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Are you making these mistakes when selling your product?

You don’t know how much to sell it for?

You want to sell at a higher price but all your competitors are selling at a lower price.

You don’t know how to price for your time.

You’re selling at a low price because you want ‘sales’, but you’re sacrificing profit by doing this.

Learn how to PRICE and SELL your products for maximum profits.


“The Internet Marketer’s Pricing Bible”

How to Price and Sell Your Product or Service

From: Allan Ward

Dear Online Marketer,

Do you sell a product or service on the internet?

Are you sure you’re selling it for the highest amount or are you selling it for much less than you could?

In my newbie-friendly guide I show you different strategies that you can use to sell your products for what they’re worth.

Stop losing money and start getting paid what you’re worth!

You put a lot of effort into creating a product. Why sell it for less than you could?

If you do that, you’re leaving money on the table. Isn’t it better off in your pocket?




Stop doing this!






One of the big problems people have when it comes to selling a product is deciding how much to sell it for.

If you spend long enough looking at some products for sale you’ll believe that $7 is the only price to sell products for!

Is that all?…That’s crazy!

In this guide, I show you:
What do do when someone tells you your price is too high. Different ways to price services – great for offline consultants How offering three options can lead to higher sales. Should your prices end in a ’7′ or a ’9′? How to price a product - great information for any internet marketers or bloggers What information your customers want to see when they are deciding whether or not to buy your product How to make your product stand out from the others Different pricing strategies that are guaranteed to increase your profits Why FREE can be good (or bad) and when to use it

 This guide will help you…
Make more money by selling your product at a higher price Learn how to sell more of your product Increase your profits by focussing on strategies that work and eliminating things that don’t work Learn how to make your product stand out from your competitors

Here’s what people are saying about this guide

The main guide is well thought out, case studied, tested and easy to read. Allan gives you multiple methods on how to price your products.

Learn how to quit leaving money on the table and get a fair price for your products. There are certain price points that sell better than others. It would sure be nice to know those magic numbers. Yes, you will learn that!

Allan also goes into great detail on strategies to selling more products. This was very interesting to me. Online stores or products are no different than a brick and mortar store. There are several strategies discussed in detail to increase your sales and build your sales funnel.

A business plan is so important in any business and this wso really helps you evaluate what you are doing now and how you can increase that bottom line.

Reading all the information given to you in this wso, will really make you look at your products or services and make good solid decisions.

Jerry25 via the Warrior Forum


I think it was about 3 years ago a fellow sold an ebook based around this area, though not near as much in depth, for about 200 bucks. They sold too.

I won a copy for one reason or another, and the main ideas within that book are covered in this one. Different author of course but again, the different facets of pricing and value assessment were not covered which is what gives this more of a solid report.

If you’re new to marketing, you want to make your own products, what do you charge? What do you base your price on? What YOU think it’s worth, or just guess and ride it out? Actually doing this wrong can kill your project all too quickly and this guide helps you too use guide lines to help you map out your monetary strategies.

Important questions you need to ask yourself are given to help you see what important in seeing your products value and how the customer will see it. It’s an important difference.

Although the shortened ebook is only 33 pages, the content makes it seem like much more because this is a not a skimming book. You’ll be making notes and highlighting the points that stand out, at least I did

Ways of increasing your bottom line using techniques we’ve all been exposed to but perhaps never realized until you read them for yourself.

They make sense.

I’ve used them personally and made thousands instead of hundreds with marketing I’ve done with my sites.

If you want to market products this book should be your “go to” guide on strategies that will bring value to not only your customers but your bottom line if you incorporate the suggestions.


DadHere via the Warrior Forum

Crazy Aussie Marketing Nut Shows You How To Sell Smarter!

Hi, I’m Allan Ward, an Aussie blogger and marketing nut![](http://bloggerbusinessplan.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Allan-2527-rounded-Corner.jpg)

I’ve spent years learning about marketing and selling – particularly how to sell intangible products such as financial planning services.

 I’m the kind of guy who wants to know why something works.

And over the years I’ve learnt a number of sales and marketing techniques that can help you sell your product for a higher price and greater profit.

For the first time I’m revealing these strategies in this guide…

How To Price and Sell Your Product Or Service.

I’ll walk you through a summary of different ways you can charge for your products or services.

I then show you some of the psychology of selling using ideas from Robert Cialdini and others.

This guide is ideal for anyone who sells – or wants to sell – a product or service on the internet.
If you’re a blogger, I show you how to price your products so you’re rewarded for all the free content you provide. If you do any consulting work (offline or online) I show you the best way to charge and maximise your profits. If you create any kind of product, you’ll learn the secrets to how to sell more, and how to get a fair price. If you run any kind of membership site or subscription services, I show you some best practice examples of real-world businesses who are making a killing in this area (I show you how one leading business magazine upsells the majority of their customers…every time).

