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Enjoy my Live Webinar

The US Government is the largest buyer of goods and services in the world, and buys everything from airplanes to tanks to pencils to janitorial services to construction.

The size of the Federal Marketplace is $536 Billion dollars annually, and the Government mandates that 23% of those dollars be awarded to small businesses.

This 30-minute presentation will teach you how you can get started today on the road to becoming a Government Contractor and winning lucrative contracts for yourself in a little as 60 days with little to no money.

What you will learn:
WHY the Government Needs Small Businesses WHAT are the costs to get started, and how you can do it with little to NO MONEY WHAT Government contract types pay off faster without high 
marketing costs HOW to get Positioned in the Government Marketplace HOW to locate, qualify, and target the most lucrative contracts for 
your company HOW to steer clear of “problem” contracts HOW the Government thinks, and how to avoid being 
eliminated outright HOW to navigate through the jungle of red tape and avoid the most common pitfalls
Who will benefit most from this presentation:
Small business owners looking for a new line of business Individuals contemplating starting a new business Small Businesses who want to expand and grow their current Government business endeavors
AVAILABLE NOW! Press the Box Below to Register.

[]( http://www2.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?id=35d00c8b31 )

This presentation will teach you how to position your company in the federal marketplace and win lucrative government contracts

Order now to get the complete, “Everything You Need to Get Started Package” that will give you the valuable tools you need to get started as a successful Government Contractor and start winning lucrative Government contracts.


For additional information contact us at [info@azmo.org](mailto://info@azmo.org)


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