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CAUTION: This Software Will Start a Pandemic...

A Viral Outbreak That Will Infect Thousands Upon Thousands Of People With An Irresistable Urge To Visit Your Site!

This Sleek Looking WordPress Plugin Builds Your List, Sends an Army Of Traffic & Boosts Google Rankings In One Click!


Grab Social Link Domination Today While Its Still Available!


Dear Exhausted Online Marketer

What If you could finally unleash an avalanche of traffic to your site, grow your email list into the thousands, automate high authority backlink posting and finally get Google to move you high into the search engine rankings in search of that elusive FREE organic traffic…

Oh Yea & How About Being Able To Achieve All That Without:

Working yourself to death on figuring out SEO, spending hard earned cash on hired workers that don’t deliver the goods or without having to spend hours of your own time uploading articles, press releases and adding forum posts in the hope you gain a few new visits?

Does That All Sound Way To Familiar?


What about getting your own site visitors to willingly send your site viral just for coming to your site and grabbing something they desire for free?

And no this isn’t just a handful of visits, I’m taking about a full on frontal assault of curious traffic bombing your sites pages!
You See If You Didn’t Already Know

SEO is the hardest most drawn out and expensive form of traffic generation!

The simple truth is GOOGLE has changed, not once, not twice but many times and without warning!

This means your article’s & press release submissions not to mention all the rest of your hard worked backlinking effort can all be in vain as their just not as effective as they used to be!



Social Presence Is Google’s Number One Factor In 2012 When It Comes To Search Engine Rankings & Page Rank!

There’s no escaping the fact that you need to be building a social following if your going to generate traffic and backlinks that get Google’s attention.

Its pretty simple:

The more people share your site on facebook, tweet about it and Google +your site then the more people will view your site and follow suit, giving you traffic 24/7 plus higher search engine rankings.

Your Site Will Go Viral Catching On Faster Than The Flu In Winter, With This

Simple Sleek & Best Viral Social Media Sharing Pop Up On The Market!

With Social Link Domination Your About To Discover The Truth Behind Free Viral Traffic Generation Without You Even Lifting a Finger Or Spending a Dime On Advertising!

You see generating traffic this way is hands down the fastest and easiest way, especially when the tool I am about to show you can draw these visitors to your site and offers all day long on complete autopilot! 
So How Does This Plugin Actually Work, & What’s The Exact Process?

Well we have a number of time tested and proven ways to get your site visitors to willingly send you traffic by sharing your content!

The first way of doing this:

is you offer your site visitors something of value and something they desire such as a free download, report, video course, access to a webinar training event, discount coupon or some juicy insider tips etc…

Now the only way for your visitor to access there free gift is by sharing your site on either Facebook, Twitter or Google+

The way we present this offer to them is via a sleek, eye catching pop up which can be set to appear on any page of your site after a set amount of time that your visitor has been on your page!

You can either present them with an appealing headline, bullet points explaining the offer and an image or present them with a video message asking them to share your site in exchange for a free download!

Once your user shares your site they can then be automatically redirected to a download page via a pre set URL to collect there free gift, now this also gives you the ability to do a number of things such as:
Send them to a One Time Offer page! Send them to a squeeze page and capture their email address! Send them to a webinar registration page to view their free training!
The second way of doing this is:

Your user will be presented with a pop up that displays a countdown timer and locks all content on your site, for your site visitor to be able to continue viewing the content they either share your site or wait for the countdown to reach zero where they will then be able to close the pop up.

The Third Way Of Doing This Is:

Total lockdown of your sites content! That’s right you will have the option to totally lock down your sites content unless your site visitor clicks one of the share icons! This great if you have juicy content…

Simply create a new popup to show on one of your blogs popular posts and set it to sappear in say 30 seconds, this way your site visitor will be engaged enough by your sites juicy content then suddenly boom the content is locked and the only way to unlock the post and continue to read will be to share the blog post or a URL of your choosing!

We Have Covered Every Angle On This One To Ensure Your Site Goes Viral as Simply & as Quickly as Possible!

 Now Lets Talk Number! 

Just imagine you get 100 visitors a day. Some websites get a lot more than this but let’s be conservative.

