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* Welcome - Mindset Money Maker Dear Friend,

* Someone told you that it’s easy to make money online.
* Someone told you that if you trust the Government, they’ll take
care of you.
* Someone told you that anything in life can be achieved as long as
you think positively about it.

Well … “someone” lied to you! I’m sorry to say, but they’ve
taken you for a long ride. And worse – they’ve made millions out
of your desire to hear this.

Their cars … their homes … their expensive adventures … are
from your own paycheck. And what have you got in return? A bunch of
feel good lies that made your life worse instead of better.

I don’t blame you though. We live in a crazy world. I’m sure you
need some extra money. I’m sure you want to be more successful.
That’s why you bought their products.

When the bills are overdue and you’ve got nothing left out of your
paycheck, you are willing to try anything, right?

And that’s why you are still buying them … even after you’ve
proven to yourself that they don’t work. You don’t have a choice.
You must do something. It’s completely understandable.

However … what would your life be if you actually found a blueprint
for success? How would your life perform if you were actually that
kind of person that achieves online success?

I’m not talking about making $1,000,000/year. If you want that kind
of money, good luck. Not even the big gurus achieve this profit, no
matter what they show you.

* But what if you could get an extra $50,000/year? Or maybe quit
your job or quit looking for a job and go full time in this? What if
you could make $100,000/year this way?
* Would this be a better life for you?
* Would you feel better knowing that you can afford all those things
you are window shopping for right now?

I don’t know which: it may be an iPad … or it may be a new car.
It may be a bigger house or a new TV. It may be an Xbox 360 or it may
be a $1,000 phone. You know best what you want.

There’s no right or wrong way to spend your money (unless you’re
paying it to the government or making high risk investments). Do you
want that blueprint?

Then … you are in exactly the right place. My name is Leslie Abbott
and I’m going to show you in the next 10 minutes why I can coach you
to success and the complete picture … a complete map from where you
are right now in your life to where you want to be.

However, this is not for everyone. In order for this to work, I
require a certain degree of maturity from your side.

So …

* If you don’t want to learn the skills required …
* If you are not willing to actually work towards your dream …
* If you are not motivated to make money … or to change your life

* If you care more about what others say than your own best interest

I guess this is not for you. This works, but I’m blunt and straight
about it. And this means that it will work only for those people who
are willing to stop dreaming and start working towards it.


 Look, if you don’t like your life, I know it’s not your fault.
I never said it was.

If you could have chosen to be rich and respected, you would. It’s
the fault of our society. It’s a society where you are programmed to
be mediocre: where if you want to stand out, the others will try to
get you back in.

It’s a world where, starting with kindergarten and finishing with
college, you are taught to be just like everyone else. Well, guess
what my friend?

You are not like everyone else. You are reading this page. You are
special. You are looking for a solution. You have the guts to say
“this is it; my life is going to change right now”.

And while everyone else is complaining about their life … you are
doing something. This puts you in a very select category. This places
you in the same ranks as presidents, professional athletes and
multimillionaires. Congratulations, you deserve it.

But society is not taking responsibility for your life right now. Let
me tell you, when I was broke and desperate, society didn’t express
its regrets. When I was struggling to survive, the people that taught
me wrong … the people that taught me that I can’t make it in life
… didn’t send their “I’m sorry” letters.

I know how it feels to be broke. I have been most of my life before I
found the blueprint to success.

I know how it is to not have positive role models. I’ve been raised
by the government and I’ve always had to fend for myself. It
wasn’t a joy ride.

I know how it is to want to change something … but not know how. I
tried this again and again. I used to ask people for advice but I
received the same discouraging thoughts … you can’t do this …
you can’t do this … you can’t do this.

When I’ve finally announced my plans to make it big, no matter the
costs, they laughed. They tried to feel superior and treated me like
some alien. “Who do you think you are? Bill Gates?”

I was mad. I was so mad that I started to avoid other people. I was
tired of their venomous thoughts. Are you in the same situation?

Do you want to change something … do you want to change yourself
and your financial situation but you are discouraged by those around
you? By the people that should show you love and unconditional

I feel your pain. I truly do.

But because you are reading this page, you are better than them. You
may have reached the conclusion that you can do better. Let them live
their average life. Let them get in debt and pay their entire life.
Let them live in a silent desperation.

