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Learn PHP from a newbie's perspective

Finally... A programming book that YOU, a beginner can  really LEARN from

Easy to follow instructions
    - In this ebook, you'll be  looking at a step by step easy to follow instructions from start to  finish.  
    - This ebook is truly written for newbies because the explanations is very detail and simple enough for anyone. As long as you 
      understand english, you are in good hands.

Learning from basic
    - I understand as a newbie, you need someone to guide you all the way and i truly believe that this ebook is basic enough to help
      you learn programming in PHP. Or you can even [contact me](mailto:developer.dex2908@learning-php.com) if you need additional help but i doubt you'll need any.

More than 80 code samples that can you learn from
    - I've provided you more than 80 code samples to explain programming concepts to you. This will greatly improve your 
      understanding of programming in PHP.

Quiz & exercises
    - From time to time, i would present some basic exercises that will practice your knowledge that you have learnt from this ebook. 
      This will force you to remember what you have learnt earlier.

Learn from my past mistakes so you don't have  to!
    - Mistakes are very frustrating especially for  a newbie, since you don't know how to fix it. Why make it difficult for yourself? I would
       point out the possible mistakes that  a newbie might make and  explain the mistakes to you.

    - I'm only charging for USD15.95. If you were to join a class to learn PHP, it would easily cost you 10 times more of what
       i'm charging you.

    - I'm so confident in my ebook that i even provide you with a money back guarantee so that you don't have to worry if it
       doesn't work out for you, no questions ask! So what are you waiting for?

[Buy this ebook now!](http://1.devdex2908.pay.clickbank.net)

This product is an ebook that is in pdf  format, so make sure you have an acrobat reader installed in your computer or
else you won't be able to open it. You can [download](http://get.adobe.com/reader/) acrobat reader  here.

Once you have made the payment, within a few minutes,  you'll receive a link from clickbank. Just click on the link to download my
ebook. Just in case you didn't get the link, you can contact the clickbank  representative to send you the link or you can [contact me](mailto:developer.dex2908@learning-php.com).


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