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Spartan Body Program

What good is hitting the gym 3-4 times a week if you still look the
same... year after year?

A Gym Lover Finally Bolsters His Courage And
Goes Straight Up To A Reputable Personal Trainer To Find Out...

How To Make Your Gym Time Matter And Get
That Lean, Ripped,
Rock-Hard Spartan Look
In 30 Days!

Build muscle AND drop body fat at the same time - and why most
personal trainers get this one wrong

Cramped for time? This takes LESS time than your usual workouts

Get that “GQ” look chicks “dig” - instead of the puffy
hourglass figure of a bodybuilder

Stop sabotaging your progress by switching workouts - grab one that
gets you results and run with it

...And more!

Have you seen the movie “300”? Remember how insanely ripped the
cast was?

Now look at the dudes at your gym. Some of them have been coming here
just like you... for months and years, yet they still look bulky - at

Have you ever wondered...

“How the hell did the cast of “300”
get SO friggin shredded?”

The good news is... Anyone can look like this (or get a lean,
muscular physique, like the guy featured next to this -->).

In fact, it can take as little as 30 days - provided you’re
somewhat in shape.

Would you like the ladies to look at you the same way they look at
Gerard Butler? Dominique West?

Would you like other guys go green with envy looking at your rock
hard muscles shrink-wrapped by your skin?

You see, what makes the “300” look awesome is that it is all
about agility and action.

It’s function over form - because these are Spartan Warriors
we’re talking about.

That means once you get there... it won’t be just looks. You’ll
feel great and perform at your peak capacity.

Problem is...

None Of The Conventional Routines
Will Get You That “300” Look...
NO Matter How Hard Or Long You Work Out

Want proof? Just look at most personal trainers and most guys in the
gym. (And that probably includes you, too...)

It’s not like you’re not working out several days a week.

You’re no slacker, and you know how to eat right (at least in

Yet there’s still NO definition to your muscle.

Or worse, you have that hourglass figure that makes you wear baggy
pants (and put up with jokes about how 80s called and asked for your
pants back).

Take me, for example.

My name is Tom Ness, and I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times a
week for years.

The problem with me is that I’m unable to stick with a routine for
longer than a month and a half. Maybe two, but that’s pushing it.

As a result.. I’m reasonably fit, but I ain’t no Spartan.

That’s why one fine Autumn day on my way to the gym...

...I decided that’s it.

Instead of struggling to find the answers on my own, I'm going to
find a personal trainer (someone who actually knows his stuff) and
grill him - step by step - on what I should do to get that “300”

It took a while of searching, but finally one personal trainer knew
exactly what needed to be done. He told me simply...

"It’s all about gaining muscle and dropping
body fat at the same time."

The problem though, as you might already know, is that this is one of
the hardest things to do. You can do one or the other easily, but the
challenge lies in doing them both at the same time.

Even though the trainer was unsure of what a program would look like
to achieve this goal - one anyone could follow - I was determined to
get my answers.

I knew that once I had a system in place (and it wasn’t going to
take me 180 days or something ridiculous like that) I could do it.

After his initial shock, we came up with a plan of what EXACTLY I
should do to make my goal of having a Spartan physique a reality.

What You’re About To Discover Is A System
That’ll Get You The “300” Look In 30 Days

Have you ever tried doing a 30 day challenge?

I’m not talking just about fitness... Maybe you’ve tried to
commit to eating healthy for 30 days. Maybe you’ve tried to refrain
from watching TV for 30 days. Or something else.

If you have, you know that committing to something for just 30 days
makes it easy to see through.

With that in mind, I and my personal trainer have created a system
that takes exactly 30 days.

It’s easy to do - just commit to this for 30 days, get your results
and be done with this. As simple as that!

“Tom... Can A Downloadable System REALLY Get Me
The Crazy Ripped Physique Of A Spartan Warrior?”

Let me put it this way.

This system will NOT lift weights for you. This system will NOT drive
you to the gym. And this system will NOT pass the McDrive and pick
something healthy instead.

You are going to do all the heavy lifting. Pun very much intended.

Yet... You won’t be lost for one minute.

You’ll know exactly what you should be doing.

This is not a rehash of something I’ve scraped off bodybuilding

No offence, but most of the stuff there will NOT get you the
“300” look.

That’s why here what you’re getting is a complete system that’s
designed with ONE thing in mind: making you look like you’ve come
straight off the set of “300”.

All You Need Is 30 Days, A Little Willpower And
The Ability To Follow Simple Instructions

Introducing the...

Spartan Body Program

Your Complete Workout font-family: Tahoma;">A Lean, Ripped, Rock-Hard
Spartan Physique In 30 Days

This system is a result of hours spent picking my personal
trainer’s brain.

What you’ll get is access to a workout routine and a diet that will
let you achieve the “300” look in 30 days - without doing the
crushing routine the “300” cast did!

The Spartan Workout contains...

Complete workout routine for 4 weeks (including sets, reps, cardio -

Just print this out and take this with you to the gym - it’s a
matter of doing simple exercises that everyone knows how to do!

How to burn extreme amount of body fat in as little as 30 days

How the “300” cast get their physique and why you should NOT do
exactly what they did

The Spartan Diet contains...

The “carb rotation” diet plan that will NOT have you eating
cucumbers and drinking water all day long

7 day plan to “trick” your body into shedding body fat - while
keeping muscle!

