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Building Brain Power Testimonials


Building Brain Power has already helped thousands of people improve their intelligence and accomplish things they never knew they were capable of. Below are some stories from real people who have changed their lives by using Building Brain Power.

There were no gimmicks… it was just a straightforward process that helped me learn to focus

- Patrick J

I experienced a profound transformation by following Building Brain Power!

- Adam M

Start Getting Smarter Today!

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What’s Included in Building Brain Power


Component 1: The Building Brain Power Ebook

The meat of the course, this ebook (delivered as a pdf file) is the most comprehensive guide to cognitive enhancement available anywhere. You’ll learn the science behind how the brain works and what determines your mental performance. You’ll then learn countless ways you can improve your cognition and mental performance. (delivered as a .pdf file)


Component 2: The 90 Day Neuro Regimen

This is the structured mental workout regimen. It will lay out exactly what you should do for 90 days to get the brain you want. I understand everyone’s brain is different and everyone will progress at a different rate. (delivered as a .xls file)

For these reasons, commentary is provided on a weekly basis to help guide you individually through the process.


Component 3: The Building Brain Power Tracker

It is a proven fact that tracking your progress through any course will greatly increase your success rate. This excel template will making keeping track of all the advice outlined in this program a breeze. This tracker links to the most reliable IQ tests and over 100 mental exercises. (delivered as a .xls file)

It also allows you to track your usage of nootropics and your diet and lifestyle changes.


Component 4: Smart Drugs Buyer’s Guide

Finding reliable places to purchase the nootropic supplements you need can be a hassle. This component reviews many nootropic vendors. Learn about where they are based, the quality of their products, and the prices they charge. (delivered as a .pdf file)


BONUS: Free Updates for Life!

The world of cognitive enhancement is constantly changing. New research is constantly being published, and new levels of understanding are being reached as a result. Rest assured, every time new information comes out, Building Brain Power will be updated. Whenever a new nootropic, mental exercise, lifestyle strategy, or diet change can improve this program you will get the update completely free of charge.

Building Brain Power is the most complete, up-to-date, and accurate cognitive enhancement program available. Free updates will keep it that way. You can also get quick answers to any questions you may have about Building Brain Power by sending us an email at support@buildingbrainpower.com

DON’T WAIT Get instant access to Building Brain Power now at a special price!


Building Brain Power Research


Every cognitive enhancement lesson and technique shared in Building Brain Power is based off of real scientific research. Below you can see some examples of the studies which make up the foundation of this course.

[Cognitive Enhancement is Possible](#)

Research: Increasing intelligence is possible

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2008 May 13; 105(19): 6791–6792 — [Read Abstract](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2383939/?tool=pmcentrez)

[You Can Grow New Brain Cells](#)

Research: You can grow new brain cells throughout your entire life

Hippocampus. 2006;16(3):329-43. — [Read Abstract](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16435309)

[The Brain Can Be Trained Like a Muscle](#)

Research: The Brain Can be Trained Like a Muscle

National Association of Independent Schools — [Read Article](http://www.nais.org/publications/ismagazinearticle.cfm?ItemNumber=150439)

[Mental Exercise Makes You Smarter](#)

Research: Intelligence can be improved by training your memory

National Academy of Sciences of the USA (2008) — [Read Abstract](http://www.pnas.org/content/105/19/6829.long)

[Exercise Boosts Brainpower](#)

Research: Aerobic exercise makes your brain larger and improves intelligence

National Academy of Sciences of the USA (2010) — [Read Abstract](http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2011/01/25/1015950108.abstract)

[Smart Drugs are Real and Effective](#)

Research: Drugs can improve mental performance in healthy people

Psychopharmacology (Berl). 1976 Sep 29;49(3):307-9. — [Read Abstract](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/826948)

Want to See More Research?

We’ve made our entire sources cited section available to download FOR FREE! We’ve cited over one-hundred and fifty studies while creating Building Brain Power, and inside this document you can find a link to every single one!

[Download All Cited Studies](http://www.buildingbrainpower.com/Sources.pdf)

Start Getting Smarter Today!

Order Building Brain Power today, at a special price of only $37 Don’t wait! We can’t offer Building Brain Power at this price for very long!


Get the complete Building Brain Power Course, Free Smart Drugs Vendor Guide, and FREE updates for life! No monthly payments, in fact you’ll never pay another cent! 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you aren’t satisfied for any reason I will give you a COMPLETE REFUND!


You can get instant access to Building Brain Power, the only workout regimen for your mind, for just $37

There’s No Reason to Wait!

Investing in improving your mind and mental performance will be one of the best decisions you ever make! Take the first step to realizing your full potential by ordering Building Brain Power Now!
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Disclaimer: Dr. Hess, the narrator of the introduction video, is a pseudonym for a licensed physician closely involved in the creation of building brain power.

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