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Learn how leveraged buyouts are executed and how this technique has been used by entrepreneurs to buy existing businesses using 100% debt financing. Get all of the information you need, to know how to find the right business, structure an offer and close a deal with zero capital down.

Learn all about debt, from the very basic to the more advanced concepts, so you can learn how to use other people's money to buy your business. Understand what type of debt is available to you, how much you can expect to borrow, and the general terms that different types of lenders will offer.

Learn about the different components included in an offer, also known as a Letter of Intent (LOI), including seller notes, earn-outs and more. Structuring the right LOI with a seller is critical to achieving a 100% financed buyout, so this is information that you won't want to miss out on.

Learn all about leveraged buyouts including clear explanations on how they actually work. You will also get a detailed history of the leveraged buyout industry and some examples of past transactions to show you what the terms were and how they were financed.

As a free bonus, if you order the Zero Down Acquisition program now, you will get a bonus glossary that will give you clear definitions on all of the terminology on debt, buyouts and acquisitions. This invaluable glossary will give you a quick and easy reference to use throughout the process, so that you'll be able to understand what lenders are talking about and respond in a professional manner to help get you the best terms.

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