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September 13th, 2012. Filed Under: , . Tags: ,

Yesterday was quite a day. Between some amazing conversations
with customers and a secret I'm going to share with you in a
moment, it was one of those days where you can step back and
say, "wow, I'm really grateful to do what I do for a living."

The day began with a strategic phone consultation with a long
time customer who has recently used some really smart tricks to
lure a major television studio into giving them a TON of free

We explored ways for them to take their newfound goldmine of
free publicity (and ongoing international exposure) and turn it
into an automated stream of sales.

Not too shabby in itself, however, the best part was that by
simply continuing to do the work they're excited about already,
they'll grow their business on autopilot.

Then I hopped on the line with one of my strategic partners.

This is a guy who has more energy than a supernova, and is
pumped about all aspects of life.

We talked about everything under the sun, including something
deep that all entrepreneurs face: Barriers.

You have them, and I have them.

As the day went on yesterday, I found myself with my own set of

It was time to do some wind sprints.

If you've ever experienced doing these types of sprints,
they're not only a way to get into great shape, they're a way
to open up and even overcome your fears (more on that another

Going through the warmup routine and the first couple sprints
was no problem. Things started to get tough

First it started to rain, and yet you have to keep on going.

And then you get to sprint number 4 or 5 or more that things can
get tough. For me, it was sprint number 6 yesterday.

That was the barrier.

Like most barriers, it was self imposed. And because of that,
it was vitally important that I broke through it

Maybe you have your own barriers that you're working to overcome
as well. It could be as simple as not doing what you know you
should do to build your list, even though you know your business
could use that.

Maybe your barrier is that you don't have a website, even though
you understand the power of having your own direct response
website. Or maybe it's something internal, a fear, a sense of
unfocus, or lack of direction.

The key is to understand that we all have these barriers.

Not the same ones at the same time, of course, but each of us
has something holding us back from what we can be.

The secret to pushing beyond YOUR barrier is to own it 100%.

And once you decide to own it and be with it, something magical
happens. It becomes easier to take action and move beyond your

Right now, there are 15 weeks left in the year. If you've
looked at the last year and realized that your new years goals
aren't being achieved, and are ready to move beyond your own
internal barriers, strongly consider seeing yourself claiming
the last spot available in this "barrier busting" program for


Reach for the top,

PS - When you consider a lifetimes worth of experience, 15 weeks
is a very short amount of time. Yet achieving your annual goals
by pushing yourself to sprint through the rest of the year can
be a game changer that you'll never regret.

PPS - If this message resonates with you, find out if you're
going to _BE THE LAST PERSON TO JOIN_ this valuable one on one
program in 2012.


September 5th, 2012. Filed Under: . Tags: , , ,

You've probably heard it a million times by now - your online
success can explode by simply creating a few winning joint

The question I'm often asked is, "where do I even begin" when
creating a joint venture?

Join Jason Myers, a "quietly uber-successful" online marketer
who is doing great things with his project,
and myself at 3pm MT / 5pm ET today at BlogTalkRadio.com as we
talk about creating winning joint ventures, succeeding with your
Internet marketing and more.

Listen to with on Blog Talk Radio


See you there,

PS - You'll be able to call in and ask questions during the
interview, so be sure to take advantage of this awesome
opportunity.  _CLICK HERE._


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This is a true story sent to me from a good friend of mine
a few weeks ago.  If you’re running a brick and mortar
store, or an online store, or you want to this is
especially for you

Some time ago, a friend of mine needed some dry cleaning done.

Although he wasn’t new in town, Nate still had no idea where
a local dry cleaner was.

So he set out to find the place where he could bring his
dress shirts and pants.

Did he drive around and look?


Did he go through the local newspaper?


Did he crack open the Yellow Pages?

Not a chance.

Insteadhe went straight to a certain company. And in
under a minute he found the dry cleaner he wanted and drove
there the next day.

This was a couple years ago and Nate’s been back to that
business many times since then, spending hundreds of dollars.

So what is this company my friend used - the same one that
you can get working for you?

well, if you think about it, I'm sure you can guess.

I'll give you a hint - it's name starts with "G" and ends with

Believe it or not, there are still many ways to get this
certain company to work for you to double, triple, or even
quadruple your sales with a few easy tips and tricks that you
can implement.

