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Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan ask,
"Which of these e-book secrets will make YOU rich?"

"What if the key answers you need are below, and will finally free you to write your own ebook -- and make money from it here on out?"

"Sit down with me and Joe!"

Join us at Joe's kitchen table and listen in while we tell it all- everything you could possibly want to know about how to write e-books, and how to get rich selling them.

Dear Friend,

Just ten short months ago, I was a "broke" blues guitar player, living from gig to gig and tour to tour.  Don't get me wrong, there were some high points- but there was never any money.

Even with a record deal and a steady touring schedule, I could never save a dime.  My life was long on "exposure" and short on cash.  Betsy and I have three teen-age children- you can imagine the stress we were under.

Last year, Bill Hibbler, an old rock and roll buddy of mine who has made the transition to successful internet marketer, introduced me to Joe Vitale.  We all met for lunch, and Joe and I hit it off immediately.  We both have a deep love for good blues, and when he found out I had played with Stevie Ray Vaughan, he asked me for guitar lessons.

I had no idea who Joe was, but I understood that he was in "marketing."   I didn't know that Dr. Joe Vitale was one of the most successful and prolific e-book authors on the planet.  His books have been read by millions of people, and he pulls in around $35,000 a month writing and marketing e-books.

We made a deal- I would trade him guitar lessons for marketing lessons.

It was the best bargain I've ever made. 

"Rags to Riches!"

He gave me books to study.  One of them was "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.  I wanted to try my hand at e-book writing, so I asked him if he'd like to co-author the Think and Grow Rich Workbook. 

That was my first e-book.  Since then, I've written or co-written about a dozen more including:  The Myth of Passive Income, Effortless E-Books, Influence 101, and The Law of Success Workbook.

I've used e-books to build my list- I've got several thousand subscribers to my e-zines.  Joe taught me that "the gold is in your list." 

I've made thousands and thousands of dollars by selling my e-books on Clickbank.   I've got over a hundred affiliates selling my products- most of them I've never met!

I'm not in Joe's league, yet, but going to the mailbox has become a definite financial pleasure-  THANK'S JOE!!!

"What are your questions about e-books?"

A few months ago, I sent my list a survey asking them what questions they had about writing, formatting and marketing e-books.  I got a flood of responses!

I printed out the emails and put them in a large, 3-ring binder.  Later, at one of our weekly Mastermind meetings, I showed Joe the binder full of questions and he got real interested.  He couldn't believe how good the questions were. 

Here are a few of them:

* "Where do you get the courage to actually write an e-book?"

* "How do I get established authors to contribute to my e-book?"

* "What's the future of e-books?"

* "How do I market my e-book?"

* "What do I charge for my e-book?"

* "How do I put up a web page to sell my e-book?"

* "How can I make money with public domain works?"

"Birds, cats and dogs"

Being a musician, I've got access to professional recording equipment.  When I offered to bring my recording gear to Joe's house and record us answering the questions, he got real excited. 

Last Sunday, I set up a couple of large-diaphragm condenser microphones and a digital audio recorder at Joe's kitchen table.  Joe and I answered all the questions my list had sent in- we literally recorded everything we know about every aspect of e-book writing, formatting and marketing.  Joe and Nerissa have a herd of cats and one long-suffering dog.  You can hear them, as well as the birds outside the kitchen window, if you listen closely.

"Valuable Products are Everywhere You Look!"

We tell everything we know about e-books, but that's just the beginning.  Let's face it, e-books are how information is distributed- what we're selling, and what we're going to teach you to sell, is information. 

You'll feel like you're in the room with us- the newly successful newbie and the very successful pro- and you.

Once you learn Joe's secret technique for creating products, you'll realize that they're everywhere! 

Some of it's pretty funny.  Joe's predictions of the future of e-books included finger-print recognition devices and telepathic information delivery!  I couldn't believe my ears!

I sped back to my studio, and edited the conversation down to a 90 minute complete audio course.

"Million Dollar tips!"

Several times during the recording, we stopped and looked at each other.  It was amazing.  One of us would say, "That's a million dollar tip!"  There are several million dollar tips on this recording.

Here's just one- Joe and I tell, very specifically, how to make money from everything that happens in your life.  Every experience you have is a potential product.  Every problem you solve for yourself is the foundation for a product.  It's easy, once you know how!

It's all there.  How to make a fortune with e-books, in a 90 minute audio.

"Would you like to hear a secret?"

I knew I had to hurry, because Joe let some secrets slip out.  I've read most of his books, and been to two of his seminars.  We attend the same mastermind meeting every week. 

Joe explains things in this course that I've never heard anywhere else!

I haven't let him hear this audio, and I'm not going to until you get a chance to hear it.  He might change his mind...

It's that good!

These secrets are priceless, and I'll guarantee that they will change the way you think about writing and marketing e-books. 

"What's your success worth to you?"

This audio course will save you many thousands of dollars, and years of mistakes.  Joe's used these secrets to become a very wealthy man.  I've made thousands and thousands of dollars with these secrets- and I just started ten months ago! 

"How much will you make?"

It took me ten months, working with Joe, to reach the level of success I have now, and to learn what I know about writing and marketing e-books.   Joe is one of the most successful e-book authors on the planet.    We didn't hold anything back.

You can make as much money as you want with these secrets!  It's up to you.

Everything you need to know, from writing to formatting to marketing, is in this audio.  All you have to do is listen.

"What does it cost?"

After Joe and I got through recording this, we knew we had a million dollar product on our hands.  With this audio and a little (very little) effort, you should be able to make your financial dreams come true.  We should charge at least a thousand dollars for this product.  You can make more than that on the first e-book you write, if you listen to these secrets.

On the other hand, we both believe in Karmic Marketing.  That's a term Joe came up with.  I think of it as "Good Work." 

We want as many people as possible to have this product.  We want you to have this product.  If we charge what it's worth, you may not be able to afford it.  We know that the universe has plenty of money.  The universe has unlimited success.  We can all be successful. 

So, think of it as a gift.  You want to join us in the winner's circle!  As you listen to this audio, you'll realize that there's no reason why you can't do what we have done.  We're just like you- and once you learn our secrets, there will be nothing to hold you back from achieving any level of success you desire!

"How are YOU going to get rich using these secrets?"

For a limited time, we're offering this complete 90 minute E-Book success course for only $39!

That's right.  About what you'll make on your first sale, after you put these secrets to work for you.  Download now!

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Personal 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Download the audios now.  Use the secrets for 90 days.  Use these secrets to make at least TEN TIMES as much as the course costs.  If, for any reason, you haven't made at least that much in 90 days, send me an email and I'll send you your money back.  Immediately.  No questions. 

I think you'll be emailing us soon, thanking us for the gift.   If you

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