You want better. You want to get out. You want to be the best version
of yourself. And you want a way to get there.


Everywhere you look, there is someone teaching you how to make money
and how to live a great life. Guess what?

They don’t know what they are saying. They are not rich thanks to
their business ventures. They are not doing what they are preaching.

Instead, they are making money selling you the same things that are
said by everyone else. It’s true; they paint it in a nice package.
They are optimistic about it.

They bring things like “the law of the universe” into the
equation. But in the end, these things - at least most of them - do
not work.

These tactics do not generate wealth – unless you’re the one
selling them.

And let’s say for a second you want to do everything preached by
these gurus.

If you are in debt and you just visualize getting out of debt –
chances are that you’ll get evicted rather than get rich.

If your life is not working but you are bringing an optimistic tone
to it, without doing anything, you’ll be an optimistic misguided

These things do not work.

I’m sure you don’t want to have such a life. I’m sure you
don’t want to see everyone having fun … everyone living a
fulfilled existence … everyone around you enjoying the best things
in life while you are trying again and again these strategies promoted
by gurus without getting any results.

But … there is a solution. It’s a solution used by every
successful person in the world right now. It doesn’t involve
positive thinking or visualization. It’s not what you would expect
to hear. And it requires a word that is still dirty for most people
– hard work.


You may think that a person driving a Porsche 911 is rich because he
knows what to do. He knows specialized info and using that info,
he’s rich.

I’m sorry to say, but you may be wrong. Chances are that you are
far smarter than the person in the Porsche. I know, it sounds
counter-intuitive. But smarts and “how-to” are not critical to
achieve success.

However, your mindset is.

And that’s exactly what I’ve got for you. I don’t have a how-to
manual, because that’s usually useless. The “how-to” is a small
part of the equation. I’ve got something better.

You’ll get a complete blueprint from where you are to where you
want to be. You’ll discover the principles of success, you’ll
discover what mistakes you may be making right now and most
importantly, you’ll discover that success is not hard to achieve, as
long as you don’t listen to what gurus have to say.

Why is your mindset the most important thing?

Because it’s like the operating system of your brain. It’s the
place where all others things take place. If your operating system is
full of errors and it’s moving very slow, while pop-ups appear
everywhere, can you get anything done?

The same is true with your mind. If your mind is full of wrong
principles and they are reinforced daily, are you going to achieve
success? I doubt it.

Why is your mindset, your blueprint to success, more important than
anything else? Well, success leaves clues. If you do about the same
things as Bill Gates does, you’ll achieve the same results. If you
train the same way a boxer trains, you’ll eventually have the same
physical strength. And if you follow the same strategies as a rich and
successful (and happy) person, you’ll eventually become a rich,
successful and happy person.

It’s not about changing yourself. It’s only about following the
best route from where you are to where you want to be. And this is
exactly what I’m offering you.

I’m not giving you a theoretical approach on Internet Marketing or
on a successful mindset. Instead, I’m giving you what works, broken
down into small actionable steps that you can do right now, without
additional training or investment.


These Things?

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I haven’t
inherited a conglomerate or an oil company.

Actually, I grew up in a foster home since I was 11. This didn’t
actually help me. It may help some people become tougher and more
success-oriented in life, but it only broke my self-esteem and my

No one encouraged me and I’m almost sure that everyone wanted to
see me fail. Not so different from your own case, right?

So, without many options in view and without the possibility of
taking an MBA (when this happened, there wasn’t anything like
Internet Marketing), I chose a trucking career.

In 1989, I returned to college. I passed with a 3.8 GPA and a new
world was opened in front of me. A world of possibilities, a world
where “I can’t do this” was gone.

Armed with this newly found motivation and a few tons of business
books, I became a minister. While this was a satisfying occupation,
from all points of view, my life really changed in 2005, when I
discovered Internet Marketing.

Then, in 2005, using my offline business skills and my “do whatever
it takes to succeed” mindset, I leveraged my knowledge in several
businesses and learned how to become a successful Internet Marketer.

Six years later, I own my home on 80 private secluded acres with No
mortgage or monthly payments. Everything I own is paid for in full
with cash, and I want to share what I’ve learned in all of this time
with you.