For a select few people who can take action on this, I'd
like to offer you a sort of "brain transplant" of everything I
know about filling up your pipeline of leads and converting
them into sales.

My promise to you:  Spend 5 minutes NOW and you’ll walk away
with the opportunity to get tons of value and concrete steps
that you can implement right away.

Here’s what to do.


Then, if you like what you've read and you're truly looking to grow
your business
and to your front door, starting right now, fill out the form at the
bottom of the page.

I'll see you there soon.

PS - Just implementing one of the strategies that I reveal has the
power to change your business results forever.


August 28th, 2012. Filed Under: , . Tags: ,

The other day I introduced you to the Personal Website Analysis
and 12 Month Profit Planand what it can do to transform
your online business.

A lot of people wrote in asking the all important question,
"How do I know if this will work for me?"

Here's what the "Sensei" had to say after he went through
the program:

"I just want to THANK YOU for the website critique you did
with me.

Even though I had been making money with websites for a few
years, you were able to point out 5 key points that I had
totally missed, forgotten about or plain didn't think of - and
you nailed them in about ten minutes.

Anyone who wants to get serious about making money on the web
or already has a website would be crazy not to hire you
immediately. Feel free to pass on my contact info if they have
any doubts about hiring you - I'll tell them the straight
scoop about "Wally the Web Guy".

Sensei Harrison Huff
Helping Adults and Children Take Their Power Back from
The Bullies in Their Lives
Sensei @ bullyproofkids.com

Wally: Thanks, Sensei!  It worked for Harrison and it can
work for you too.

Jump aboard .

Reach for the top,

PS - The holiday shopping season seems like it's far away, yet
it's really right around the corner.  Now is the time to get
prepared and crush it in the home stretch of the year.

takes you over the top on the journey to online success.


August 24th, 2012. Filed Under: , , , . Tags: , , ,

In the nearly 20 years that I've been creating websites,
there have been a few rock solid patterns that have emerged.

One of those is that there are a few simple ways that,
unfortunately, most business owners and entrepreneurs continue
to unknowingly sabotage their profits.  That's the bad news.

The good news is that your competition is typically making the
same mistakes.  By knowing about these, you can avoid them
while your competition is still in the dark.

And you'll take your online sales up to the next level.
Here they are

10. Your typical website owner tosses up a website and then
never measures, tests, or improves the website after it
goes live.

9. The typical website owner does not use a good design and
layout that compels your visitors to purchase from you and
instead creates one that looks “pretty”.

8. Your typical website owner thumbs his nose at the prospect
of collecting email addresses, when in fact, collecting email
addresses is one of the most important things you can do.

7. A typical website owner does not understand the importance
of making it easy for a visitor to purchase directly from his

6. Your typical website owner does not focus on creating easy
to use navigation.  The result is that visitors to your
website get lost, and then they leave almost immediately,
never to return.

5. Instead of giving their visitors what they want, your
typical website owner gives you what she wants.  This results
in visitors being pushed away and you end up losing sales.

4. The typical website owner creates a slick, corporate,
ego driven website that does not show the personality and
humanity behind the people who the visitor is attempting to do
business with.

3. Your typical website owner creates an image heavy website
that is short on text, user interaction, or anything of
substance at all.

2. A typical website owner does not use direct response
marketing – the most measurable and highest return marketing
that exists in the world.  (In fact, the vast majority of
website owners don’t know what direct response marketing is.
You have a huge advantage over your competition simply by
getting these newsletters and improving your own marketing!)

1. The typical website owner does not make any money with
his website.

Fortunately, you're in good hands.  And if you've been having
questions or doubts about whether your website meets this
criteria, take decisive action now and grab the Personal
Website Analysis and 12 Month Profit Plan for yourself.


PS - When you invest in the Personal Website Analysis and 12
Month Profit Plan, all the risk is on me.  It comes with a
6 month money back guarantee.  Details .


August 18th, 2012. Filed Under: . Tags: ,

Lately I've been sharing some of the "behind the scenes"
success stories of Wally's Web Stars, a select group of action
taking online entrepreneurs who are getting it done out there
on the Internet.

