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Sleep Brainwaves Sleep System

Sleep Researcher and Alternative Health Specialist Teaches You How

Fall asleep Quickly ">

The Sleep Brainwaves E-Book:($37 Value)

The Sleep Brainwaves guide provides you with an introduction to
brainwave technology and a step-by-step process to help you conquer
your insomnia quickly.

Detailed explanations and the process by which your insomnia is
eliminated is laid out for you in simple concise language that is easy
to understand.

We provide you with the knowlege to help you take full advantage of
our revolutionary system.

It's reallly as easy as listening to our tracks and falling asleep!

The E-book is provided at no extra cost to you!

The Sleep Brainwaves Custom Brainwave Entrainment Album

Our state-of-the-art album contains five tracks:

Ocean, Evening, Rain, Stream, Raw

The Custom Sleep Brainwaves insomnia album has already helped
thousands of people conquer their insomnia.

Our MP3s are of extremely high quality to ensure that the entrainment
process is as effective as possible.

The high-technology binaural beats are embedded behind relaxing
nature sounds.

The sounds of the ocean, evening crickets, soothing rain, or peaceful
streams will soothe your mind while the binaural beats produce Delta
brainwaves and whisk you away into deep sleep.


Success Story #1 Chris L, Charlotte, NC

"Hi Ryan! Your site mentioned that if I had success with the track to
email you guys. And boy did they work. You see, I've been suffering
with pretty bad insomnia for many years. Typical stuff, like most
Americans. Worked too much. Stress. All that jazz. I started listening
to the tracks, and after about 4 nights of listening to them in bed, I
started to fall asleep after about 10 to 15 minutes into the track.
Using the Sleep Brainwave program, I was able to fall asleep at a
reasonable time after years of struggling to return to a normal sleep
patten. Anyway, just wanted to thank you. I'm truly amazed that
something like this has helped me beat my enduring insomnia."


Hey there, just wanted to write in to let you know how well your
program has worked for me. Before I found your site, I never knew what
binaural beats were but I've been on pills for a long time now and
they started to ruin my stomach. I found your site and figured I had
nothing to lose. It was pretty amazing how fast the binaural tracks
worked for me . . .not right away, but within a few days I was
sleeping better than I have in many months, probably years. I still
listen to them every night. I've actually sent them to my friends who
were skeptical, but who reported great sleep with them too!"

SUCCESS STORY #3 ROBERT C., KATY, TX To whom it may concern, I
purchased your program several weeks ago for my wife who has trouble
sleeping. Admittedly, I was very, very skeptical, but I figured I'd
give it a try given your guarantee. It was difficult to get my wife to
listen to these, but she finally did. It has been two weeks and she is
already sleeping deeper and waking more rested (from what she's told
me). I am truly amazed and eternally grateful. Thank you! Rob

SUCCESS STORY #4 DALE B. PHILADELPHIA, PA I'm writing to tell you
about how awesome your mp3s have worked for me! I bought this totally
not expecting it to work, but it definitely did. The night track works
best for me so thats what I listen to every night when I lay down.
That track puts me to sleep really fast. So just wanted to email you
to let you know that its really worked for me and how happy I am with
it . . . Thanks!


Dear Ryan, These tracks are awesome! I have been absolutely blown
away by how these help me sleep so well. Let me say that as a person
who has been taking sleeping pills for years, and who has been trying
to get off them, these tracks are an absolute godsend. Well done!

Do you want to take complete control over your dreams? Many people
want to lucid dream, but find it extremely difficult and frustrating.

Binaural beats for lucid dreaming will help you take control over
your dream world by flooding your brain with theta brainwaves, which
make up three fifths of your brainwaves during sleep. As you move into
REM sleep, the binaurals will help keep your conscious mind active as
your subconscious mind also becomes active .

