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  PDA Assessment    

This psychometric evaluation can be beneficial to people in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses to get a better job, to become better at their current job, to improve their relationship with colleagues, superiors and or/collaborators.
Through the PDA Personality Test you can quickly obtain:
Which career suits your personality best How can you build on your strengths How can you improve your relationships Leadership style Decision-making style Persuasive skills Analytical skills Sales skills Motivation level Main skills and strengths Areas of improvement
[ ](http://www.pdainternational.net/en/images/SamplePDAReport.pdf)
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File format: PDF
Delivery: the PDA Report will be delivered via email in approximately 5 minutes upon completion of the assessment
Cost: 60 U$D
If you have any questions regarding our product please send us an email to [info@pdainternational.net ](mailto:pdainternational.net)        

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