Today let me share the story of Steve Grzymkowski, who
leveraged his years of knowledge working in the medical
industry and travelling far and wide to create a unique
product on how to sleep soundly, no matter what.

As alwaysthere are a lot of gems hidden in plain view -
be sure to read on and apply these winning strategies to your
online business starting today.

Steve and I first met a few years ago at a Mastermind event in
Scottsdale, Arizona.  Very quickly it was apparent that Steve
had a ton of knowledge and expertise from his years in the
medical industry.  He had identified a problem that a huge
percentage of the population has - not being able to sleep.

The great thing is that Steve had the solution.  He just
needed to get his message out there.

He worked with his mentor who helped him dial in and craft his
message.  He created a sales letter taht told the story and
proved that his solution was the best.  Then he got in touch
with me to put all the pieces of the website together.

Within record time, we had an automated funnel going to a
Video Sales Letter and complete e-delivery of his product set
up.  Steve also had me setup a squeeze page list building
funnel for him, so that he could build his list.

Now Steve is able to focus on sending traffic to his squeeze
page when he wants to build his list, and also can send
traffic to his Video Sales Letter as well.  He's making sales
and building his business, all while maintaining a heavy
travel schedule and being the loving father and husband of his
large family.

Steve is living proof that when you follow a proven formula,
and stick with it, that you can build a business from scratch
- you just have to follow the plan and stick with the program.

Here is where you can find the Secret to Sound Sleep and
experience for yourself what building an online business is
all aboutit's about sleeping well at night:

Reach for the top,

PS - When you're ready to become the next of Wally's Web
Stars, I invite you to write in and request a complimentary
Sales Stampede Strategy Session.  You take the first step and
I'll be there with you the rest of the way


August 14th, 2012. Filed Under: , . Tags:

A few weeks ago I was getting ready to drive to my office,
when I noticed that my car door was unlocked.  I opened the
door, got into the drivers seat and looked at the middle
console.  Something was missingthe car stereo!

Well, actually it was just the faceplate.  It was enough to
render the thing useless though

We live in a safe neighborhood, and had never had anything
stolen like this before.  So it was quite a shock to have the
stereo go missing.  There was a bigger shock, however, and it
was a good surprise.

In my car I keep a large library of learning materials.

Well over $2,000 worth of ongoing educational materials about
marketing, driving traffic, sales success, and health and

We are talking years and years of investments in these
products, so that my car is literally a university on
wheels.  After all, if there's one thing I've discovered over
the years, it's that the most important thing to do is to keep
on growing.

The first thing I did when I realized someone had been rifling
through my car, was check and make sure these valuable
materials were still there.  And thankfully, they all were.

At that point, I just started laughing.

After all, a $100 car stereo is really easy to replace.

Years and years of priceless knowledge though, is really tough
to replace.

So whoever came and stole the stereo really got away with
nothing but a hunk of plastic.  If he was smart, he would have
grabbed all the CDs and gotten away with a true treasure chest
of information.

That's the thing though.  Most folks when they drive around
all day are listening to sports talk, talk radio, or the same
music they've heard a million times.  And so they stay stuck
where they are.

A select few - people who are really going somewhere, use
their driving time wisely.  They use it to gain specialized
knowledge, to improve, and to make the quantum leap in their
lives and business.

Those who are building or redesigning their website in the
next 6 months would be wise to invest their time in the car
listening to the Secrets of a Money Generating Website:
Revealed.  This 47 minute program is packed with valuable
information to make your next website into a springboard that
leaps you ahead of your competition and into the top of your
marketplace.   Go for details.

Reach for the top,

PS - Imagine how much you could learn and what your business
would look like a year from now if all you did was listen to
educational and motivational programs in your car while you
drove around.  This simple change beginning today can mean the
difference between staying where you are and reaching your
goals in record time.  .


August 11th, 2012. Filed Under: . Tags: , , ,

Over the last few months there have been some major success
stories, breakthroughs, and new websites owned by
entrepreneurs like you that have gone up on the Internet
and now it's time to tell you about some of them.

A few months ago, I was put in touch with Doug and Randy Oakes
- two brothers who have been golfing their entire lives.

They had a story about how they were taking older golfers -
guys like their Dad, who is in his 90s - and transforming
their game.  They had been working one on one with senior
golfers to hit the ball longer, straighter, and get their game
back to where it was when they were much younger.

