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Get ready for school because you're about to learn:
Surviving Limited Income

A New Way to Think About Money
Learn How to Think Profit in Three Steps
Manage - Increase - Expand

Tired of struggling with monthly bills, living check to check?
Don't you think it's time you got up and did something about it?
Learn how to manage, increase, and expand your limited income step by step and make poverty a thing of the past.

Surviving Limited Income is a site dedicated to those who struggle with limited income. No matter who you are, your income is limited to some degree be it single, double, or triple digits. Be you super rich or pitifully poor, young or old, this site can work for you toward keeping more of your money in your own pocket where it belongs and substantially increasing your cash flow without ever having to go into debt again as well as teach you how to further increase your cash flow by putting your own ideas into profitable action on a shoestring step by step.

It's for those who feel stuck in a rut by this waivering economy -- for those who simply don't know what to do next. This site's purpose is to get you out of that rut by teaching you how to change your life from unmanageable to manageable income and from limited to unlimited income without having to do anything more than apply the basic principles contained within the downloadable PDF eBooks herein to your personal financial life little-by-little, day-by-day. Your success is guaranteed but only if you take a little action every day. Those who do nothing gain nothing.

This site is about saving money and making money

by developing a plan specific to your needs and interests.

Saving money by using your wits and learning how to negotiate anything even if that negotiation takes place in your own head; and making money by the creative principle so that not only more of your limited income remains in your own pocket where it belongs but also increases in the form of cash flow.

Why are you stuck in a rut blaming the economy? Fear has striken the hearts of men and stifled their ability to think straight and function profitably. Companies fear to hire, individuals have quit looking for work and given up hope, millions are filing for subsidies and benefits rather than learning to stand on their own feet in a broken economy; which in turn hurts the economy even more.

But there is an answer and it's called...

Surviving Limited Income:

Step 1 - Managing Your Limited Income (eBook 1)

Learn how to: Gain full control over your finances; Keep more of your money in your own pocket; Hold utility monopolies under your thumb; Reduce all of your bills including rent or mortgage; Eliminate credit card debt; Save money even when you don't have any; Handle hardships without suffering them; Negotiate anything you want or need; Never pay full price for anything ever again; Use two credit cards as gain instead of debt; Keep scrupulous records the easy way; Secure your banking privacy; Never spend another minute in bank reconciliation; Pay bills once a month; enjoy the rest; Pay bills in a specific priority order every month; Simply pay them and forget them; Gain an instant financial snapshot without more work; Understand why these things are important; and Never spend another minute worrying about money ever again.
Step 2 - Increasing Your Limited Income (eBook 2)

Learn how to:
Understand why Step 1 is mandatory before Step 2; Treat your home like a business for profit; not a prison of debt; Stop struggling and enjoy life every day; Explore your mind for more profit on a continual basis; Develop a profit plan of action and work the plan; Advertise at low cost or free in unique ways; Gain participation and support from family and friends; Have the government pay for everything you need; Waive licensing and permits legally; Stay motivated and on target step by step; Start small and grow big, bigger and bigger.
Step 3 - Expanding Your Limited Income (eBook 3)

Learn how to:
Understand why Step 2 is mandatory before Step 3; Spend money for profit with 100% rebate; Get everything you need for profit free; Build an optional website easy step-by-step; Install your own ideas for profit; Install a few free gadgets step-by-step; Create and install your own free logo; Work one idea at a time until success is achieved; Brainstorm for other ideas using all resources available; Come up with profitable ideas for this new economy; Put your family to work with their ideas, website or no website; and Continue to build and grow a profitable empire on a day-to-day basis. You won't have to buy into any pyramid schemes or deal with Internet sales hype of any kind here. This is not a money-making system unless you dream one up and bring it to life yourself and that's what this site teaches. Stop being dependent on others to fix what's wrong with you. Learn to fix yourself - everything about yourself.

