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New Edition Out Now!

Expanded, revised and updated, the THIRD edition of the Family Tree Guide (now 62 pages) is available as of August 2012. If you are already an existing purchaser of any previous editions then please be sure to [contact us](mailto:admin@familytreekeys.com) with your full name, date of purchase and order number so we can email to you your free copy of this latest edition. Our contact email address is located towards the bottom of this page.

Planning Your First Family Tree Project? Unsure Where To Begin?
Daunted At The Task Ahead Of You?

Already Made Some Progress In Your Research?
Frustration Growing At Those Constant Dead Ends?

Do You Feel You Are Looking For A Needle In A Pile Of Needles?
Is Your Research Taking You Around In Circles?

What Would You Give For An Easy To Follow Blueprint To Help You Unlock Your Family

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