They had put together the essential pieces of their story, and
because they'd already had success in the offline world, they
knew they had a product that could sell online.

They had done their homework, already getting together
testimonials, writing a sales letter, and even putting
together some free video training for prospects.

When they were ready to unleash their product onto the
Internet, they got in touch with me.  I worked directly with
them to plan out a winning, direct response website that
builds their list and creates automated sales for them.

With my guidance, they were able to have a website that builds
their email marketing list for them, automating the follow up
while building trust with their prospects, and drive leads to
the sales letter to create sales automatically.

Once somebody purchases, the product is delivered on a monthly
installment plan automatically as well.

From this platform, Randy and Doug are able to focus on doing
what they do best: Sending traffic to their website,
communicating with their leads and customers, and using their
Website Sales System as the platform that allows them to be
known as the number one experts in their field of helping
transform the exploding population of Senior Golfers.

Whether you're a golfer or not, be sure to check out Doug and
Randy's SeniorGolfSecrets.com website to see how you too can
duplicate their success and become another one of Wally's Web

Here's their site:

Reach for the top,

PS - In the next few days I'll be sharing more success stories
like this one.  Be sure to pay special attention to what these
successful direct response marketers are doing to create
automated sales and leadsand then add some of these proven
strategies to your own business.


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Over a decade ago when I was working as an IT guy at an
accounting firm, I used to spend a lot of nights working
really late.  When you're the only guy in charge of a bunch of
computers, nighttime is often the only time you have to really
get projects done like software upgrades and reconfigurations.

It was really a nice time to work, and I actually didn't mind
it much because there was nobody there except myself and the

As time went on, I began to make friends with the only other
guy there at night, and we started to have a little routine.

Sometime around 7 or 8pm, we'd take a break and make a
ridiculously strong pot of black coffee.  And then we'd each
take a few minutes to share some stories over that cup.

One time, as we sat on the back patio of the building I
remember describing how my business was going to be setup and
how one day I'd have the freedom to work from wherever I

Today as I write this to you, my business is still setup
primarily in a way that I envisioned back then - location
independent, and setup for maximum freedom.

Another time, we had one of those conversations where we
"solved all the worlds" problems.  You know these types of
conversationsthe ones where you both get all worked up
about all the problems in the world, and what you would do
to solve them.

The real turning point in the conversation was when my
friend turned to me and said, "Ok, Wallyso what's your
solution to all this?"

And I said, "My solution is to go skiing more often, and
enjoy my life."

And he said, "Oh, so you're taking the Ostrich way out.
Bury your head in the sand and ignore the problems."

And I replied, "Well, I figure that I can only truly influence
a few people around me.  So I might as well setup my life to
be coming from a good place, so that I can make a positive

We both finished our coffee, laughed and went on with our night.

Yet, it's still the same way today.

My focus is from the hearthelping entrepreneurs like you
to grow their business using the most up to date and powerful
online marketing strategies, so that you can live your life
however you want.  When you're empowered to make a positive
impact on those around you, and have the tools in place to
profit as you shouldit's a wonderful feeling.

Maybe you've had some conversations like this with some of
your friends, and outlined a vision that you're still working

Maybe you've been stuck in the mud while trying to put all the
pieces of your vision together and you know that with just a
little extra help - the right information and the right
guidance, you'll be able to put the pieces of the puzzle
together and begin to massively increase your impact and
profit along the way.

If that describes your situation, you'll want to read this
special message I've written for entrepreneurs just like you.

Reach for the top,

PS - The most rewarding part of business is knowing that
you've taken your focus and expertise and used it to better
the lives of others across the globe.  Entrepreneurs like you
are truly an inspiration, and we need you more than ever.
When you're ready to take your message and get it out to a
greater audience and help more people than you've ever done


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The other day I tossed out a question to you, asking you
where you are stuck in your business.  There were a few
common threads, which I wasn't surprised to see.

When you've been helping people build their online business
as long as I have, you begin to notice some underlying

There was one common underlying theme that I saw and it's
something that we've all faced at one time or another, and
it can be the difference between never finding success in
your life and moving into a lifestyle beyond your wildest

A lot of you wrote in mentioning that fear was holding you
back.  It showed its ugly head in a few different ways, yet
at the heart of the matter it was the chain that was keeping
people feeling "tied up".

