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Attention Bloggers: If you've been blogging with little success, it's about time you read this..[.](secret.php)

... While Revealing His Strategies On How You Can Hire Bloggers And Build Your Own Million-Dollar Blog Network, Mr. P *Accidentally* Spilled A "Little-Known Secret" About A Monetization Tactic That Is Bigger Than Adsense!

In A Recorded Private Telephone Interview, Mr. P Reveals All There Is To Know About Hiring Bloggers, Building Your Own Blog Network ... And A Blog Monetization Strategy That Is BIGGER Than Adsense!

From: Iszuddin Ismail

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

I'm going to give the hard facts about making money with blogs.

You see... when I first started buying into the whole "you can make a lot of money blogging" stuff I really believed that it was possible.

I saw those huge commission checks, and I wanted some of those.

So I whipped out my credit card, and bought their e-book or software or whatever it was they were selling. Then I set up my first blog and started posting all kinds of stuff. Almost anything I could think of…

And then I started another, and another. Soon I hardly had time for my family.

Six months down the road when I was tired and battered, the truth hit me hard.

Here's The Brutal Truth: You Cannot Make A Lot Of Money From Blogs ...

No you can't!

... not if you're doing it yourself. And worse if you rely only on Adsense for the money.

If you're trying to build several blogs on several niche markets all by yourself, you're just trading time for money. And the money just isn't worth it.

You see, all those books and courses that teach you how to make money from blogs conveniently fail to mention one thing: you cannot build a successful blog by yourself.

Here's What I Discovered: The top earners that cut huge commission checks from affiliate programs and Google Adsense have an entire team writing the content, while they focus solely on marketing their blogs.

Think about it for a while …

If you're spending all your time writing and spend no time trying to market your blogs, where do you expect the traffic and the money to come from?

Search engines? Word of mouth advertising?

No …

Those things take time, and IF you're spending all your time writing, while waiting for the ultimate payday to arrive, THEN you are going to be disappointed.

It just won't work.

In My Frustration With Blogging, I Found Someone Who Is Successfully Running His Own Blog Network ... And He's Willing To Spill The Beans!

I wanted to know the truth.

I wanted to know how those guys REALLY made all that money from blogging.

And by sheer luck, I met Paul Short.

Paul is a "retired" SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert who owns [Gomaud Media](http://www.gomaud.com), which in turn runs several high-traffic blogs on various niche markets.

His blogs have been quoted in countless authority sites including on the Wall Street Journal!

I was shocked when Paul revealed that ONE revenue stream made him $50,000 a year. And it's not Adsense!

If you're looking for someone who knows what he's talking about, Paul's the guy…

In a 60-minute recorded telephone interview, Paul revealed everything I needed to know about using other people's time and talent to build a massive blog network that pump in a steady stream of residual income.

It totally blew me away.

This Is NOT Your Average "How To Start A Blog" Beginner's Nonsense!

My conversation with Paul Short is not about how to create your blogs or how to install themes.

There are just too many places where you can get that sort of shallow information. So if you want that - go somewhere else ...

We go way beyond all that beginner nonsense and get into the heart of creating a successful blog network. We get deep into the problems faced by 99% of Internet marketers and we solve them once and for all.

Blog network is the way to the future. While blogging may just seem like a part-time hobby, for a few people with the right mentality, it's a multi-million business.

You need to throw away that work-at-home mentality and start thinking like a CEO. Yes, even with blogs!

I'm not just saying it without checking my facts first ...

Weblogs Inc, a blog network of 90 weblogs employing over 130 bloggers was sold to AOL for a whopping $25,000,000.

B5 Media, another popular blog network recently raised $2,000,00 in venture capital funding.

Boing Boing, a four-person operation that bills itself as a directory of wonderful things, is on track to gross an estimated $1 million in ad revenue this year (2006).

Michael Arrington (TechCrunch.com) is pulling $60,000 in advertising revenue every month.