This site is about how to dream and bring your own dreams to life easy and on a shoestring; how to plant a profitable seed and how to nurture it to make it grow no matter what your personal dream goals might be or how poor you think you are. The truth is you aren't poor! America is still full of resources and opportunies -- many of them absolutely free -- all around you. You just need to learn how to open your eyes to what they are and go after your dream job - one you created yourself!

Only motivation, ideas, and action

bring real possitive change into your life.

It's about motivating your mind into doing what it was made to do by stimulating ideas and possibilities that you never knew existed for you but they do. You can do what you thought was impossible for you by plugging at it a little bit each day until you reach your goal. Then you can take a step back, sigh, and be amazed while you proclaim to yourself, "Wow! I can't believe I built that!"

It's a new way of thinking about money that will inevitably change everything else in your life for the better. Why in the world are you struggling when you don't have to?

We don't sell 'fish for a day.'

We sell 'fishing poles that feed you for life.'

You won't be poked and prodded into buying anything else and you won't be dissatisfied because this site offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee nor will your information be collected and sold to any third party because your privacy is of extreme importance to us.

The Golden Rule applies here in every sense of the phrase. What you need is what you get. Plus your investment is in yourself! What better place to put your trust. And since it's business start-up related, it's 100% tax deductible even if you decide not to operate a business but you'll still gain profit via increased cash flow regardless.

Success is NOT in how much income you have.

Success is in how you manage what you have.

There are only two choices in this economy and that's to either continue on a financial down spiral with the economy or do your part in supporting economic growth starting with your own household income. If you're still breathing, you have something to offer toward economic support so let's get to work, shall we? Prepare to live your life to its fullest. Even if we only have a short time, let that time be well spent and enjoyable, fun and profitable, and easy without struggle.

If there's anything this author knows, its how to not only stretch a buck but also how to turn a buck into two bucks and two into four and so on and she can teach you how to do the same thing by using your wits - not someone else's. Your money should come from you -- not a company that profits from you while they shell out peanuts to you.

It's all in the mind set and the hats you wear in your daily life and when you download Surviving Limited Income, you're going to learn how to do just that because if you can't control your income, your income controls you and that's a very bad down spiral no matter how much money you make or income you have.

If you don't try these principles in your own life today,

there will be no one to blame but yourself tomorrow.

Welcome to my site! My name is Iris Brand, author of Surviving Limited Income. I hope you brought your thinking caps because that's the hat you'll be wearing today.

Get your credit card ready to pay a low one-time fee of only $39.95 because you're worth it! You'll get all three eBooks for the price of one that are guaranteed to turn a profit into your life for a life time or your money back. Should you have questions prior to purchase, feel free to shoot me an [email](http://www.survivinglimitedincome.com/contact.html) I will gladly help you any way I can.

Don't forget it's tax deductable! That's right! The IRS will refund the entire amount back to you when you file so don't forget to save your receipt. This means you're already getting all three eBooks absolutely free! With that in mind, buying this set of eBooks is like putting money into your savings account while simultaneously stimulating the economy.

You'll also receive a bonus eBook called Money 101 written by CCN Money converted to PDF eBook for your reading library convenience. Easy to print and implement its additional advice as you grow out of poverty and toward total financial success.

Don't forget to sign up for our free newsletter by inputting your email address in the top left menu bar. We'll keep you up-to-date on any new developments free that are sure to help you in all of your financial endeavors ahead.

YES! I am ready to learn how to survive limited income!

I want to manage, increase, and expand
my limited income today!

Download all three eBooks plus your bonus eBook,
Money 101 by CNN Money, right now.

Surviving Limited Income

Step 1 - Managing Your Limited Income
Step 2 - Increasing Your Limited Income
Step 3 - Expanding Your Limited Income

Price $39.95


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BONUS: Money 101
A step by step guide to gaining control of your financial life
~by CNN Money, converted to PDF eBook for your reading library that will allow you to implement these advanced steps into your financial goals one-by-one.

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