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NLP Language Patterns for Advertising


How Successful People Use "linguistic Tricks" To Get Ordinary People
To Buy Their Products And Ideas With ZERO Resistance, And How you Can
Do The Same. . .

. . .How would you like to:

* Build intense excitement and desire for your products and
* Establish credibility and expertise (even if you're just starting
* Change a person's beliefs about what your product can do
* Differentiate your business from your competition using just
* Create that "I've got to have this!" feeling in your prospects

This new ebook and software package "NLP Language Patterns for
Advertising" shows you step-by-step how to convert prospects into
customers using covert persuasion language. These language patterns
have helped hundreds of businesses - online and offline - increase
their earnings by up to 317%!

In this package you will discover how to use these same language
patterns in your ads and on your website to make more money. Why are
these language patterns so powerful? Because they bypass the
conscious, critical mind and head for the subconscious, emotional mind
- where the real buying decisions take place.


Are you disappointed by the results of your website or ads? You have
to realize you're doing something wrong. . . basically, you're not
being persuasive enough. And the way to be more persuasive is the
right use of persuasive language - and that's what "NLP Language
Patterns for Advertising" is all about.

Presented in easy to understand language and easy to use format,
you'll have at your fingertips - ready to use - all the covert
language patterns successful marketers use to stuff their bank
accounts with cash. When you start using NLP Language Patterns in your
advertising, you'll be delighted with the results. And I wish I can be
there to see your face!


Imagine. . . taking your website, ads, or sales letters, adding some
of these language patterns and being totally floored by the new
response. Well, it's definitely possible. The marketers who are
selling the most aren't very different from you. But they are using
language differently. . . using it to convince, using it to persuade,
and using it to get people to BUY NOW! It's a well-known fact that
language makes people excited and eager to take action! Shouldn't you
be using the same language?

Successful marketers who know these secret persuasion patterns have
held on to them long enough. . . Now, it's your turn to get in on the
action! YOU will soon have access to the most persuasive language
patterns there are - for your own use and profit.

"NLP Language Patterns for Advertising" packs everything you need to
make your advertising more persuasive, more interesting, and more
profitable. With it, you'll discover how to:

* keep prospects thinking about your products - in the top of their
* develop a sense of rapport with your readers - as if they've
known you for years
* increase the perceived value of your offer - making you more
money faster
* get prospects to believe what you want them to believe - without
* have readers commit to your business - ignoring your competition!
* make prospects feel that it is very easy to do business with you


After you download NLP Language Patterns for Advertising and start
looking through the material, your mind will explode with all the
possibilities! There are patterns you can use right away: Patterns to
change beliefs, patterns to cause immediate action, patterns to make
what you' re offering appear more valuable, plus so much more. Your
ads and website will come alive in the minds of your readers - making
them eager and excited to do business with you!

"Has made many times its cost in just one day. Excellent!" - D.

The first time I went through these patterns my heart started to
beat faster and it made me get excited about what was now possible.
And I'm sure the same thing will happen to you, too. Here's a little
test you can try. It's the same one I did when I first started to use
these patterns: take some of them - put them on your website. . . or
in an eBay listing and watch the difference. Get ready for a shock.
And a whole new way of doing business! Get started today! [1]

What are some things you'd be able to accomplish if you got more
prospects to act?

Write your answers here:

Perhaps you can see yourself achieving these in a very short time
from now.

Professional copywriters of all types now keep a copy of NLP
Language Patterns for Advertising on hand whenever they are writing
copy. It's their secret weapon in their fight with competitors. Will
you make it your secret weapon too? Get your copy now [2].


Once you've decided to own NLP Language Patterns for Advertising,
you'll also get these fascinating and useful bonuses:

* Embedded Command Maker. With this piece of software you just tell
it what commands you want your readers to subconsciously agree to and
consciously act upon and it will produce perfectly formatted embedded
commands you can use in your advertising, conversations, or

* Presupposition Generator. What do you want your readers or
prospects to assume about you, your business, your products, or your
services? Just answer a few simple questions the software presents to
you and it will generate a variety of presuppositions you can use in
your ads. These presuppositions will cause your readers to
automatically believe what you want them to believe.

* Pain Generator. People are more interested in finding solutions to
their problems and avoiding pain than going after their goals (this is
called "Moving Away Motivation" in NLP). Advertising that stresses the
prospect's problems and the solutions to them does far better than
"feel-good" advertising. This software takes you step-by-step on
figuring out how to create advertising that "strikes a nerve."

These bonuses are absolutely free - but are guaranteed to put a few
more dollars into your pockets! And they're as easy to use as turning
on your computer.

PLEASE NOTE: These bonuses are only available if you download NLP
Language Patterns for Advertising before Midnight, .

From the moment you look through the NLP Language Patterns for
Advertising ebook and the three bonuses you'll feel excited about all
the possibilities that will open up for you. And now that you've read
up to this point, I'm sure you realize that one of the best ways of
converting visitors into paying customers is by using NLP Language
Patterns for Advertising in your marketing. Try it now. [3]

"Very interesting! You have compiled a wealth of language patterns
to meet various requirements. These are potent tips. I have used some
of them in my program flyers and noticed the enhanced impact." -
Ayesha Chopra, Corporate Trainer

Another thing I like about using these language patterns is that
after you've been using them in your marketing materials, you'll start
to use them in other areas in your life - if you need to win a family
member, friend, or neighbor over to your way of thinking, you'll be
able to do so automatically - without even thinking about it!


Realize that those rare weekend workshops where these advertising
language patterns were taught cost the lucky participants $995.00 to
attend. And it was money well spent - participants claimed they made
back the money they spent within a week and went on to rake in truly
phenomenal results. . .

. . .but you don't have to pay anywhere near the amount they did: In
fact, NLP Lanuage Patterns for Advertising is available to you for
only $49.97 . AND you don't have to wait for an expensive workshop to
come by you - you will be able to experience these powerful language
patterns in just a few minutes from now!

So stop wasting time and money with disappointing results. Join that
band of happy, successful marketers who are using language in new ways
to get the results they want. You will be able to download NLP
Language Patterns for Avertising immediately, and discover how to make
your advertising more effective just minutes from now. Get started now

(NOTE: NLP Language Patterns for Advertising contains exe software
and can only be used on computers using Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT,
XP, or Vista.)


$49.97 [6]

Money back guarantee: if you feel that what I have said isn't true,
if you tried some of the patterns and found that they had no effect at
all, just send me an email within 8 weeks - that's two months - of
your purchase and I'll give you back ALL your money IMMEDIATELY!

If you agree with me, then you definitely need this information to
take your business to the next level. Because the bottom line is all
the time, money, and frustration it will save you. Give it a try -
you've got nothing to lose!

{Affiliates: Make Money! [7]}
Copyright (c) 2007 Lou Larsen. All rights reserved.
NLP Language Patterns for Advertising
305 Madison Ave., New York, NY USA


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