Because you remain in control of your conscious mind, you are able
to manipulate your subconscious dream world. You can take full control
over your dreams and live out your wildest fantasies night after

Our lucid dreaming binaurals will move you through many different
frequencies that will put you into a deep, relaxed meditative sleep
state that is prefect for lucid dreaming.

These frequencies are responsible for keeping your conscious brain
active as you slip into a deep dream state. This is the key to taking
full control over your dream world and it works exceptionally well.

Do you suffer from extreme, debilitating anxiety? Wish you could
relax and just be at peace?
Our custom anxiety binaural beats induce the brainwaves that are
produced when relaxed. If you're an anxious, high-strung person, then
you lack these brainwaves.

However, by listening to binaurals, you can create them yourself
within minutes!Your brain will be teeming with brainwaves that will
ease you out of your incessant on-the-edge anxiety.

Lay down, close your eyes, and let our binaurals whisk you away into
a deep relaxation. Continued listening has been known to help
dramatically, and naturally, reduce anxiety substantially over time.
So try out our anxiety binaurals. We know you'll love them!

Do you work long, demanding days? Do you find yourself utterly burnt
out, plopping down on the couch after work? You may even have a few
beers, or even a few cocktails. But there's a better, healthier way to
relax your mind and body- with our relaxation album.

The brainwaves of relaxed individuals have been closely researched.
Our album has used this research to create the most advanced
relaxation tracks available.

It is designed to produce the brainwaves of relaxed brain in
abundance. Plug in and forget about the world!

Does this sound like you?

* Your mind is in ten places at once.
* You're unable to concentrate on anything
* A task that should take an hour to complete takes days to complete
* You feel like you're getting nowhere because you can't get things

Research shows that people who suffer from ADHD have abnormally high
levels of Theta brainwaves, which are the brainwaves of relaxation.

In order to combat these brainwaves, our tracks make use of
frequencies that promote Beta brainwaves- the brainwaves of
concentration and productivity.

Whether you're an artist, writer, or a business person in need
creative solutions to complex problems, our creativity album contains
5 tracks that are designed to get your creative juices flowing.

Research has indicated that highly creative people have above average
levels of Alpha brainwave activity in their left hemisphere. Our
custom tracks produce bursts of Alpha activity in your brain, allowing
you to access the deepest recesses of your creative mind.

Do you always feel "out of it" ? People with low energy levels often
suffer from low levels of Beta brainwaves. Increasing your levels of
Beta waves will help you not only feel more energized, but sharper and
more positive.

Gamma brainwaves are the fasted brainwaves, and are widely agreed to
be the brainwaves of genius. They are associated with the highest
levels of intellectual functioning and perception.

People with high levels of Gamma activity are extremely intelligent,
perceptive and intuitive. Recent research suggests that continued
listening of Gamma tracks can actually increase your IQ.

Do you want to delve deep into your subconscious? Do you want to
purge yourself of the negativity residing deep within your

Our custom meditation tracks will help put you into a deep,
meditative trance that will help you access the deepest recesses of
your consciousness.

This is possible by introducing Theta brainwaves, which are typically
on present during sleep, to your brain while you are awake.

This allows you to simultaneously access both your subconscious and
conscious brains. The result is full access to your subconscious with
your rational, waking brain.

Are you a depressive person? Do you find yourself depressed for no
reason at all? You're not alone. That's why we've developed a custom
album that targets the 10hz frequency.

The 10hz frequency has been shown to increase levels of serotonin in
the brain, effectively improving your mood and energizing both your
mind and body.

In fact, most modern anti-depressants use serotonin re-uptake
inhibitors to treat depression. However, our binaural beat tracks
naturally produce serotonin in the brain.

Moreover, the 10hz frequency has been shown to cause the release of
dopamine and endorphins in the brain.

528hz is the frequency of love. It is the frequency that holds the
universe together. It is a frequency that helps you open up your heart
to others, producing compassion, understanding and spiritual

It will help you project and attract positivity. It is an incredible
spiritual cleanser that will help invigorate both your mind and body.