Why you should NOT skip breakfast - and what to do if you can’t
eat a single bite of food in the morning

How to substitute any food in the diet plan you don’t like

…and more!

Let me tell you straight away that if you’re not somewhat fit
already... you should not attempt this system. You don’t have to be
in a top shape, but if you’re obese (I’m not talking about a
little spare tire here... I’m talking mobility-scooter-driving kind
of obese), it’s best you start slow.

And the usual legal thing to say is... always check with your
physician whether you’re ready for ANY exercise program - especially
a demanding one, like Spartan Workout.

However, if you feel you’re ready...

Grab your spear and shield and scream... “Spartans! Ready your
breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight we dine in Hell!”

…Or just grab this program and hit the gym. And know that you’re
going to LOVE the results in 30 days.

Thought That's It?
Check Out These Awesome Bonuses...

Not only are you getting the entire course (both the Diet Plan AND
the complete Workout Plan) for the Spartan Body Program, I'm also
giving you these exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1: Exercise Cheat Sheets
($37 value)

Most workouts are fairly complex - enough that you need to write down
the routines or even bring the entire book with you to the gym so you
don't forget the exercises (or the order to do them in).

Now you won't have to do that... I've condensed all the workouts down
into pocket-sized "Cheat Sheet" PDFs that you can download, print out
and take with you to the gym.

Use these to reference the workout routines for each day of each week
to make sure you're doing all the exercises - and doing them right.

Bonus #2: Spartan Diet Meal Plans
($37 value)

I don't want you to have to guess with any part of this program. So
along with the complete Spartan Diet Plan, I've included an entire
section devoted to meal plans for the program. These "Meal Plans" show
you creative ways to combine foods to maximize your daily nutrition

There are meal combinations in here for everyone, along with healthy
substitutions for each of the meals that you can "plug and chug" into
your custom plan to ensure you get the proper nutrition during each
stage of the program.

Bonus #3: Online Food-Tracking System Tutorial Video
($27 value)

Did you know that in most recent weight loss studies, people that
kept track of what they ate ended up losing almost TWICE as much as
people who did not?

This is an often-overlooked strategy, but fact of the matter is it's
vital to any dietary program that you keep tabs on what you're putting
in your system.

That used to be a pain in the ass to do, but now it's easier than
ever... Thanks to a simple online program called MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal - one of many online weight management and
calorie-counting tools - allows you to track basically ANYTHING you
eat for every meal of the day. Best of all, it adds up the nutritional
content of all the foods you enter, so you know exactly where you
stand after every meal (and what you need more of or have had too much

I know you don't want - or have the time - to go out and try to learn
how to use this site. That's why I've done the hard work FOR you...

I created an in-depth video tutorial where I show you how to use the
entire program, from how to add food to your daily log to using the
shortcut that makes adding entire days' meal plans a 2-minute process.

After you see this video, you can simply go in and create an account,
enter what food you're having for what meal and you're done. All in
just a few clicks.

Can You Afford NOT To Take Action Now?

Okay, I’m not going to insult your intelligence and go on about how
this is an awesome limited time offer and all that. Nah.

But if you get started now... you’re going to be just 30 days away
from AWESOME results.

You’ll feel the difference in the way the ladies look at you.

You’ll feel differently - ready to tackle any challenge life is
going to throw your way.


Can feeling like million bucks wait any longer?

I think not.

"Okay, So How Much Is This
Going To Cost?"

If you were to book a personal trainer for 4 weeks, assuming that he
charges $50 per session (which is a-ok price in the US of A), it would
cost you $1,400.

Even if you booked a personal trainer at your gym just for a 3 hour
consultation to show you the workout and develop a proper diet plan
(let’s assume that the trainer you pick knows all these techniques
and methods), it would cost you $150.

But hey - I KNOW this isn’t a personal consultation. Sure, this is
close, you’re getting a complete action plan for 30 days of workout
and diet, but...

This IS going to be a challenge. And it WILL be up to you to meet the

Frankly, anyone who thinks that they can get the Spartan “300”
look without pushing themselves... Isn’t my ideal customer.

But I want to make this easy and affordable for those who CAN take
action, who CAN push themselves outside their comfort zones.

That’s why I’ve priced this complete system at a very reasonable

Instant Download
Click Below To Order Now


“Sounds Great, Tom... But I’m Still Not Sure”

Let me put your mind at ease.

I want you to take the Spartan Body Blueprint and test everything you
find inside.

Take the complete blueprint and apply as-is for 30 days - and I
guarantee the results will STUN you and others. (Imagine dudes at the
gym going... “Hey man can you tell me your secret? I’m working out
for years but I can’t get that look!”)

And if you’re NOT seeing results in 60 days (TWICE the time it
should take), or you’re not satisfied for any other reason, I URGE
you to ask for a no questions, no hassle refund.

“Look, You Have Nothing To Lose!”

This is where rubber meets the road.

You know... I hate these old-school, screaming sales pages just like
you do, so I’m not about to launch a full-blown hard-pitch fest on

Instead, why don’t we just look at the facts:

You’re reading this page, and that means you’re NOT satisfied
with the results you’ve been getting from your current routine.

You’d like to become a Warrior - with muscles that are all about
agility and action instead of being a puffy bodybuilder who’s all
about mass and size.

Am I right so far?

And you probably won’t mind the extra attention you’ll get from
the ladies either, right?

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