Here’s an example ofwhat you’ll find inside…


Have you ever wondered by some restaurants have their menus like this?


There’s a simple reason they do this.

If the prices are in a straight line it’s easier for the customer to compare prices and make a price-driven choice.

When the menu items are centred like this, it makes it harder to compare the prices and people are less likely to make a price-based choice and more likely to spend more.

Should a price end in 7….or 9….or some other number?


Inside the guide I show you what number has been proven to be the best number to use to price your product, and I’ll also explain how people mentally process prices when they see them.

So I won’t just tell you what numbers to use….I’ll explain why

What about pricing objections?

Many people are worried about being told their price is too high. I give you examples of how to deal with the ‘your price is too high’ objections.

And I also explain why high prices are actually a good thing and can lead to increased sales, rather than decreasing sales.

What’s in it for you?

More profits! This guide will give you the knowledge to be able to sell your products for what they’re worth so you can get maximum value from every sale.

It’s not difficult to do, but a few changes can lead to massive increases in sales and profits.

Get this guide before your competitors do!

The last thing I want is for this to gather digital dust on your hard drive. I want you to use this information to make higher profits in your business.

So here’s what I’ve done….

Not only will you receive the 32 page guide (in pdf format)…

How to Price and Sell Your Product Or Service

In it you’ll learn more than 20 pricing strategies that you can use today to increase your profits and stop leaving money on the table.

 There’s a bonus… of course!

I’ve added a 72 page bonus guide that goes into a lot more depth on all these topics.

You see, when I originally created this product, it was over 70 pages long! Some respected marketers gave me feedback and suggested I make a short guide that laid out the basic principles so people wouldn’t get overwhelmed with information and do nothing.

So I shortened the 72 page guide into 32 pages.

But I still think there’s value in the longer version. Whilst it repeats most of the information in the 32 page guide, it also provides many more examples of why these strategies work, and ideas about how you can implement them to make higher profits.

What’s the catch? I’ve never seen this done before (I told you I was different), but to get the bonus report it’s quite simple – I just want some feedback. It won’t cost you a cent more, just a few minutes of your time.

In the back of the 32 page report is a link to a short questionnaire on my webpage. It’s four simple questions about how I can improve on the guide. That’s it! Once you’ve answered the questions you’ll be taken to a download page where you’ll get instant access to the 72 page bonus guide.

How valuable is this information?

Let’s say you already sell a product or service online. How much would your profit increase if you could sell it for $20 more?

What about $50 more?

Or $100 more?

What if you could sell more?

So not only could you sell for a higher price, but sell more every day.

How much extra could that give you? An extra $500 per month? Or $1,000 or even $10,000?

How much would you pay for that kind of information? Or maybe the correct question is “What investment would you make to generate that kind of return?

Would you invest $1,000. Or $500?

You could employ a business coach to teach you the same information you’ll find in this guide. That process alone would cost at least $1,000.

But you can get the same information here, instantly, and tailored to the internet marketing community.

And it won’t cost you $1,000.

Wow! This is like a complete pricing bible for internet marketers…a very comprehensive and detailed guide listing all the different pricing strategies. Most of the stuff can probably be found in a good marketing textbook but what makes it even more valuable is that this is written for internet marketers complete with many relevant examples. This is real world stuff…totally compact and no fluff guide which I will surely keep as a reference and use it for pricing my products and services.I am sure it will help me position myself better in my market in terms of pricing and bringing value to my clients. At this price it is a no-brainer-just implementing one tip from this guide has the potential to increase your profits many fold! Highly recommended for anyone who has their own product/service!Ryuchi (via Warrior Forum)


 Click on the button below to order. You’ll get instant access and within 30 minutes you’ll have read the guide and you’ll be able to start implementing these ideas and be on the path to increased profits.

Your small initial investment in this guide will multiply into increased profits.

So, what are you waiting for?

I could sell this guide for $99 based on the value it can provide a serious internet marketer.

But I won’t. I want to make this information accessible to many people, so I won’t sell it for $99.

Or even $49 (although I’ll probably increase the price in the future).

This guide can be yours right now for a once only investment of $19.

And if you use the ideas contained inside this guide, I’m confident that you’ll make your investment back many times over.

If you want to stop leaving money on the table and start getting paid what you’re worth, buy this!

A small investment today will lead to increased profits in the future.

 What are you waiting for? Buy it now!


And there’s a guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this guide, or if you don’t feel that this guide provides any value, just let me know within 60 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money – no questions asked. It’s that simple.

You can’t lose! You’ll either make money from these ideas, or you’ll get your money back.

PS: Every time you sell a product or service for less than its true value, you’re losing money. You probably believe your products should be priced higher, you just don’t know how to do it. This guide will show you how, or your money back.

PPS: Buy now before your competitors do.

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