Hey Ryan, I'm emailing to tell you how much your sleep brainwaves
product has helped me get past my sleep troubles. I have been having
sleep problems for about 5 years now for no apparent reason. I just
stopped being able to fall asleep for no reason. It was really weird.
Bought the product about a month ago and have been listening to the
tracks ever since about 25 minutes before I want to sleep. The stream
track is my favorite and it relaxes me almost immediately and before I
know it I'm asleep. What's more incredible is that I am falling asleep
now without listening to them, which is even better! Thanks man!

I've been using your sleep tracks for several weeks now and I am
utterly amazed at how effective these are. I'm confident that within
another month or two I will be sleeping normally without them for the
first time in years. I am forever grateful for your amazing product!
Thank you so much, Belinda.

The Sleep Brainwaves system is the most advanced sleep system
available anywhere. Over a decade worth of research and refinement has
been poured into our sleep tracks.

And because you have instant access to download our sleep tracks and
bonuses, we don't have to ship CDs. You can download and listen to
them immediately.

This allows us to offer our program at a substantially discounted
price. It also allows us to offer our ten incredible bonuses to you at
no additional cost. Your investment in this life-changing program is
now only $67 dollars!

You will immediately receive our sleep tracks program and 10
additional bonus albums, over 24 hours of listening , for only $67

We are only offering this low price as an introductory offer. After
this period ends, our program will return to its original price of $97

Is it safe to order your program online? Absolutely! We use
ClickBank, one of the most trusted online payment processors in the
world. They have safely and securely processed billions of dollars in
online payments. Your order is placed on an encrypted ClickBank

After you have placed your order on the encrypted ClickBank server,
you will be redirected to our download page. This is where you can
immediately download your Sleep Brainwave sleep tracks and ten bonus
albums to your computer (Mac or PC), Smartphone or other MP3 device.

Our program is risk-free. The cost of our program compared to
outrageously expensive and unhealthy sleeping pills is a drop in the
bucket! And because we are so confident in our program, we offer a:

Iron-Clad, 60 day money back guarantee!

Use our program for a full two months, and if you're not absolutely
tickled to death by how much it has helped improve your sleep, then
simply send us an e-mail at support@sleepbrainwaves.com, and we'll
instantly issue a no-questions-asked refund!

However, if you find that our system has helped eliminate or
dramatically improve your insomnia, we want to hear it! Send us an
e-mail or testimonial stating how our program has helped improve your

Fast forward several short weeks from now . . . are you still
suffering from insomnia? Are you waking up miserable, exhausted and
just plain stuck?

Or . . . will you wake up after 8 hours of awesome, restorative deep
sleep, feeling positive, healthy and ready to go after your hopes and

Hopefully you want to be in the second camp.

If you're truly serious about eliminating your insomnia and
dramatically improving your qualify of life, then the Sleep Brainwaves
program is 100% for you. Our program is as honest and effective as
they come, and we're serious about helping people overcome their

The time for you to improve your life is NOW. Try our risk-free
program and eliminate your insomnia forever.

Sincerely, Your Friend,


Sleep Researcher, Alternative Health Specialist


Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to
contact me at any time! Sleep brainwaves has already helped thousands
of people improve or eliminate their insomnia. Please don't pass up
this opportunity to improve your life for fear of being scammed. You
can contact me at any time with any questions or concerns you might


Remember, our program has an iron-clad 60 day guarantee. If our
program doesn't work for you for whatever reason, I will gladly refund
every penny! Not just that, but you can keep every single track and
album we've sent you!


Remember that our program is $67 dollars for a limited time only. It
will be going up to its regular price of $97 dollars in 48 hours. Get
our hugely discount program now!

This is your opportunity to get off sleeping pills forever. This
program is state-of-the-art and is not available anywhere else. Let us
help you forever improve your sleep!

Remember: No CDs are shipped. You will receive an e-mail with links
to download the Sleep Brainwaves program and ten additional bonus


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