This audio is about blogging it BIG and blogging it right. Because when you build it right, not only you are making a good income stream, you are also building assets worth millions of dollars.

Take look at what blog networks are worth now days ...
9rules - 212 blogs - $72,789,400 Weblogs, Inc. - 95 blogs - $44,491,400 Pajamas Media - 89 blogs - $32,597,200 Gawker Media - 13 blogs - $31,099,200 Web 2.0 Workgroup - 29 blogs - $24,193,100
**Source - BlogNetworkList.com, Nov '06

Imagine owning a blog network worth millions of dollars like these.

We're not talking about a single blog here, folks! We're talking about doing it BIG.

I Grilled Paul For Over An Hour, And I Wanted Answers On These Seven Topics
How to choose profitable topic for a blog How to optimize and prepare your blog before you launch How to hire and manage the best bloggers online How to write your blogs that will attract loyal readers How to promote your blog and attract traffic How to manage a network of blogs and a group of bloggers How best to monetize your blogs
I was amazed with what Paul shared with me. Here's what you'll discover in the call with Paul Short:
Unlock the little known better-than-Adsense revenue stream on your blogs How to choose the correct topic for your blogs that will virtually guarantee success and avoid early burnout The secret tools and strategies for building a blog based on usability for the readers instead of sucking up to search engines Learn about a secret method to getting the best blog writers instead of ending up with lame ones from online freelancing networks Discover about Paul's magic formula for determining exactly how much to pay each blogger, and make sure that you get the best value for money while getting exceptional work done How many posts to target for each blog, depending on the market and the strength of each blog Get the secret "ping list" that will dramatically increase your blog traffic and ensure maximum exposure even for new blogs Learn about the unthinkable "twist" on creating and publishing press releases for marketing your blogs efficiently How to get on Google for high-ranking search results with the correct cross-linking strategy How to get other bloggers to notice your blog and link back to you voluntarily How to get "Digged" and crash your servers from 100,000 unique visitors a month and backlinks from 300-500 blogs How to manage multiple blogs and an army of bloggers without going absolutely mad How to crosslink between your blogs without getting banned by the search engines. How to diversify from Adsense (with a secret monetization strategy) and making a fortune, especially on low-traffic blogs with high PageRank Discover an alternative monetization strategies to squeeze more money out of each blog (this is better than Adsense) How to prepare your blogs before you launch them into the Blogosphere Learn why you should avoid creating useless "splogs" or spam blogs using automated blogging tricks How and when to know whether a blog is worth keeping or just an excess baggage Learn about PayPerPost.com - is it good or bad?
And here's what others are saying about Blogging Big ...

I was surprised to hear that Paul's biggest blog earnings are not from Adsense or affiliate links ...

I've listened to your interview with Paul and read the transcript. What great content! You managed to extract fantastic information from Paul that will open the eyes of many bloggers, even long-term bloggers who think they're "successful."

After listening to this interview, they'll be shaking their heads at the amount of money they've been leaving on the table, then frantically scrambling to implement Paul's techniques!

I was surprised to hear that Paul's biggest blog earnings are not from Adsense or affiliate links, and very happy to discover exactly how he IS earning so much money from his blogs!

There were several strategies revealed that I'd never heard before, and these days, with so many gurus pitching so many "secrets," that's saying quite a lot!

Very well done, Kidino!

Bonnie Lowe

Anyone who plans to make money by blogging - whether it be with one blog or several - will really appreciate the insider info that is shared here

"Wow! This interview covers some great techniques and resources! I have several blogs myself, and I know firsthand how time-consuming it can be to manage them all solo on top of research, monetization, marketing, etc.

I think by now most people realize that blogging is not the key to quick & easy wealth. They understand that "get rich quick" automated blogging methods just don't work like they were lead to believe. Those who want to capitalize on the *true* potential in the blogosphere are ready to learn exactly what that takes. Your timing with this interview couldn't have been better!

