have a child who eats well….  by following proven holistic, nutritional strategies.
Wishing you and your family the best in health

Naturopath & Nutrition Medicine Consultant
Brisbane, Australia.

P.S.  I know as a parent you want the very best for your child, for him or her to have good health, to grow, thrive and develop to their full potential.  NOW is time to use the tools, hints and strategies in” Feeding Picky Kids” to get rid of that worry and anxiety around your child’s picky or fussy eating behaviour.

P.P.S.  If how you have been dealing with your child’s eating issues is not working and your worry about it has not ceased then you need to think about doing something different.  It is time to discover some new ways of dealing with picky eating.  Click the order button and get started today.

P.P.P.S.  Remember, “Feeding Picky Kids” is 100% guaranteed for a FULL 60 days.  Try it out and decide for yourself.  Isn’t your child’s health and happiness worth it? 

You owe it to YOURSELF, YOUR CHILD, and YOUR FAMILY to be healthy, happy and stress free.

So or now while it is fresh on your mind!

$37 USD

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