Fear can rear its head as a feeling of being out of
control, a feeling of not having enough (time, money,
resources, etc.), and even as a lack of direction, because
you don't believe you're worthwhile.

It's important to simply recognize that at times we each get
fearful, and that by taking a few simple steps you can turn
fear on its head and move towards the success you deserve.

Here's a four step plan that is proven to work to conquer
any fear:

1. Turn off the news.  Go on a news fastby giving up the
news for a couple weeks.  Rather than get caught up in the
drama of other people far away, focus on what's happening in
your immediate life.  This simple act alone can feel
incredibly empowering and the funny thing is - other people
will still tell you the news.  Try it and see.

2. Block out some "you" time.  A sign of a true success is
someone who thinks and acts independently.  Often though, we
get so caught up in life that we forget to have time to
ourselves to actually think without interruption.  Use your
extra time away from the news to gain some perspective and
focus on your goals.

When I first quit my corporate job and back in the beginning
days of the great recession, the most important part of my
day was going on a walk to "get my head in the right place
and eliminate fear".  Go on a walk, clear your head, and
focus on creating what you want.

3. Take small steps every day towards your goals.

One of the most powerful ways to conquer any fear is to simply
begin to move past it.  Bite the bullet and start moving
forward anyway.  Replacing any self talk about how "I'll do
that tomorrow" with "I'll do that NOW" can be the biggest
difference maker between success and failure

Even as you make mistakes, you'll correct yourself faster,
and get to where you're going faster

4. Acknowledge the fear and give thanks for it.  The biggest
secret to conquering your fear is to simply acknowledge it,
and even give thanks for it.  It's a funny thing - by simple
acknowledging and facing up to your fear, and then taking
action to move past it, you'll feel 100 times better.  Most
times you realise that what you thought was a "big fat hairy
deal" actually wasn't such a big deal after all.

These principles are just a few of the proven, powerful
principles that successful entrepreneurs everywhere use to
grow their online businesses.  Often, the most powerful
thing you can ask for is an outside perspective to take
proven business principles and know exactly how to apply
them to your particular situation.

If you're in a place where you're seeking this special type
of one on one guidance, and you're a real action taker, you
owe it to yourself to read this message now.

Reach for the top,

PS - There are a few select people in this world who have
conquered their fears, taken massive action, and discovered
"The Shortcut" to dominating their marketplace.  Fair
warning - only Click to read more about "The Shortcut" when
you are serious about conquering your fears and ramping up
your business in a big time way.


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"Jason, I just want to THANK YOU for the website critique you did
with me.

Even though I had been making money with websites for a few years,
you were able to point out 5 key points that I had totally missed,
forgotten about or plain didn't think of - and you nailed them in
about ten minutes.

Anyone who wants to get serious about making money on the web or
already has a website would be crazy not to hire you immediately.

Feel free to pass on my contact info if they have any doubts about
hiring you - I'll tell them the straight scoop about "Wally the Web

Sensei Harrison Huff


"After sharing some pretty scary stories about website designers with
some Internet marketing friends of mine, I was referred to "Wally The
Web Guy" as a wise choice. Since I had a new project available I gave
him a try. What I received was cutting-edge technology that was within
budget all completed on my demanding time schedule. I never knew that
launching a new website could be so smooth and simple. Thanks Wally!"

Stephen Krupnik
Cloud Ten, Inc
South Bend, IN


"Wally the Web guy is a top notch professional and brings new meaning
to the word - webmaster. He's enhanced facets of my website that in
turn bolstered my money making system.

One of the many things he helped me create is a custom designed blog
where I post my daily musings to.

These articles are then indexed by search engines. This is far better
than any of those cheap free generic blog set-ups out there. You want
your entries indexed by the search engines to drive traffic to your

Once he sets it up for you, the process to post to your personal blog
is goof proof and _ANYONE CAN DO IT. _

I highly recommend hiring Wally the Web Guy to be your webmaster -
like he is mine. His target date timeliness, productivity and follow
up is unmatched on the Internet."

Vince Palko
Founder and CEO



* Doing wind sprints in the rain

* * * * * * * *

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