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“Who Else Wants Better Balance and Fewer Falls?”
Steadier Steps: Better Balance and Fewer Falls, a physical therapy based program, will help you regain the confidence and ability to work in the yard, play with your grandkids, or go on that dream vacation.

Dear Balance Challenged Friend:

Being a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, as well as a physical therapist for more than 30 years, I understand the importance of balance in everyday activities. Just as important is the fear of falling which can severely affect the things you love to do, as well as limit social interactions outside of your home.

One out of three people over 65 years of age falls each year. Fractures are the most common injury, with 25% of those individuals dying the first year. I hate to think of how many patients I’ve worked with who have suffered broken hips, arms, and ankles from falling.

Fear of falling increases with age and is greater in women. One third to one half of aging adults admit to having a fear of falling. This fear of falling can actually become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Unfortunately, this fear is rarely addressed in most balance and fall prevention programs.

If you are tired of second guessing every step you take, afraid to bend down to pick something up from the floor, or feel trapped in your home because you are afraid you may fall in unfamiliar surroundings, I have a solution for you… the Steadier Steps: Better Balance and Fewer Falls program.

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What this program is NOT…
The Steadier Steps program is NOT a bunch of generic exercises that any personal trainer, exercise physiologist, or physician gives to you and everyone else with balance issues. If you don’t know what your specific balance and strength deficits are, how can you be sure you are performing the appropriate exercises to improve your balance and strength? The Steadier Steps program does NOT require you to buy a lot of expensive equipment in order to properly perform the exercises. The Steadier Steps program does NOT assume that everyone who purchases the program has the same abilities and needs. That is why the focus of this program is on testing to establish your baseline and exercise progressions that will allow anyone to begin exercising at their level of ability. The Steadier Steps program does NOT leave you hanging with vague descriptions about any of the tests or exercises. Each test and exercise progression is described in detail in the manual and in the accompanying videos.
“The exercises you recommended for my ankle and calf muscles have improved my walking and balance tremendously.”
~Maureen Le Mairstre, 70

Price  $37


I will take you step-by-step, as if we were having a
private consultation, and teach you…
How to easily assess your static and dynamic balance with the best researched functional tests to identify your specific balance needs. How to determine which of your specific lower extremity muscle groups are weak and can be contributing to your balance issues. The most common risk factors for falling. The importance of identifying and addressing your fear of falling. The most effective way to take your balance and strength functional test scores and create your own individualized exercise program How to safely and effectively progress your exercise program to avoid getting into an exercise rut and hitting an improvement plateau
“With Mike, there is no one-size-fits-all aspect to the exercises he recommends. With his testing he is able to identify what exercise is best for each individual.”
~Eleanor Holt, 81
Here are the nuts and bolts of the Steadier Steps
Steadier Steps assists you in identifying your areas of challenge through the use of 10 easy-to-do research based functional balance and strength tests.
Your test results will be used to design a program based on your needs. All 10 functional tests are described in detail in the 26 page manual and also on video to make the tests easy to understand. You will receive the research based norms for each test so you can determine your starting point, as well as how much you have improved when you retest yourself. Steadier Steps has been designed so you can perform all 8 exercise progressionsin the privacy and comfort of your own home with very minimal equipment investment. In fact, you or your friends/family probably own the necessary equipment already. In addition to the exercises being described in the 26 page manual, you will receive narrated videos of all 8 progressions. Each exercise will be broken down based on level of difficulty so you will be able to safely accomplish and progress each exercise. Steadier Steps addresses your fear of falling with a well researched questionnaire that will assist you in identifying specific problem areas. Steadier Steps is a proven program. I actually teach this exact program at a hospital based fitness center. I know it works. Recently, an 85 year- old participant was able to stand and sit from a chair 3 times consecutively without upper extremity assist, despite being unable to perform any sit to stands 8 weeks previously! His balance improved tremendously! That is why I have no reservations about offering a 60 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee!
“I can walk 2-3 hours at the arboretum now and no longer have to use the railing to pull myself up to climb the stairs since I started doing the exercises you recommended. Thanks.”
~Jerry Lahti, 75
Order Now and you’ll receive these 3 Bonuses
worth more than 3 times the cost of the Steadier
Steps program…
#1. How to safely start a walking program that will improve your health and fitness.
($15 value) #2. Walking Speed: The 6th Vital Sign. How your walking speed can predict your future functional challenges. Learn how to easily test yourself.
($25 value) #3. Free email support for 30 days from date of purchase.
($89 value)
“Steadier Steps: Better Balance and Fewer Falls will also provide a proven and easy-to-follow progression for any professional working with aging adults such as personal trainers, physical therapists, recreational therapists, and fitness staff.”
So how much does this individualized and research
based comprehensive program cost?

If you went to a physical therapy clinic you would probably receive 6-8 visits at more than $200/visit which after insurance payments would probably be $250 -$400 out of your pocket.

If you were lucky enough to work with a personal trainer who specialized in working with aging adults, you would probably pay $80/session for 8-10 sessions, costing you $640 – $800 directly since the sessions would not be covered by insurance.
Your investment in the Steadier Steps: Better Balance and Fewer Falls
program is only $37.

Price $37


P.S. Remember, your decision is backed by my 100% Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee, so download Steadier Steps and follow the exercise program for two 2 months.You must request a refund within 60 days of the purchase date.

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