Out of 100 visitors, let’s say only 50% accept your free gift and share your website with their contacts.

Now let’s say each of those 50 visitors has on average at least 100 contacts in the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Now I’m being conservative again. Some people have hundreds and thousands of contacts.

So 50 visitors x 100 contacts = 5,000 contacts.

So that’s 5000 new potential visitors to your site for free.

Let’s say they visit your site and just half of them opt-in to get your free gift.

You’ve just potentially added 2,500 new subscribers to your list.

You’ve just created 2,500 quality bank-links to your site.

And your Google rankings will begin to take off like a rocket!

But it doesn’t end there.

Because when those 2500 new subscribers share your website with their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ contacts guess what’s going to happen?

You guessed it!

Those contacts will visit your site and see the same pop up offering them a free gift for sharing your website with their contacts so:

2500 x 100 = 250,000

That’s 250,000 new potential visitors to your website for free.

Let’s say just half of those 250,000 visitors opt-in for your free gift and share your website address with their contacts.

That’s 125,000 potential new subscribers added to your list.

You’ve just created 125,000 quality bank-links to your site.

And once again your Google rankings will be firmly fixed on page one!

But Just When You Thought Thing Are Going Well,
They Get Better Because Guess What?

Those 125,000 are going to share your website with their contacts which means you’ll keep on getting more and more subscribers joining your list for free.

I think you get the message, right?

That’s the power of viral marketing!

It’ll keep growing and growing until it takes you to the level of success you’ve only dreamt of.

Your website details will get passed around like a virus for free without you having to do any extra work.

You’ll get high quality back-links.

Your Google ranking will keep improving every time someone opts in and refers their contacts.

That’s means, no extra leg work, running around or staying up all night for you.

It’ll keep working for you faithfully and silently in the background, day and night.

It will grow your subscriber list and skyrocket your income.

Introducing Social Link Domination

Features List
Customise the popups heading, body text and banner text. Set the time at which the popup appears to your visitors. Choose whether to include Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. Plus many more features!

Using Social Link Domination You Will Be Able To Send Your Content & Pages Around The Net Like a Social Media Wild Fire, Boosting Google Rankings, Sales & Opt-Ins All Managed From One Super Simple 30 Seconds To Set Up WP Plugin!


So if your looking for a viral traffic generating WordPress Plugin that can lock content, tease users to share content via a free download, build THOUSANDS of social backlinks to your site, accelerate your listbuilding efforts and rocket your site up to the top of Google’s organic search listings without hours upon hours of tedious SEO tactics then…

Social Link Domination Is Your Answer!

The software its self cost 1,000′s of DOLLARS to create, test and tweak!

But were not going to charge you anywhere near that to get your hands on this revolutionary WordPress Plugin.

For a limited time only were going to be making this available for just $37 including free lifetime upgrades!

Only $37 Plus FREE Lifetime Upgrades!

The sooner you install this on your WordPress site then the sooner your going to see results – its that simple!

Remember: Social Link Domination takes barely requires any set up, is compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress and I take supporting my customers very seriously that’s why we have support available 24/7 through our support desk!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Full 100% Money Back Guarantee! If your not satisfied for any reason with your purchase just send me a message using our support desk provided to you and I’ll refund every penny that you paid – ASAP. No questions asked, no hassles whatsoever! Thank You For Your Purchase!

Social Link Domination WordPress Plugin: I’m ready to order the most viral social media traffic tool on the net today! I understand this tool is so powerful it will flood my site with thousands of visitors on complete autopilot! I also understand that this tool can explode my email list 10x faster than any other wordpress plugin! I also understand that my purchase is backed up by a full 60 days money back guarantee!

Social Link Domination – WordPress Viral Traffic Plugin


Add To Cart Limited Time Offer Only $37

Social Link Domination is a WordPress plugin.
Domain, Hosting and WordPress 3.0+ Required. Social Link Domination will not Work on
WordPress.com Hosted Blogs or WordPress MU/Multisite networks

[Take Action Now & Start Flooding Your Site With Customers & Social Backlinks, Click To Order!](http://1.acemarket9.pay.clickbank.net)

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