Anyone who plans to make money by blogging - whether it be with one blog or several - will really appreciate the insider info that is shared here. It was incredibly motivating, sparked tons of new ideas for me, and also helped me to put together a solid plan for growing and managing my blogs."

Lynn Terry

Most of what I know about blogging, I learned from Paul Short

When it comes to blogging, Paul is excellent. He really knows his stuffs. In fact, most of what I know about blogging, I learned from Paul Short.

Willie Crawford

As you listen to the audio, you'll be amazed with the many valuable lessons that Paul shares. Like me, you just can't wait to get started finding a blogger to blog for you. And believe me, you'll have more than just one blog idea.

As much as I want to share this with you, I can't just give it away to anyone. It's just too valuable …

I’ve recorded the entire call (along with a PDF transcript) and put it in a limited package. I call it "Blogging Big: How to Hire Bloggers and Build Your Blog Network Empire"

I could do a teleseminar and charge $197 for one seat. And I am sure you've seen teleseminars discussing blogging being sold at that price.

Wait ... I WAS on those teleseminars. And even with the expensive ticket price, they were nowhere near what Paul has shared with me.

Now, you can sit around and wait for your blogs to start making the amount of money you dreamed of. You can continue to buy audio and video courses on blogging that teach you everything except what you really need to know.

Or, you can take a look at this ...

While you're used to paying $197, I'm not even going to charge you that much, not even $97... not even $67! Instead, you can secure your copy of "Blogging Big" for just $29.95.

But don't mistaken my low price with the value that you'll get. Your investment of $29.95 on "Blogging Big" is as equal or much more better than the $97 useless expenditure on other "built for newbies" teleseminar products.

And To Get You Started With Your Blog Network, Feast Your Eyes On These Bonuses ...

Bonus #1 - Confession of The Blog Traffic King, Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the undisputed Blog Traffic King. His blog at Entrepreneurs-Journey.com and SmallBusinessBranding.com are authority websites that even the gurus secretly visit to get tips on making money and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs Journey

In an exclusive interview with Yaro, you'll discover:
How he managed to get 1000+ RSS subscribers in a very short time, and how you can do it too What are "Pillar Articles" and why are they important for long-term blog traffic How to get ideas for writing blog content consistently How to build up the credibility for your blog by forming relationships with other bloggers. How to get a "breakthrough" in blogging, and how to use it to your advantage What type of Wordpress plugins and third-party software to use for SEO and building relationships with your readers The truth about traffic from Technorati and Digg, and how use "tagging" for more search engine traffic. What it takes to become a full-time blogger or ProBlogger

Bonus #2 - The "3C" Blog Traffic Method, Andrew Wee

Andrew Wee, a Singaporean real-estate broker turned Internet marketer, took a brand new blog at WhoIsAndrewWee.com and achieved an amazing Alexa ranking of 20,000 in less that 6 months using his unique "3C" method.

In this call you'll discover:
How Andrew managed to get up to 8,000 visitors a month in a few months How he uses the "social networking" concept to get exposure for his blog and invite comments from established bloggers Special Wordpress plugins that you can use to keep a conversation running, and even turn posts into hot debates.. How to build credibility by showing your competency and expertise to your blog readers... How he structures his content and ideas to create curiosity and interest with his blog readers..

Bonus #3 - "Blog Traffic Videos"

From 12 exclusive videos (over 4 hours of content) you'll discover:
How to get your blog into Google news How to get visitors by linking to other blogs How getting a "scoop" can put your blog on the map How to get dozens (even hundreds) of blogs linking to you How to get lots of visitors by adding a tool to your blog How to use photos to get blog visitors How to use "list posts" to bring your blog lots of attention How to get thousands of visitors to your blog in 24 hours How (and why) to get people subscribed to your blog feed How to submit to blog directories and ping them automatically How to optimize your blog to get free search engine traffic

Module # 4

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