As you can see, my background is not glamorous. I’m a normal
person. I’ve been in good and bad situations and I’ve always tried
to either win or learn something from it. And just because of this,
just because I’m not some silk-suited businessperson, I know my
blueprint - my mindset for success - will do wonders for you, just as
it did for me.


What’s False When It Comes To Success

I feel obligated that before we move on, we should bust some myths.
With people promoting programs like “The Secret” and “The Law of
Attraction”, it’s best for us to understand what works and what
doesn’t in this world.

First of all, these ‘secrets’, in their “media” form, do not
work. I’m not saying that they are lies, but the way money hungry
marketers presented them made them lies. If you visualize daily,
you’ll be more inclined to take action towards accomplishing that
fact. That’s the true meaning of ‘the secret’ and ‘the law of
attraction’. Visualize your desire until it becomes a part of your
mindset and then you’ll transform it into reality.

But because some greedy people thought that marketing it as a “one
solution fixes all problems”, many people understood this wrong. And
many people lost their houses, lost their savings, lost their cars …
more importantly, lost the respect of their family and friends …
because they believed in this.

Second, in order to achieve anything in life, you need to work. Yes,
working smart is a good thing. But chances are that you’ll have to
work both hard and smart in the beginning and once you’ve got the
ball rolling, you can start working smart.

That’s why you may be skeptical towards learning this. That’s why
you may be more than resistant towards change, even if it’s for your
own good.

You may think you are different and that no matter what you do, you
can’t achieve success. That’s not true. I’ve been in a very bad
situation for most of my life. I know people who’ve been through
hell and achieved success using this blueprint. I’m not saying that
it’s not hard for you. But if a person like Nelson Mandela who
served almost 40 years in prison used parts of this system
successfully, then why can’t you?

Or you may be thinking that you don’t have the time for this. I’m
sure you are a busy person. But this is your life. You don’t have
time to change your life? Then when will you?

Your life won’t change in an instant. But if you don’t change
now, things won’t get better in six months. If you don’t change
now, things will be the same in a few years.

Can you take that gamble? Can you afford to lose so much? Just think
about it. Don’t you want to stop wanting and start having? Then make
some time for it right now, not next year!


This content is my life’s work. It may not be a literary
masterpiece because I’m not a writer like Stephen King. But it
contains all the ingredients, all the advices, all the strategies
required to be successful.

This digital media contains the wisdom required to change your life
right now. Not tomorrow, not next week: but now. It’s your manifesto
to excellence. It’s your way of saying to the world “I’m better
than this, let me be all I can be”.

It will show you how to achieve full financial independence. You’ll
learn where to invest and what are the money black holes. You’ll
learn why a house is a not good financial investment but gold is.

It will show you how to make it big online. You’ll learn the
principles behind a successful online business, why businesses like
FaceBook are worth billions of dollars and even how to trade on eBay,
if that’s your thing.

And most importantly, you’ll steal the mindset of successful
offline and online entrepreneurs and have a complete new set of skills
and tactics you can use today to make money online.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover in this eBook:

* The government encourages you to be financially poor for the rest
of your life. See page 17.
* Financial institutions may be taking you for a free ride. Discover
how on page 18.
* How much money did you leave on the table last year? Find out on
page 38.

But that’s not all! You’ll also get two bonuses (worth $29 each)
for FREE! These bonuses are the helping wheel of your mindset. In
these two bonuses, called “FIRE YOUR BOSS FOREVER” and
“DIVERSIFY MY INCOME”,  you’ll discover how to generate more
options for your life and that no matter what happens, even if you
lose your primary income source, you’ll always have backup sources
at your disposal.

So how much does this package cost?

Well, first of all, let’s think of what you’re getting. I’m
sorry to say, but if you buy this material, your life won’t change
right away. You have to actually read it and apply what’s written in
it. Please do not buy if you do not want to actually put in the effort
– as I don’t want any negative reviews.

But if you are willing to put in the effort, you get what your
parents, society, school, friends, or significant others should have
taught you about business and financial success. You’ll learn how to
stop wasting money and you’ll learn how to start making money

I’m not saying that you’re going to make obscene amounts of
money. I consider that there are things more important than money and
your personal mindset will determine that path.

So what is the price?

The price is only $27. This is one Xbox 360 game or two DVD movies.
It’s three tickets to the cinema or three dinners at McDonalds.

As you can see, the price is a no-brainer. But to make it even better
for you …

I understand that you are a busy person. I don’t know if you have
time to read as soon as you get it. That’s ok.

So I’m willing to give you 60 days to do so. In 60 days, you can
read and review it several times and see if it’s for you. You can
test at least a few of the tactics and maybe even launch your first

However … if after 60 days you feel like this book is not for you
and you would like to return to your old way of being, then simply
email me and I’ll refund you every penny, no questions asked.

And even better, I’ll let you keep the bonuses, as my way of saying
thanks for trying this out … I’ll let you keep the bonuses, for
free. So even if you decide that the MINDSET MONEY MAKER SYSTEM is not
for you, you still get to keep the two bonuses and have several
options to achieve financial freedom.


You may be skeptical or you may just feel it’s not the time. You
may have a job deadline you must follow or you may feel that even $27
is too much for you.

Ok, I understand. But can you truly afford not to do it?

I invite you to do the following exercise. Think of the determining
factors in your life right now. Think of where you live, how much you
earn, what you drive.

Think how your life will be in 3 months if nothing changes.

What about 6 months?

1 year?

5 years?

10 years?

30 years?

Would you like to be the same in 30 years as you are now? Most people
are. Most people won’t change significantly in 30 years.

But you are not like most people. But in order to proclaim this, you
must take action. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But now. Here and Now!

You must stop listening to “feel good” gurus that feed you with
exactly what you want to hear.

You must stop listening to unsuccessful people around you preaching
about success.

And you must stop underestimating yourself and start living to your
full potential.

I can help you do this. I can help you by showing you exactly what to
do. It’s intimidating, not every day does someone have the chance to
change their life. But, now you do. And now, it’s time to say out

“I won’t take it anymore. I want more out of life and I’m going
to have it”.

Then have it.

Let’s wrap this up. This is your chance to learn from someone who
has seen it all and who understands what you’re going through.

In this package of my blueprint and two bonuses, you’ll learn
everything you need to know about developing a successful financial
mindset and launching your own Internet Based business.

It costs only $27, which is a steal compared to what you’re
getting. For only the price of three McDonalds meals, you have the
chance to learn everything your parents, friends and society should
have taught you.

Yes, I want to download my digital copy of “THE MINDSET MONEY MAKER
SYSTEM” (complete blueprint plus two bonuses) and change my life and
my mindset towards money for only $27 today.

I will get complete access to the package in seconds, even if it’s
2AM. If I am not completely thrilled or if I feel like this is not for
me, I am protected by a full 59 day money back guarantee, therefore I
have nothing to lose.

I want you to imagine for a second how your life could be different
… if you only knew these principles. You wake up in the morning,
knowing that you don’t have to go to work. Your business is working
for you and instead of trading time for money as most people, you get
richer as time passes.

After you drink a cup of coffee or tea, you go to your computer and
check out your businesses. They have generated you over $500 since
last night and you have the entire day free to do whatever you want.


I understand I'll be downloading the ENTIRE MINDSET MONEY MAKER for a
TINY ONE-TIME INVESTMENT of just $27 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you're generous
enough to offer me a 60 day money-back guarantee if I'm unsatisfied in
any way.



You invite some guests over for the afternoon and everyone is amazed
that you managed to achieve such a degree of success. They want to
know how you did it and they praise your intelligence and cunningness.

This is what you are going to get once you become a successful
person. But the choice to do this is yours. Investing in this course
is the first step on the road towards that ideal life.

May Your Pockets Be Full Of Cash,
Leslie Abbott

PS: If you’re not going to change your life now, then when? It’s
a law of nature that if you do the same thing again and again, you
will get the same results again and again. It’s time to change
something and get what you truly deserve.

PPS: This course costs only $27 and comes with a 60 day money back
guarantee. You are only investing the price of three DVD movies and if
you feel like this isn’t for you, you’re going to get everything
back, to the penny. (plus, you get to keep the bonuses for FREE!)

Any Questions? Email me at: support@mindsetmoneymaker.com

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